What To Wear For Maternity Photos

Couple pregnancy photo with booties
Baby Bump & Baby Booties

So, you’ve decided to get pregnancy photos done, you’ve chosen a photographer and you’re feeling pretty good…but wait! What are you going to wear? Relax, choosing your outfits for maternity photos is much easier than you think!

1. Does Your Photographer Have Outfits For You?

Always ask your photographer first if s/he has any outfits that you can wear to your shoot. Professional photographers know what fabrics, patterns, and colors look best in photos, so you know that if they have anything available for you to use it’s going to look great in photographs. This is also an excellent option if you are on somewhat of a budget and don’t want to spend money on clothes that you won’t wear again in just a few months.

Maternity photographers often have a selection of flowy, ethereal type dresses that you likely wouldn’t purchase for yourself, so this is an excellent opportunity to get those gorgeous feminine fairy-tale images that make great wall art in your nursery.

Quick tip: Ask to try on the dresses in advance, or make sure you bring additional outfits to your shoot just in case you end up not liking the selection offered at the studio.

Glowing Pregnancy


2. Think Of Your Silhouette

Your pictures are going to be taken with you mostly from the side to really show off that baby bump! So it’s important to keep your entire silhouette in mind when looking for clothes. This is the time to wear that skin tight dress or top and leave all your insecurities at the door. With lighting, and posing you are not going to have any bits and pieces sticking out, but that tight outfit is crucial to getting smooth lines. You don’t want any bunching behind you, or fitting too loose over your stomach. The curve of your back and belly are what these images focus on. This is especially important if you’re getting silhouette photos done, where all you can see is the outline and shape of your body.

Christmas Baby Bump Photo


3. To Match or Not To Match?

Couples always argue about whether or not they should wear matching clothes or at least the same color scheme. My opinion is that matching outfits is a little boring, however, if that fits your relationship go for it! If you’re not so keen on wearing the matching outfits it is important to keep same level of formality for your images. If you’re wearing a floor length red evening gown with a 5 foot train, your images might look a little awkward if he’s wearing his favorite baseball hat and torn blue jeans. It’s best to decide if you’re going formal, casual, or business casual and plan your outfits that way. Usually you will have the opportunity to wear at least 2 different outfits, so maybe do one formal so you can wear your princess dress and then one set casual so he can wear his comfy jeans.

Couples Baby Bump

4. Color Scheme – Should We Reveal The Gender?

Couples are often afraid to wear pink or blue for fear of spoiling the gender to family. Often couples don’t know the gender themselves, so they don’t know what colors to wear. If you know the gender of your baby but your family and friends don’t, go ahead and wear something gender revealing. Typically your maternity photographs are taken between 28-34 weeks of your pregnancy, so you may not even receive your pictures until after you’ve delivered. If you get your images before you deliver just be careful about what images you share on social media (people will be looking for clues!) and make sure you let your photographer know that they should not share any gender revealing shots on their social media (if you’ve signed a release form).

If you don’t know the gender yet yourself, but your favorite dress happens to be blue, talk to your photographer, s/he may be willing to do some magic in the editing process to change your dress to the color you wish. This is not a guarantee and it cannot always be done, so if you’re really uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a blue dress and might end up having a girl, then opt for something else. My advice though, is to forget the “gender colors” and just wear your favorite dress!


Gender Reveal Dress


5. Is It Okay To Go Nude Or Boudoir Style?

Absolutely! Maternity pictures that are taken in lingerie, bikini or nude tend to be styled more artistically rather than “for-his-eyes-only”. Often times women that are a little afraid to try something like this but do it anyway, end up liking these photos the most. The lighting for these images should be soft, light, and airy. The poses should be feminine and gentle as opposed to sexy. Your body is absolutely stunning, especially when you’re glowing with life, this is the perfect opportunity to go for it! Make sure you choose pieces that fit you well, support your breasts and don’t cut into your skin.

