Beauty Tips to Transition From Winter to Spring

20150912-145105-DSC_0691-Edit-2Believe it or not, spring is finally here and sunny days are just around the corner! While you might be preoccupied with cleaning out winter’s dust bunnies and scouring Pinterest for a new warm weather wardrobe, the season presents an opportunity to update your beauty routine as well! Here are 6 tips to help you transition from “Winter Blah” to “Spring Hoorah”!

Do A Little Spring Cleaning

Hoarding drawers full of expired makeup is not only bad feng shui, but using product past its prime can lead to eye and skin infections! YIKES! Here is a quick guide to let you know when it’s time to let go:


Don’t forget, for those of us guys & gals for whom “trash can” is a dirty word, a lot of cosmetics companies offer a recycling program for your empties!

Re-Evaluate Your Routine

Let’s face it, what works for you in the winter months may not be what’s best to address your skin concerns when warmer weather comes around. Seasonal change can have a big impact on the skin and it’s important to switch up your skincare routine in order to maintain results.

Hydration is key, no matter your skin type, and you may want to swap out your rich, creamy moisturizers for a lightweight or gel formula. It’s ALWAYS important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, no matter the season. Make sure you’re using a product with SPF, and if you’re spending time outdoors, you should re-apply every 2 hours for total protection.

Switch Up Your Coverage

Say goodbye to heavy formulas and opaque coverage – spring is the season when BB Creams and tinted moisturizers rule the makeup world. Opt for products with a natural to radiant finish- flat, matte skin is SO last season 😉

When shopping for a new foundation, keep your summer shade in mind. I like to keep two different foundation shades on hand (one darker and one lighter) so that I can mix them to achieve my ideal match. You can also incorporate a liquid bronzer into your routine to deepen your existing foundation. Try mixing it in with your favourite complexion product or primer.

Go For the Glow

“Strobing” is all the rage with beauty gurus on social media, but don’t worry, you don’t need to sport highlighter that can be seen from space to stay on trend. Dewy cheekbones and radiant skin is always a hit come spring, and you can add a little glow on the go without looking like a human disco ball.

Try adding a liquid luminizer to your primer for a lit from within look. You can also dab some on the high points of your face under your foundation for subtle glow. Be mindful of adding too much shine to the T-zone or chin area, as dewy skin can quickly look greasy if you’re not careful about your placement.

Sweeten Those Cheeks

Blush is back, and what a better way to ring in the season than with a pop of colour on the cheek. I love to use a blush with a hint of shimmer when the sun comes out for a playful, flirty sheen.

If you’re stumped on what shade to wear, it can be helpful to look for a colour similar to the shade of your natural lip – but I think a peachy-pink blush looks good on almost every skin tone.

Remember to use a light hand when applying blush to go for a natural looking flush. Keep the colour to the apples of your cheeks for the most youthful look, blending the shade in the direction of your hairline to create lift.

Flip Your Lip

I’ve been loving the dark matte lipstick trend this winter, but it’s time to move on. Brands are releasing tons of new, pigmented, high-tech glosses that are more hydrating and comfortable than matte formulas. Keep your lips in tip top shape by prepping them with a moisturizing balm – then try something new in a bright pop of pink, purple or punchy orange!

A Quick Peek Into Spring Trends

Each new season of the year brings excitement as we get to see trends for the coming season. Runway shows always reveal trends for the next season, and often are shown several months in advance of the season. So for Spring 2016, we actually need to look back at the runway photos from September 2015. I loved what I saw from different designers, and I am sure we will see many of these trends trickle down into our most beloved ready to wear stores.

1. Lingerie As Every Day Wear

One of the things I love most is learning how to incorporate lingerie into every day outfits, and for this season many designers were designing pieces reminiscent of some of my favourite undergarments. With soft, long slip dresses made from supple satin, elegant lace pieces made perfect for layering, and even a comeback for items made entirely of fishnet, influence of lingerie is going to be a big hit this season. I love that any style, from preppy pretty to edgy gothic can incorporate this idea into their style. Pair with a fluffy fur coat and clunky boots to bring this ’90’s trend into 2016.

2. Spanish Influence

Another big trend is Spanish influence. This trend throws our recent minimalism phase out the door and brings in bright, beautiful colours, ruffles, embellishment and embroidery. This trend is all about maintaining a feminine silhouette while adding flowing, voluminous ruffles. Pair your favourite minimalistic pointy-toed ankle boots with a flamenco-inspired outfit to keep this trend wearable for every day. And don’t forget to put on a bright lipstick with a matching flower in your hair!

