It's not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood.

- Dita Von Teese

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Alberta’s Favourite Photo Studio for Women

Expert Coaching

You don't need to stress about a thing, Erin expertly guides you from sweet to sexy as she poses you from your toes to your expression throughout the entire shoot!

Elite Beauty Team

We work with world class makeup and hair stylists to create the look you've always dreamed about. Consistent education and experience is what puts our beauty team ahead of the game!

Wardrobe Advice

We offer guides, tips, and personal advice relating to wardrobe and accessories addressed specifically to your needs. For your convenience we do offer a few lingerie pieces for your use, ask us about this!

Luxury Photo Albums

All of our albums are crafted with the highest and sexiest quality available. We know you love choices so you can select cover, size, and the number of pages in your boudoir album.

Second-to-none Retouching

With over ten years of experience, retouching is one of our specialities. All of our images are gently cleaned up to remove small insecurities, we do not disfigure or alter your appearance to the extreme.


We know you have some burning questions, so you're more than welcome to chat with us on our website if we're online, or schedule a telephone or in-studio consultation to plan your shoot.

Meet the Team Behind Your Photoshoot

Reveal Your More Intimate Side

As women, we are constantly being told we aren’t good enough. Our culture, media, and ourselves haunt us with ideas that we need to look and act a certain way. We should be thinner, taller, shorter, more muscular but not too muscular. We live in a world where being insecure is accepted but taking too many pictures of yourself and feeling confident is narcissistic and snobbish.

Boudoir photography is on the rise because it gives women the freedom to feel beautiful. It’s for you to see for yourself that you really are hot hot hot! Whether you’re in your sexiest lingerie, or you’re in your favorite jeans, this is a safe place to admire your own appearance and feel gorgeous without worrying about being cast down. It is the best place to go if you need a confidence pick-me-up!

Boudoir Photo Studio Edmonton

For the few hours you spend in our photography studio you can abandon your inner inhibitions and discover your strength. As you fight through nerves, insecurities, and skepticism you come out of the process proud of yourself, and a new love in your heart as you hold on to the best damn photos you’ve ever seen of yourself. Discover how fun it is to love yourself! The adventure of a lifetime begins here with us.

Let us personally design your shoot.

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