If you opt for nude or implied nude images, you might be surprised how much more comfortable it is, especially since you tend to be warmer during pregnancy! These images tend to make beautiful wall art when tastefully done.


Maternity Lingerie


A Pin-Up Picnic

We are going Pinup CRAZY here at All Things Pink Photography. Our most recent shoot took place at our studio in Edmonton, and like all of our pinup shoots, it was a super fun day! This dress is part of our closet collection and can be used for your photoshoot!

Hot Nights – Boudoir Photoshoot


Summer is basically over. It’s a sad time for everyone that loves the smell of mowed lawns, and the feel of the hot sun beating down. In honour of the final days of summer, I thought I would share a few photos from a recent boudoir photoshoot, shot in our studio here in Edmonton.

If you have a wedding in the next couple months, you might have a boudoir shoot coming up! Keep in mind that you can theme your shoot in a style that suits your fancy, it doesn’t always have to be light and airy. For this particular shoot, we wanted to show off the hot summer nights by using low lighting, long shadows, and most importantly creating a dewey complex with makeup (and lighting) and wet hair.


You’ve Chosen Your Dress, Now It’s Time To Choose Theirs!


You’ve spent hours choosing your dress, you’ve probably tried on many different gowns, but you’ve finally found it! The one, the dress for your dream wedding day. Now that you have your dress, it is time to pick out dresses for your bridesmaids. These days, many brides are opting to allow their bridesmaids to choose their own dresses – which can be great, as each bridesmaid can get a different dress that they feel comfortable in. However, this may not always be the way to go, especially if you have a very specific colour scheme or style in mind. I have some helpful hints on how to choose the right dress for your bridesmaids to make your job a little bit easier.


Listen, Listen, Listen

Yes, we know it’s your day. And it really should revolve around you, but when it comes to your bridesmaids wearing a dress in front of potentially hundreds of people, I am sure you want them to look and feel good! We all have different insecurities about our bodies, and it’s very important to listen to what your bridesmaids say about what they feel comfortable wearing. Not to mention, an ill-fitting gown can become quite apparent in the photos.


Choosing the Right Dress For Your Ladies

When I was planning my wedding, I had a pretty strong idea of what I wanted my ladies to wear. I know they had some thoughts as well, and with a combined effort, I was able to pick out dresses that suited them, but also suited my wedding and vision. What it really came down to was seeing what looked good on different shapes, which features to accentuate, and learning what each of the girls felt comfortable wearing. Here’s a quick little guide to reference when you’re picking out dresses.

If you take your bridesmaids measurements, you can begin to determine what will look best. Start by measuring around each person’s hips, waist, and shoulders, and you’ll quickly see what will work best.

If your bridesmaid has:

    • Hips that are several inches larger (or more) than her shoulders and waist: look for a dress that flares out from the waist. This shape is often called a fit and flare, or an A-Line dress, and is a universally flattering shape. If you choose a boat or a sweetheart neckline, a strapless dress, or one with small cap or puff sleeves, this will even out her shape and create a more proportional form .Something like this lovely lace dress would work well! 
    • Shoulders that are several inches larger than her hips and waist: keep your eye out for dresses that are A-line shaped, or something with body on the bottom half of the dress – ruffles, flare, or fullness of any kind. Boat necklines and wide shoulder straps will make her shoulders look smaller, and add a belt if you can for waist definition. This printed wrap dress, or this A-Line dress would be great for a lady with larger shoulders. 
    • Shoulders, waist and hip measurements that are all within a few inches of each other: look for a dress that has a clearly defined waistline, like… you guessed it – an A-Line dress! Or, add a belt to a fitted dress to draw in the waist. Almost any neckline will do for this lady – sweetheart, boat, v-neck or scoop will do well. Another great idea for this lady would be a dress with a wrap top to create curves. This stunning column dress would be amazing with a black ribbon around the waist! 
    • A waistline that measures larger than her hips and shoulders: look for dresses that create curves, with volume at the shoulder or on the bottom. A wrap dress with a flared skirt would be great, and anything a-line would be great. Again, adding waist definition with a belt or a clear waistline would be great, and an empire waistline would work well for this body shape as well. Necklines that work would be square, sweetheart, or v-neck. This gorgeous printed wrap dress would be fabulous on a lady with this shape. 
    • Shoulders and hip that are similar measurements, but a small waist: she won’t really need a ton of waist defining elements, but it never hurts! A sheath dress, empire waist, a-line, or wrap dress would be great for her shape. Look for something that is similar proportions throughout the dress, such as wider necklines with a flare or ruffled  skirt. This jade dress would be stunning on a woman with this figure! 