3. Fringe

No, I am not talking about the creepy sci-fi series here, so rejoice, fringe is back again! I know you have your boho fringe pieces from last summer, so don’t get rid of those yet. Keep your fringe fresh by creating a monochromatic outfit of pieces all in hues of pink, blue, or orange (all in colours this season!). Keep a look out for fringe on hemlines – especially trouser hemlines – and this season brings super long fringe in beautiful bright colours!

4. Shiny Sequins

This is where your inner seagull rejoices, as we are seeing sequins and shiny fabrics all over the runway! Sequin pieces aren’t just for holiday parties – wear a shiny skirt paired with a marled knit to keep it low key and cool for early spring. The best thing about wearing sequins this season is that you can pair it with unconventional pieces to create a new look for your shiny items you keep reserved for a night out.


Those are a few of my favourite trends for Spring 2016, and what I love about the coming season is the entry of bright colours, beautiful prints, and mixing different trends into one outfit (I must say, I’m just a little excited about being rid of minimalism)! I love mixing and pairing unconventional pieces to create a fresh look – just what we need in the middle of these long Canadian winters!

Pantone’s 2016 Colour Of The Year – And Why It Matters


You might have noticed every year someone talking about the colour of the year. The colour of the year is predicted and chosen by Pantone, the authority in colour. Pantone is the definitive colour expert, and the company offers colour reports, trend forecasts, interior and fashion colour palettes, consulting, and colour references. Pantone has it’s niche spot in the fashion industry, and it’s one that many people don’t think of. This year, Pantone has chosen two colours of the year, Serenity (a soft blue), and Rose Quartz (a soft pink). Although this tidbit of information might seem interesting, you’re probably wondering why the colour of the year even matters, and how it applies to your life.


Trend Forecasting

The staff at Pantone go through a long process in assessing what will be the new colour of the year. They gather information, look at social movements, and global influences. All of this information can lead to trend forecasting, which is something the colour of the year plays a huge role in. Trend forecasting is basically being able to predict what will be popular for the future, and the colours Pantone chooses influences this greatly. The trends that influenced the colour selection this year are based on the ideas of softening gender stereotypes, and secondly the need to be surrounded by calmness and relaxation. Based on these colours, the palettes that Pantone has set up, and their reports on these trends, buyers and manufacturers will know what colours will be popular in the upcoming year. And since we live in a world that is based on getting new trends in stores as quickly as possible, it won’t be long until you see these colours in every item you could possibly imagine.


Fashion, Home, and Beauty Retail

This is where you and I as consumers are going to see these colours predominantly. If you start looking even now, you can see these colours popping up in your favourite retail shops, just look at this cute blouse, and these amazing platforms. These colours greatly influence what will be appearing in stores, and what people are shopping for. Trendy fashionistas will very likely already be wearing these colours, but as new stock starts arriving in stores you are sure to see tons of customers sporting these colours in malls and on shopping streets. Although these colours are so predominant in the fashion industry, they will show up in home décor and in the makeup industry – peep this Pantone eye palette at Sephora – as well. And since these colours are based on blurring traditional gender institutions, we can be sure that we will see both of these colours in men’s fashion also.


Staying Stylish in the Face of Trends

In the past I have been highly influenced by the Pantone colour trends (I distinctly remember the Emerald Green of 2013 invading my wardrobe in many ways), it’s been important to me recently to remain stylish while still embracing these trends. Once you start noticing these colours creep into the stores, it won’t be long until we are bombarded with pale pink and baby blue every which way we look. While I think an outfit of entirely Rose Quartz or Serenity would be incredible, editorial, head turning, and oh how I would love to wear it, that might be too much, and too trendy, for the average shopper. I always suggest choosing a few pieces in a trendy colour that will freshen up your wardrobe. This way, you can still keep your original style while remaining on trend for the seasons. For pairings, keep Rose Quartz and Serenity grounded by pairing either with a neutral, such as this dark camel skirt, or play them up and mix the other prominent Pantone colours into your outfit with a printed piece, like this skirt. These colours are easy to wear, and not so trendy that they will be out of style right away, so I am looking forward to brightening up my ever-blackening wardrobe with these tranquil tints.


What is your take on the new Colours of The Year from Pantone? Do you plan on embracing these colours, and welcoming them into your wardrobe?