What We Do When You’re Not Looking

Are you curious about what we do before you show up to your photoshoot? Wonder no more, I will show you!

1. We Set Up Our Tools

When you show up to your shoot we want to be ready to fly! Making you wait around while we paw through our makeup just wastes your time and ours. We hook up our airbrush machine, and familiarize ourselves with the makeup and tools we will be using with you before you arrive.


2. We Test Our Props For Safety

We would never risk injury to anyone so we are typically quite sure of the safety of props before even we test them, but anytime we are using something new we have to be sure. Here is an example of Veruschka testing out our oversized present before we allowed our guest to sit on it.

3. We Set Up Our Location

Whether this is dressing our bedroom set for boudoir, or planning an outdoor photo session, we make sure everything is set up so you can just step in and have your photos taken. If we are doing multiple sets during a shoot, you may get to see us in action setting up a secondary set.


4. We Test The Practicality Of Movements

Some poses, movements, and props seem like a good idea until you try them out. Sometimes our bodies don’t move the way we think they can, and other times things can happen that you didn’t anticipate. This is why we test our ides before we try them with you!

5. We Test Our Lighting

This serves two purposes. It helps us double check that all of our equipment is working – occasionally technical glitches occur and can set us back a few minutes. Anything we can do to mitigate this kind of disruption is critical. The other reason we test our lighting is that sometimes we want to do something a little outside of the box, doing a test run helps us get our lighting just right so we have less fiddling around to do when we’re working with you!

6. We Check Our Locations

This is important if we are shooting on location or outdoors as opposed to in our Edmonton studio. We scan the location of choice, scout out a quiet area, looking for any garbage or debris that could ruin a photo, and we map out the best paths that avoid dog doodoo.

7. Practice Posing

We like to plan as much of a shoot as we can, including posing. While a lot of posing is done naturally, as well as tried and true poses, occasionally we like to test poses ourselves. We might be checking the comfort-ability, the feasibility, or just the aesthetics of a particular pose.




Newest Team Pink Member – Annie

Hair & Makeup Artist

We are so excited to welcome Annie to Team Pink! She is our extremely talented hairstylist and makeup artist. So if you’re getting a makeover before your photoshoot there is a good chance you will be making friends with this amazing woman.

With training in massage therapy and hairdressing, Annie is the perfect example of when creativity and passion collide. Her passion to help people feel confident is the driving force behind her creative aptitude. Every hairstyle and makeup application that she creates is done with the sole purpose of working with women to help them see their beauty inside and out.

When you book your shoot, go ahead and request Annie as your beauty guru.

What To Wear For Maternity Photos

Couple pregnancy photo with booties
Baby Bump & Baby Booties

So, you’ve decided to get pregnancy photos done, you’ve chosen a photographer and you’re feeling pretty good…but wait! What are you going to wear? Relax, choosing your outfits for maternity photos is much easier than you think!

1. Does Your Photographer Have Outfits For You?

Always ask your photographer first if s/he has any outfits that you can wear to your shoot. Professional photographers know what fabrics, patterns, and colors look best in photos, so you know that if they have anything available for you to use it’s going to look great in photographs. This is also an excellent option if you are on somewhat of a budget and don’t want to spend money on clothes that you won’t wear again in just a few months.

Maternity photographers often have a selection of flowy, ethereal type dresses that you likely wouldn’t purchase for yourself, so this is an excellent opportunity to get those gorgeous feminine fairy-tale images that make great wall art in your nursery.

Quick tip: Ask to try on the dresses in advance, or make sure you bring additional outfits to your shoot just in case you end up not liking the selection offered at the studio.

Glowing Pregnancy


2. Think Of Your Silhouette

Your pictures are going to be taken with you mostly from the side to really show off that baby bump! So it’s important to keep your entire silhouette in mind when looking for clothes. This is the time to wear that skin tight dress or top and leave all your insecurities at the door. With lighting, and posing you are not going to have any bits and pieces sticking out, but that tight outfit is crucial to getting smooth lines. You don’t want any bunching behind you, or fitting too loose over your stomach. The curve of your back and belly are what these images focus on. This is especially important if you’re getting silhouette photos done, where all you can see is the outline and shape of your body.