Look Around

Lastly, I must say it is important to look around for your bridesmaid dresses. Bridal shops can only offer so much, and don’t be afraid to get dresses from a website online, or even your favourite local boutique. Be bold and think outside of the box and allow your ladies to wear different prints, colours and shapes to create more colour and variety in your wedding party. Get the guys pocket squares to match the bridesmaid’s dresses, or even let your ladies wear a classy top and skirt. The potential to create an even more unique wedding doesn’t end at the décor – let it flow into your wedding party as well!
It’s also important to keep in mind how these dresses will all look together in your wedding photos. Often different prints, tones, or colours will liven up your photos, and create more unique portraits. Feel free to consult with your wedding photographer on what they think might look great in your photos – and happy hunting for their dresses!

Queen Of Hearts Halloween Makeup Tutorial

As soon as Erin announced the characters we would all be portraying this Halloween, my head started filling with makeup ideas. Although Alice in Wonderland’s ‘Queen of Hearts’ may be a little evil, she has seriously cool makeup. I couldn’t wait to create something for Sue’s character that was regal, wonderful and out of the box. Erin and Sue came up with the brilliant idea of a Geisha inspired makeup design for the Queen of Hearts’ photoshoot. Here’s how I executed this look, incorporating Asian-inspired glamour and the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland.


  1. No matter what look I’m going for, from the most natural, to the most daring, I always start with an eyeshadow primer. I patted the primer all over the lids and under the eyes to keep shadow from creasing or fading.
  2. To set the stage for Sue’s dramatic winged liner, and to blend in with the Queen of Heart’s ultra-pale complexion, I covered the entire lid with white. To ensure even colour saturation, I then used a matte white eyeshadow pencil from the lash line all the way up to the brow bone and smoothed out the product with a synthetic eyeshadow brush. I packed a matte white eyeshadow over the pencil to set it using a patting motion with a flat eyeshadow brush.
  3. When creating a winged liner look, I first mark the wing looking straight ahead – angling from the outer corner of the lash line to the tail of the brow. Before connecting the wing to the lash line, I make the same mark on the other eye to ensure symmetry. The Queen of Hearts regal elegance inspired me to create an exaggerated swoop with Sue’s liner, creating a dramatic shape. I also dragged the inner corner of the eye liner to a point to elongate the eye. The key with bold liner is symmetry, but don’t stress too much! No one will notice little liner imperfections once this gorgeous look is complete!



This Geisha inspired Queen of Hearts look called for a milky, porcelain complexion.

  1. To ensure smooth application, I first prepped Sue’s skin with a moisturizer and followed with a hydrating primer.
  2. I mixed a white cream makeup [Makeup Forever 12 Flash Color Case in the color White 010] with a very fair coloured foundation and applied it using a sponge. I took special care to achieve opaque coverage under the eyes and patted the colour over the lips as well.
  3. Cream makeup has a tendency to move around on the skin so I pressed a translucent setting powder over top of the makeup to keep it in place. When setting makeup, I am careful to roll the brush rather than sweep, so as not to remove the foundation I just applied.



Sue’s character really started to take shape once we sculpted the face with the Queen of Heart’s signature red shade.

