You're only pregnant once with this baby, but you'll cherish these photographs for a lifetime

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Maternity Experience

Alberta’s Favourite Photo Studio for Women

Expert Coaching

You don't need to stress about a thing, Erin and her team will expertly guide you through safe poses to create stunning images of your pregnancy.

Elite Beauty Team

We work with world class makeup and hair stylists to create the look you've always dreamed about. Consistent education and experience is what puts our beauty team ahead of the game!

Wardrobe Advice

We offer guides, tips, and personal advice relating to wardrobe and accessories tailored specifically to your needs. For your convenience we do offer a few maternity gowns designed specifically for photography, we also supply all the fabric necessary for fabric flow shots.

Luxury Products

All of our products are hand-picked by Erin for their high quality and ability to accurately display your images without sacrificing any image detail or color.

Second-to-none Retouching

With over ten years of experience, retouching is one of our specialities. All of our images are gently cleaned up to remove small insecurities, we do not disfigure or alter your appearance to the extreme.


We know you have some burning questions, so you're more than welcome to chat with us on our website if we're online, or schedule a telephone or in-studio consultation to plan your shoot.

Baby Bump Memories

Maternity photography is a way to connect with yourself and your growing family for generations to come. These images will provide you with years of loving memories that you and your children will cherish every time you look at them. Allow yourself this one hour to look and feel amazing - my team works to ensure your comfort and I make sure you look like the glowing goddess you are!

When To Schedule The Photoshoot

It's best to schedule your maternity session three (3) weeks in advance, as we can book up and I don't want you to be disappointed. The ideal time to capture your growing belly is between 28-34 weeks when your belly is nice and round but you still feel somewhat comfortable. I can take your photos further along in your pregnancy but you will be limited with the style of poses that we do in order to eliminate as much movement as possible. If you are growing rapidly and carrying large, you may want to get your photos done closer to 28 weeks.

We always recommend you get the all-clear from your doctor before participating in maternity photoshoots. Although I don't have you do anything strenuous, the movement can bring on pre-term labour. If you have been active throughout your pregnancy the risk is small, but if you have been on bed rest or close to bed rest, you could find it a tiring experience. Be sure to let me know if you have been on bed rest, or if your doctor wants you to keep your movement minimal.

Let us personally design your shoot.

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