Christmas Baby Bump Photo


3. To Match or Not To Match?

Couples always argue about whether or not they should wear matching clothes or at least the same color scheme. My opinion is that matching outfits is a little boring, however, if that fits your relationship go for it! If you’re not so keen on wearing the matching outfits it is important to keep same level of formality for your images. If you’re wearing a floor length red evening gown with a 5 foot train, your images might look a little awkward if he’s wearing his favorite baseball hat and torn blue jeans. It’s best to decide if you’re going formal, casual, or business casual and plan your outfits that way. Usually you will have the opportunity to wear at least 2 different outfits, so maybe do one formal so you can wear your princess dress and then one set casual so he can wear his comfy jeans.

Couples Baby Bump

4. Color Scheme – Should We Reveal The Gender?

Couples are often afraid to wear pink or blue for fear of spoiling the gender to family. Often couples don’t know the gender themselves, so they don’t know what colors to wear. If you know the gender of your baby but your family and friends don’t, go ahead and wear something gender revealing. Typically your maternity photographs are taken between 28-34 weeks of your pregnancy, so you may not even receive your pictures until after you’ve delivered. If you get your images before you deliver just be careful about what images you share on social media (people will be looking for clues!) and make sure you let your photographer know that they should not share any gender revealing shots on their social media (if you’ve signed a release form).

If you don’t know the gender yet yourself, but your favorite dress happens to be blue, talk to your photographer, s/he may be willing to do some magic in the editing process to change your dress to the color you wish. This is not a guarantee and it cannot always be done, so if you’re really uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a blue dress and might end up having a girl, then opt for something else. My advice though, is to forget the “gender colors” and just wear your favorite dress!


Gender Reveal Dress


5. Is It Okay To Go Nude Or Boudoir Style?

Absolutely! Maternity pictures that are taken in lingerie, bikini or nude tend to be styled more artistically rather than “for-his-eyes-only”. Often times women that are a little afraid to try something like this but do it anyway, end up liking these photos the most. The lighting for these images should be soft, light, and airy. The poses should be feminine and gentle as opposed to sexy. Your body is absolutely stunning, especially when you’re glowing with life, this is the perfect opportunity to go for it! Make sure you choose pieces that fit you well, support your breasts and don’t cut into your skin.

If you opt for nude or implied nude images, you might be surprised how much more comfortable it is, especially since you tend to be warmer during pregnancy! These images tend to make beautiful wall art when tastefully done.


Maternity Lingerie


A Pin-Up Picnic

We are going Pinup CRAZY here at All Things Pink Photography. Our most recent shoot took place at our studio in Edmonton, and like all of our pinup shoots, it was a super fun day! This dress is part of our closet collection and can be used for your photoshoot!

Practice Safe Sun- Part Two: Tan-talizing Sunless Options – Self Tanners

This is part two of a three-part series:
Part One
Part Three

Is pale the new tan? With all the liquid bronzers, self- tanners, powder bronzers and luminzers hitting the shelves this season, I’m thinking not… There is something about the glowing, slimming, smoothing effect of tan that just makes everything look better. Luckily, you can have it all with the latest bronzing and tanning products – safe, effective and natural looking summer skin any time of year!

Self tanners

Saying the word “self- tanner” instantly makes me think of the streaky orange skin I was left with when I tried it for the first time in junior high. I promise you though, I have since had MUCH better results and I really believe it is simple and possible to achieve a natural looking, sun- free tan in the comfort of your own home. Self tanning products have come such a long way and modern formulas are easy to use and give gorgeous results. Check out my tips to faking a flawless tan all year long:

  1. EXFOLIATE – the best tip I can give you to ensure your self tanner goes on evenly and dries to a streak- free all over glow is to ALWAYS exfoliate before application. Make sure your skin is a smooth as a baby’s bum before you tan by sloughing off dead skin skills in the shower or bath. I prefer to use a physical scrub to do this (something with grains or granules), but you could use a mitt or loofah or even a retexturizing body cream with chemical exfoliants.

Always shave or wax BEFORE you tan, as this step also removes the top layer of built up skin cells.