  1. I started by contouring with a true red matte eyeshadow, right under Sue’s natural cheekbone. I started at the hairline at the top of her ear and blended the contour on an angle towards the outer corner of her mouth.
  2. To soften the contour, I swept the colour upward from under the cheekbone using a clean brush. I also brought the striking red shade around the forehead, starting way back in the hairline and blending on an angle towards the center of the face.
  3. I then added a darker red matte shadow to the hollows of the cheeks and border of the hairline with a detail brush for added dimension and interest. Remember that the area of the face you touch first with your brush will have the most concentration of pigment! That’s why I like to start in the hairline and diffuse the colour as I work towards the center of the face.



In true Geisha style, we focused the lip colour in the center of the lips, but with a twist! It was Sue’s idea to complete the look with a heart shaped lip design, tying the whole makeup look together.

  1. I rounded out her cupid’s bow with a red lip pencil to create the top of the heart, and kept the bottom point inside the natural lip line in order to maintain the shape.
  2. I filled in the shape using a matte red lipstick that was neither too orange, nor too blue. To keep the lines crisp, you can use some white cream makeup to sharpen up your shape.
  3. Lastly, I set the lip design with a little translucent powder to keep it in place!


To finish off the Queen of Heart’s dazzling makeup design, I lightly filled in Sue’s brows with a powder to frame the eyes. I always love to apply false lashes as a finishing touch for added drama and glamour!

If you’re headed off to an all-night Halloween party, I recommend using a setting spray to seal your makeup look for maximum wear. Don’t forget to carry your lipstick and eyelash glue with you for touch-ups, and you’re ready to go!


Breast Cancer Awareness Photoshoot

I had the pleasure of spending a warm September afternoon photographing a strong, and beautiful breast-cancer survivor. Our photoshoot together was filled with laughter, warmth, and happiness. We weren’t just celebrating her triumph, we were celebrating her journey.

I arrived at her beautiful country house in the early afternoon. She wasn’t ready for me yet as she was preparing an early dinner for her husband and family who were all farming. Without batting an eyelash she had me set up with space to do her makeup, a glass of water & snack, she quickly showered, and managed to not burn her dinner. This is a woman who is in control and doesn’t let things slow her down. Including cancer. While she had no control over how her body responded to treatments or if she would ever recover, which she told me was one of the scariest parts of breast cancer for her – she did have control over her attitude. She tried to carry on as normal as possible during her treatments, and kept a healthy and vibrant sense of humour. You can read about her journey here, where she writes a blog post in her own words, reminding us all that laughter is, in fact, the best medicine.

After a quick makeup session that had her dancing in every mirror in her house, we set off around her farm and the country side to photograph her victory! Here are the results of a very memorable afternoon with this remarkable woman.

Mastering the Boudoir Booty


You’ve taken the plunge and booked a boudoir photoshoot. You’re excited and your head is filled with fantasies of your pictures looking somewhere between Playboy and Victoria’s Secret cover models. You envision your hair blowing in the wind with your body loosely draped in flowing chiffon, your skin glowing, your eyebrows on point and the battle is strong between your come-get-me lips and your too-hot-to-handle eyes. Somewhere during your fantasies of being on the cover of a hot romance novel, reality dawns on you – someone is going to see your bum! Panic sets in, you make an appointment with a squat doctor in hopes of whipping your tush into action, but how can you possibly get your bum from flap jacks to a shapely behind in just a few weeks? Relax! With a few simple tips you can rest easy about your booty on the day of your photoshoot.

Tip 1: Exfoliate

Dry scaly skin is never attractive. Your photographer can only do so much with retouching skin textures before you start looking inhuman, so scrub those dead skin cells the day before or the day of your photoshoot. Don’t cheap out and use your face exfoliating scrub just because it’s already in your bathroom cupboard. Splurge and get an exfoliating scrub that is designed for your body to ensure a soft rump. Many spas and salons will also offer a scrub treatment where they exfoliate you while you lay down and relax. I only recommend this spa treatment if you have no issues with being touched.