PRO TIP- I like to continue to exfoliate throughout the duration of my self tan so that it fades evenly!

  1. MOISTURIZE – many self tanners come in the form of a moisturizer or lotion, and will add hydration to the skin. If you apply a rich moisturizer all over the body and then apply your tanner, it won’t develop evenly on the skin. That said, you should be wary of drier areas on the skin where the tanner will “stick” and develop darker. For an even tan, I apply moisturizer only to my elbows, knees and ankles in a thin layer to protect these parched areas from getting too dark & then let my self tanner do the rest of the hydrating. I also pop a bit of moisturizer on areas with a lot of texture, like my knuckles, to keep self tanner from developing in the nooks and crannies. Moisturizing your skin throughout your tan, after it develops, will help it last so much longer!

PRO TIP: It’s a good idea to use moisturizer or Vaseline as a barrier where you DON’T want your tan to develop – like between your fingers and toes, on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet, and on your nail beds and cuticles!

  1. USE A MITT – this was a real “AHA!” moment for me when using self tanners. First of all, using a tanning mitt keeps your palms from getting stained with self tanner – the tell tale sign of a fake tan! Second of all, it ensures an even application – it’s almost like a paint roller for your self tanner. And lastly, it’s so much faster. The mitt will provide you with a larger surface area than your palms so you can quickly and easily reach all of the areas that you want to tan.
  1. GET HELP FROM YOUR FRIENDS – those hard to reach areas like the backs of your legs or shoulders are going to stand out if you miss them in your tanning escapades. Host a tanning night with friends or ask your partner to lend a hand. This is when the mitt really comes in handy so that your helper isn’t at risk of staining their palms. I find it useful to use a self tanner with a guide colour to see exactly what areas you need extra help to cover.
  1. TAN ALL OF THE THINGS – I almost never use self tanners on my face because a) I do a lot of peels and masks and it doesn’t last on my skin and b) I always wear makeup so I’m able to adjust the colour of my foundation or bronzer to match my body. If you’re not like me, though, and you don’t wear makeup every day, you’ll need to use a tanner on your face too so that everything matches up. Make sure you use a self tanner that is safe to use on the face. When I do use a self tanner on the facial area, I stick to the high points of my face where the sun would naturally hit me, rather than a solid colour all over. I prefer gradual tanners, or tanning drops you can add to a facial moisturizer on the face for a subtler effect. Don’t forget to tan your neck and ears, and the area behind your ears as well – in case a ponytail or top bun is in order during the duration of your tan.

It might seem like a lot of work, but the rules of self tanning become second nature the more often you do it. I’m rather fair skinned and burn easily in the sun. It’s very hard for me to tan naturally, but I love the look of golden skin. There are tons of self- tanning products on the market now- many that are suited specifically to your skin tone. I’ve found most are incredibly easy to use, especially with a helping hand. Not only are self- tanners a pale girl’s dream, they also add a gorgeous golden radiance to deeper skin tones. They can be a real enhancement to your complexion, even in the winter months, but you must remember not to skip your SPF. Self tanners will have you looking like you just came back from a Caribbean vacation, but the boost of colour won’t add any additional protection from the sun.

Part One (previous)
Part Three (next)

Beauty Tips to Transition From Winter to Spring

20150912-145105-DSC_0691-Edit-2Believe it or not, spring is finally here and sunny days are just around the corner! While you might be preoccupied with cleaning out winter’s dust bunnies and scouring Pinterest for a new warm weather wardrobe, the season presents an opportunity to update your beauty routine as well! Here are 6 tips to help you transition from “Winter Blah” to “Spring Hoorah”!

Do A Little Spring Cleaning

Hoarding drawers full of expired makeup is not only bad feng shui, but using product past its prime can lead to eye and skin infections! YIKES! Here is a quick guide to let you know when it’s time to let go:


Don’t forget, for those of us guys & gals for whom “trash can” is a dirty word, a lot of cosmetics companies offer a recycling program for your empties!

Re-Evaluate Your Routine

Let’s face it, what works for you in the winter months may not be what’s best to address your skin concerns when warmer weather comes around. Seasonal change can have a big impact on the skin and it’s important to switch up your skincare routine in order to maintain results.