Tip 2: Moisturize

Maybe it goes without saying that you should moisturize your skin, especially after you exfoliate, but avoid lotions that are greasy or leave residue. I recommend moisturizing at least an hour before you head to the studio to avoid leaving lotion stains on the chairs and satin sheets. Talk to your photographer about using moisturizers with a high sheen. If you have a favorite lotion that is designed to make your legs shimmer, informing your photographer will help her adjust her lighting to avoid hot spots or glare on your legs in the photos.

Tip 3: Avoid Tan Lines

Tan lines are very difficult to remove in post processing, some photographers will even refuse to attempt to retouch tan lines – so it’s best to avoid them. If you plan to tan or a spray tan before your photoshoot try and avoid undies to eliminate the dreaded tan line on your rear. Makeup can sometimes help even out a tan line. Most photographers, like myself, offer a professional makeup artist with boudoir sessions, so ask your makeup artist to try and soften the lines with makeup. At All Things Pink Photography we use airbrush makeup which helps. Makeup can also be applied to your rump to minimize the appearance of bruises, pimples, and stretch marks.

Tip 4: Make Friends With Your Photographer

A good photographer has all the tools she needs to ensure your booty looks its best. Lighting techniques can sculpt a tush to appear larger or smaller so it’s important to let your photographer know how you would like your rump to be showcased. Posing can also alter the look of your rump. Arch your lower back if you want your rump to appear fuller. Remember, the closest body parts to the camera will look larger, so if you want a smaller rump push your tush or hips away from the lens.

Finally retouching is another tool in your photographers belt to help your rump. Don’t worry about bruises, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, or pimples; your photographer can zap those away. It’s important to communicate to your photographer what concerns you have so she can help you achieve the look you want. We want you to look your best and love your photographs so anything we can do to help, we do it!

Tip 5: Relax! Love Your Booty

If you’re tense and self conscious of your booty, it will show in your pictures, especially since we tend to ‘clench’ when we’re tense. Relax and let your bum be its beautiful self. Don’t worry about how you look, that’s your photographers job. You just need to show up, take direction, and feel beautiful.



How To: Ethereal Themed Photoshoot

20140816-NIKON D7000-DSC_1869-Edit-Edit

I am a big fan of themed photoshoots. It’s a great way to have very unique photos, capture a mood or emotion, or convey a specific message. Suggesting a theme or idea is also a great way to get your photographer’s imagination buzzing.  An ethereal style photoshoot will capture your softness and femininity, conveying dreaminess and whimsy. However, it is not just up to your photographer to make the theme happen. Here are some things you can do to make your ethereal photoshoot it’s best.

1. Gather Inspiration

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, go out and get one. Pinterest will be your go-to when gathering inspiration for your photoshoot. Don’t focus on outfits or makeup in this stage, look for art, movements, fabrics, and colours that get you in that fantastical, dreamy, ethereal mood. I suggest Pinterest because it’s a great way to keep all your pictures in one place, but it is also good to go out and gather a few pieces that you can physically carry with you, such as fabric or a piece of jewelry.


2. Choose an Outfit

Choosing a themed-appropriate outfit is absolutely essential if you want to create a cohesive look. I suggest sticking with soft colours and fabrics with a flow-y drape. Stay away from bold patterns and bright colours. For a portrait outfit, a chiffon dress is a great piece to start with. Add in pretty hair accessories, a shawl or kimono and you’re all set! For boudoir, it’s pretty much the same. Start with a soft, flow-y robe and pair with a soft bra and panty, and similar accessories.


3. Pick A Place

This is the perfect theme for a natural space, such as a forest or field. Take a drive and look around your local area for secluded spaces that you can use, such as a wooded area, a green secluded meadow, or a wide-open rolling field. Let your imagination go wild, and try to keep a “photographer’s eye” and think about how the spaces would look in a photograph while you’re out searching. If you want to stick with the studio, bring in props that suit your theme. Go to the craft store and buy moss, toss some flower petals on the set, or make your own DIY flower wall. A bouquet of flowers can never go wrong in a photoshoot!


4. Makeup Ideas

After you have your outfit and accessories, it’s time to think about makeup. The general idea is to keep it soft, dreamy, and natural. This is another great way to use Pinterest to find makeup looks you can show your makeup artist on the shoot day. Remember to stick with neutrals and stay away from a super smokey eye or harsh lines. Keep a rosy cheek and lip, and this is the perfect time to use any of that gold glittery eyeshadow.


5. Set The Mood

It is important to keep your theme while you are on set, and a great way to to that is to pick music to keep you in the dreamy, ethereal mood. Playlists are great for this, and websites like Songza are great for finding music that suits your mood. If you’re going a bit more folksy, check out this playlist, however I have to recommend Oh Land, a favorite artist of mine, who captures dreamy, synth-y, soft and upbeat pop in her first album here.


There is definitely a lot to think about when creating an ethereal themed photoshoot, but gathering all your ideas and inspirations to create unique photos with your photographer can also be incredibly fun. The end product will be a stunning set of photos, capturing your soft, dreamy, femininity that you can treasure for years to come.

Fall/15 Trend: 1970’s


This spring we saw an incredible 1970’s influence in the fashion world, especially with bohemian festival wear. This fall we will see a continuance in the 1970’s trend, but a bit more chic and tailored than the summer trend. Think earth-toned outfits of mixed patterns and textures, suede boots and jackets, and chunky statement accessories. There will still be an influx of floral garments, but a contrast of geometric patterns and blunt lines will also be popular.


Key Pieces to Invest In

For the fall, these are the pieces you will want to have in your closet:

  • Bell-Bottom Jeans These will be a great casual staple this fall and winter. Get a pair in dark denim to keep it sleek, and faded blue denim for a more relaxed look, or have some fun with earthy-coloured denim. You may have the urge to raid your mother’s closet for these, but there will be many amazing options in store as well!
  • Chunky Platforms – Really any sort of platform will do here, or an alternative would be a stacked, sturdy heel. I suggest a clunky version of the penny-loafer, a knee-high suede boot, or an ankle boot.
  • Long textured jacket Fur is in again! There are so many great faux-fur or vintage fur options. Another textured option would be patchwork, tweed, or suede.
  • Wide-Leg Flared Trouser A wide leg trouser is the perfect piece for just about any woman. They lengthen legs and create a longer silhouette, and are great for the office. Any neutral colour will do here, and a herringbone or tweed weave would perfect these trousers even more.
  • Chunky Accessories – Look for necklaces with big geometric beads, blunt and square handbags, and geometric bangles and earrings will be great accent pieces.


How To Style

Styling your fall outfits doesn’t have to be hard, just stick to neutral, earthy tones with statement accessories and you will be fine. It will be easy to go overboard with the ’70’s inspiration, so be sure to pair your outfits with modern garments to keep your style up to date.

Casual – This is the perfect time to break out those faded bell-bottom jeans. Pair with your favourite t-shirt and converse shoes to keep the retro vibe. No need for accessories here!

Office – Pair a wide-leg trouser with a matching vest and a light-coloured flowy blouse. Keep the accessories light, but feel free to pair with those great penny-loafer platforms to keep you looking sleek.

Cold Weather – This is where the amazing duster coat comes in! Pair your jacket with knee-high boots, a suede skirt and turtleneck to keep warm. Don a wide-brimmed felt hat and chunky necklace and you’re good to go.

Going Out – Any sort of retro style micro-mini dress will work here, but bell sleeves will be a great thing to look for in a dress. Stack up those bangles, load on the necklaces, and add in some earrings. Candy-coloured eyeshadow with a bold cat eye and a neutral lip will be the perfect makeup for your evening, and any platform shoe will make an incredible outfit.


The 1970’s fall trend is going to be an easy one to style and incredibly fun to wear. Be sure to invest in classic pieces that will last to keep your peace and love lasting through the years. And if you dig the ’70’s as much as I do, book a 1970’s themed photoshoot with your photographer!