Hydration is key, no matter your skin type, and you may want to swap out your rich, creamy moisturizers for a lightweight or gel formula. It’s ALWAYS important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, no matter the season. Make sure you’re using a product with SPF, and if you’re spending time outdoors, you should re-apply every 2 hours for total protection.

Switch Up Your Coverage

Say goodbye to heavy formulas and opaque coverage – spring is the season when BB Creams and tinted moisturizers rule the makeup world. Opt for products with a natural to radiant finish- flat, matte skin is SO last season 😉

When shopping for a new foundation, keep your summer shade in mind. I like to keep two different foundation shades on hand (one darker and one lighter) so that I can mix them to achieve my ideal match. You can also incorporate a liquid bronzer into your routine to deepen your existing foundation. Try mixing it in with your favourite complexion product or primer.

Go For the Glow

“Strobing” is all the rage with beauty gurus on social media, but don’t worry, you don’t need to sport highlighter that can be seen from space to stay on trend. Dewy cheekbones and radiant skin is always a hit come spring, and you can add a little glow on the go without looking like a human disco ball.

Try adding a liquid luminizer to your primer for a lit from within look. You can also dab some on the high points of your face under your foundation for subtle glow. Be mindful of adding too much shine to the T-zone or chin area, as dewy skin can quickly look greasy if you’re not careful about your placement.

Sweeten Those Cheeks

Blush is back, and what a better way to ring in the season than with a pop of colour on the cheek. I love to use a blush with a hint of shimmer when the sun comes out for a playful, flirty sheen.

If you’re stumped on what shade to wear, it can be helpful to look for a colour similar to the shade of your natural lip – but I think a peachy-pink blush looks good on almost every skin tone.

Remember to use a light hand when applying blush to go for a natural looking flush. Keep the colour to the apples of your cheeks for the most youthful look, blending the shade in the direction of your hairline to create lift.

Flip Your Lip

I’ve been loving the dark matte lipstick trend this winter, but it’s time to move on. Brands are releasing tons of new, pigmented, high-tech glosses that are more hydrating and comfortable than matte formulas. Keep your lips in tip top shape by prepping them with a moisturizing balm – then try something new in a bright pop of pink, purple or punchy orange!

Fashion Friday Spotlight: Midnight Magic and Lingerie Trends


This week I had the opportunity to interview Robin Molyneaux, the owner of a local lingerie business, Midnight Magic. Midnight Magic is a great little store in St. Albert, Alberta, which carries everything a specialty lingerie shop should: bras ranging from sizes A – N, a variety of cup-sized swimwear, nursing bras, mastectomy bras, shape wear, and men’s underwear. With a focus on excellent customer service, great quality product, and a wide selection, Midnight Magic is a great place to shop for all of your lingerie needs. I also snapped some photos of a bit of product they have in store, so check out the interview and take a peek in store or on their website to see some amazing items for every size.


I would love it if you could give me a brief history and introduction to Midnight Magic

January of this year we are 20 years in business now. We started off just selling lingerie from regular to plus sizes. We sold our first bra and thought, “well I guess we should sell bras”. We have now become one of the top sellers for mastectomy bras, as well as selling bras up to an N cup. We do both small and large cups, but have a wider range of larger cup sizes, as well as cup-size swimwear in larger cups. We’ve really branched into mastectomy, and we are AADL approved, we have been involved in various charity work, fundraising, as well as a big supporter of breast cancer research. It’s been really fun to see the development and change of a small business.


You carry a huge range of product! Could you highlight some lingerie trends you have available in your store for the coming season?

We are back to pink hues, lots of lacy pieces, as well as bamboo fabric, which is soft and sensual feeling. It also makes a big difference who is doing the shopping, whether it’s the man or the woman doing the shopping. As well, many women are looking for boudoir pieces so they are going for more corsets to get that edgy look. I find there are also a lot of grey pieces coming in. There are also a lot of blue pieces arriving, and in the fall we will see the deeper, vibrant tones of navy and deeper blues. Red is becoming more of a basic in fashion versus a fashion colour, and for many people red bras are the new neutral. Back-seam stockings are also very popular, as well as garter belts with hold-up stockings, which is very vintage inspired. A social trend would be that more men are coming into the stores, not only shopping for women, but also purchasing the product we carry for men in the store.  When they come in though, they say “give me a dozen!” and then they’re out of here, no lingering or shopping around in here.


What are your recommended products for Valentine’s Day?

We often suggest pieces that are easy to fit, like a chemise. If a man comes in to shop for lingerie, a chemise is an easy piece to purchase. We also have cup-sized lingerie which is great for a larger bust, like an H or an I cup. We also suggest the variety of massage oils we carry, that is a huge hit for Valentine’s Day. Another popular piece would be our stockings and garter belts, many men come in to purchase those as gifts. If someone is having trouble picking something out, or isn’t sure of sizes, a great idea is a gift card. Of course, it’s a good idea to give one of our gift cards with something else to wrap it in, like a massage oil or a pair of Hanky Panky underwear. And then go pick up that bottle of wine – an absolute necessity.


What are your most popular items in your store?

Definitely the Hanky Panky underwear, as well as the Saxx and MyPakage underwear for men. They are our most popular for sure. Of course, our bras are extremely popular, especially since we carry a wide range. For lingerie, I have to say chemises are very popular, especially in chiffons or fabrics that aren’t very clingy. Chemises that come in a stretch lace are also very popular.


I hope this post has inspired you for your Valentine’s Day shopping, or to get that specialty lingerie for your next boudoir shoot!




Forever Yours




Pregnancy is such a special time. These are your first memories with your growing family. As the term draws to an end, feelings of excitement and love overwhelm the soul. This is the time to capture these precious moments with photographs that your child will cherish and you will have for a lifetime.

5 Reasons You Need A Photoshoot


It always amazes me how in 2015 women seem to struggle more and more with self-esteem and body issues. How many times a day are your thoughts consumed with weight issues, skin problems, ill-proportioned body parts, or hair malfunctions? We are all guilty of beating ourselves up for “not taking better care” of ourselves. You may think a photoshoot is the last thing you want, at least until your skin clears up, you lose some weight…etc. However, it’s the experience of the photoshoot, not necessarily the photos themselves, that have the power to make you believe in yourself and feel truly magnificent.

We all have days where we don’t feel like going out. However, with a good hair day and killer makeup we feel like we can take over the world. This is my number 5 reason why you need to have a photoshoot.

5. You get a complete makeover 

The makeover is where most of the magic happens. You will find yourself opening up to the makeup artist about your passions, insecurities, hopes and dreams. Having someone to listen to you can make even the most cynical person feel better. You will learn new features of your hair, face, and body that you didn’t know you had – that will have the wardrobe, makeup and hair person fawning all over. I have a friend that still boasts about the time the makeup artist said she had enviable eye lids. The makeover is such a boost to your self-esteem that you will walk away from the experience feeling powerful.

4. You get pampered like a princess

There is very little you actually need to do for a photoshoot. Over half the battle is showing up! At the studio your coat is hung up, you’re fed and given a choice of beverages, and you’re plopped down for the makeover. If you’re cold you get a blanket and a heater, if you’re warm you get a cool beverage, a fan or air conditioning. We have actually hand fanned someone that was feeling warm. You will see a team of people working very hard to ensure you are comfortable. Which brings me to the third reason why you need to have a photoshoot.

3. It’s all about you

For three hours you get to see how supermodels live their glamorous lives. Everything is taken care of for you, and you alone. Your hair will be maintained for you, your wardrobe will be fitted and adjusted, your makeup touched up, and your body posed. Everything that is being done around you is all for you. You will feel important because to the photography team, you are important. You are a celebrity.

2. You will feel truly beautiful

I always smile when people come to me with their fears about having their picture taken because I know something they don’t – they are so beautiful and they are about to see that for themselves. There is a true connection that happens through every step of the photo process. You will open up to the makeup artist and finish up feeling glamorous. You will put on your wardrobe and stare at yourself in the mirror with self acceptance and maybe even self love. When you are in front of the camera, for a split second you will feel yourself cowering, and then you will remember that you look amazing. You will connect with the photographer because she understands your insecurities. With the entire process moving foward you will feel truly beautiful.

1. You will find your confidence

The entire experience of the photoshoot is such a confidence booster. Women will call me hours after their photoshoot to tell me how much they needed that experience. It’s not just the outward appearance of the makeover and good lighting that will make you feel good, it’s the connections, and friendships that form from all wanting to see you succeed and be your best self. Any time you need a confidence boost or just a reminder that you are someone to be reckoned with, book a photoshoot. The photos that come later are just a reminder of the powerful experience you had at the studio with the women who understood you.

The overall experience of a photoshoot is not only esteem boosting it’s an absolute blast. You will have so much fun being a princess for a few hours that you will want to do it again and again!

Mastering the Boudoir Booty


You’ve taken the plunge and booked a boudoir photoshoot. You’re excited and your head is filled with fantasies of your pictures looking somewhere between Playboy and Victoria’s Secret cover models. You envision your hair blowing in the wind with your body loosely draped in flowing chiffon, your skin glowing, your eyebrows on point and the battle is strong between your come-get-me lips and your too-hot-to-handle eyes. Somewhere during your fantasies of being on the cover of a hot romance novel, reality dawns on you – someone is going to see your bum! Panic sets in, you make an appointment with a squat doctor in hopes of whipping your tush into action, but how can you possibly get your bum from flap jacks to a shapely behind in just a few weeks? Relax! With a few simple tips you can rest easy about your booty on the day of your photoshoot.

Tip 1: Exfoliate

Dry scaly skin is never attractive. Your photographer can only do so much with retouching skin textures before you start looking inhuman, so scrub those dead skin cells the day before or the day of your photoshoot. Don’t cheap out and use your face exfoliating scrub just because it’s already in your bathroom cupboard. Splurge and get an exfoliating scrub that is designed for your body to ensure a soft rump. Many spas and salons will also offer a scrub treatment where they exfoliate you while you lay down and relax. I only recommend this spa treatment if you have no issues with being touched.

Tip 2: Moisturize

Maybe it goes without saying that you should moisturize your skin, especially after you exfoliate, but avoid lotions that are greasy or leave residue. I recommend moisturizing at least an hour before you head to the studio to avoid leaving lotion stains on the chairs and satin sheets. Talk to your photographer about using moisturizers with a high sheen. If you have a favorite lotion that is designed to make your legs shimmer, informing your photographer will help her adjust her lighting to avoid hot spots or glare on your legs in the photos.

Tip 3: Avoid Tan Lines

Tan lines are very difficult to remove in post processing, some photographers will even refuse to attempt to retouch tan lines – so it’s best to avoid them. If you plan to tan or a spray tan before your photoshoot try and avoid undies to eliminate the dreaded tan line on your rear. Makeup can sometimes help even out a tan line. Most photographers, like myself, offer a professional makeup artist with boudoir sessions, so ask your makeup artist to try and soften the lines with makeup. At All Things Pink Photography we use airbrush makeup which helps. Makeup can also be applied to your rump to minimize the appearance of bruises, pimples, and stretch marks.

Tip 4: Make Friends With Your Photographer

A good photographer has all the tools she needs to ensure your booty looks its best. Lighting techniques can sculpt a tush to appear larger or smaller so it’s important to let your photographer know how you would like your rump to be showcased. Posing can also alter the look of your rump. Arch your lower back if you want your rump to appear fuller. Remember, the closest body parts to the camera will look larger, so if you want a smaller rump push your tush or hips away from the lens.

Finally retouching is another tool in your photographers belt to help your rump. Don’t worry about bruises, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, or pimples; your photographer can zap those away. It’s important to communicate to your photographer what concerns you have so she can help you achieve the look you want. We want you to look your best and love your photographs so anything we can do to help, we do it!

Tip 5: Relax! Love Your Booty

If you’re tense and self conscious of your booty, it will show in your pictures, especially since we tend to ‘clench’ when we’re tense. Relax and let your bum be its beautiful self. Don’t worry about how you look, that’s your photographers job. You just need to show up, take direction, and feel beautiful.