You’ve Chosen Your Dress, Now It’s Time To Choose Theirs!


You’ve spent hours choosing your dress, you’ve probably tried on many different gowns, but you’ve finally found it! The one, the dress for your dream wedding day. Now that you have your dress, it is time to pick out dresses for your bridesmaids. These days, many brides are opting to allow their bridesmaids to choose their own dresses – which can be great, as each bridesmaid can get a different dress that they feel comfortable in. However, this may not always be the way to go, especially if you have a very specific colour scheme or style in mind. I have some helpful hints on how to choose the right dress for your bridesmaids to make your job a little bit easier.


Listen, Listen, Listen

Yes, we know it’s your day. And it really should revolve around you, but when it comes to your bridesmaids wearing a dress in front of potentially hundreds of people, I am sure you want them to look and feel good! We all have different insecurities about our bodies, and it’s very important to listen to what your bridesmaids say about what they feel comfortable wearing. Not to mention, an ill-fitting gown can become quite apparent in the photos.


Choosing the Right Dress For Your Ladies

When I was planning my wedding, I had a pretty strong idea of what I wanted my ladies to wear. I know they had some thoughts as well, and with a combined effort, I was able to pick out dresses that suited them, but also suited my wedding and vision. What it really came down to was seeing what looked good on different shapes, which features to accentuate, and learning what each of the girls felt comfortable wearing. Here’s a quick little guide to reference when you’re picking out dresses.

If you take your bridesmaids measurements, you can begin to determine what will look best. Start by measuring around each person’s hips, waist, and shoulders, and you’ll quickly see what will work best.

If your bridesmaid has:

    • Hips that are several inches larger (or more) than her shoulders and waist: look for a dress that flares out from the waist. This shape is often called a fit and flare, or an A-Line dress, and is a universally flattering shape. If you choose a boat or a sweetheart neckline, a strapless dress, or one with small cap or puff sleeves, this will even out her shape and create a more proportional form .Something like this lovely lace dress would work well! 
    • Shoulders that are several inches larger than her hips and waist: keep your eye out for dresses that are A-line shaped, or something with body on the bottom half of the dress – ruffles, flare, or fullness of any kind. Boat necklines and wide shoulder straps will make her shoulders look smaller, and add a belt if you can for waist definition. This printed wrap dress, or this A-Line dress would be great for a lady with larger shoulders. 
    • Shoulders, waist and hip measurements that are all within a few inches of each other: look for a dress that has a clearly defined waistline, like… you guessed it – an A-Line dress! Or, add a belt to a fitted dress to draw in the waist. Almost any neckline will do for this lady – sweetheart, boat, v-neck or scoop will do well. Another great idea for this lady would be a dress with a wrap top to create curves. This stunning column dress would be amazing with a black ribbon around the waist! 
    • A waistline that measures larger than her hips and shoulders: look for dresses that create curves, with volume at the shoulder or on the bottom. A wrap dress with a flared skirt would be great, and anything a-line would be great. Again, adding waist definition with a belt or a clear waistline would be great, and an empire waistline would work well for this body shape as well. Necklines that work would be square, sweetheart, or v-neck. This gorgeous printed wrap dress would be fabulous on a lady with this shape. 
    • Shoulders and hip that are similar measurements, but a small waist: she won’t really need a ton of waist defining elements, but it never hurts! A sheath dress, empire waist, a-line, or wrap dress would be great for her shape. Look for something that is similar proportions throughout the dress, such as wider necklines with a flare or ruffled  skirt. This jade dress would be stunning on a woman with this figure! 


Look Around

Lastly, I must say it is important to look around for your bridesmaid dresses. Bridal shops can only offer so much, and don’t be afraid to get dresses from a website online, or even your favourite local boutique. Be bold and think outside of the box and allow your ladies to wear different prints, colours and shapes to create more colour and variety in your wedding party. Get the guys pocket squares to match the bridesmaid’s dresses, or even let your ladies wear a classy top and skirt. The potential to create an even more unique wedding doesn’t end at the décor – let it flow into your wedding party as well!
It’s also important to keep in mind how these dresses will all look together in your wedding photos. Often different prints, tones, or colours will liven up your photos, and create more unique portraits. Feel free to consult with your wedding photographer on what they think might look great in your photos – and happy hunting for their dresses!

A Quick Peek Into Spring Trends

Each new season of the year brings excitement as we get to see trends for the coming season. Runway shows always reveal trends for the next season, and often are shown several months in advance of the season. So for Spring 2016, we actually need to look back at the runway photos from September 2015. I loved what I saw from different designers, and I am sure we will see many of these trends trickle down into our most beloved ready to wear stores.

1. Lingerie As Every Day Wear

One of the things I love most is learning how to incorporate lingerie into every day outfits, and for this season many designers were designing pieces reminiscent of some of my favourite undergarments. With soft, long slip dresses made from supple satin, elegant lace pieces made perfect for layering, and even a comeback for items made entirely of fishnet, influence of lingerie is going to be a big hit this season. I love that any style, from preppy pretty to edgy gothic can incorporate this idea into their style. Pair with a fluffy fur coat and clunky boots to bring this ’90’s trend into 2016.

2. Spanish Influence

Another big trend is Spanish influence. This trend throws our recent minimalism phase out the door and brings in bright, beautiful colours, ruffles, embellishment and embroidery. This trend is all about maintaining a feminine silhouette while adding flowing, voluminous ruffles. Pair your favourite minimalistic pointy-toed ankle boots with a flamenco-inspired outfit to keep this trend wearable for every day. And don’t forget to put on a bright lipstick with a matching flower in your hair!

3. Fringe

No, I am not talking about the creepy sci-fi series here, so rejoice, fringe is back again! I know you have your boho fringe pieces from last summer, so don’t get rid of those yet. Keep your fringe fresh by creating a monochromatic outfit of pieces all in hues of pink, blue, or orange (all in colours this season!). Keep a look out for fringe on hemlines – especially trouser hemlines – and this season brings super long fringe in beautiful bright colours!

4. Shiny Sequins

This is where your inner seagull rejoices, as we are seeing sequins and shiny fabrics all over the runway! Sequin pieces aren’t just for holiday parties – wear a shiny skirt paired with a marled knit to keep it low key and cool for early spring. The best thing about wearing sequins this season is that you can pair it with unconventional pieces to create a new look for your shiny items you keep reserved for a night out.


Those are a few of my favourite trends for Spring 2016, and what I love about the coming season is the entry of bright colours, beautiful prints, and mixing different trends into one outfit (I must say, I’m just a little excited about being rid of minimalism)! I love mixing and pairing unconventional pieces to create a fresh look – just what we need in the middle of these long Canadian winters!

Fashion Friday Spotlight: Midnight Magic and Lingerie Trends


This week I had the opportunity to interview Robin Molyneaux, the owner of a local lingerie business, Midnight Magic. Midnight Magic is a great little store in St. Albert, Alberta, which carries everything a specialty lingerie shop should: bras ranging from sizes A – N, a variety of cup-sized swimwear, nursing bras, mastectomy bras, shape wear, and men’s underwear. With a focus on excellent customer service, great quality product, and a wide selection, Midnight Magic is a great place to shop for all of your lingerie needs. I also snapped some photos of a bit of product they have in store, so check out the interview and take a peek in store or on their website to see some amazing items for every size.


I would love it if you could give me a brief history and introduction to Midnight Magic

January of this year we are 20 years in business now. We started off just selling lingerie from regular to plus sizes. We sold our first bra and thought, “well I guess we should sell bras”. We have now become one of the top sellers for mastectomy bras, as well as selling bras up to an N cup. We do both small and large cups, but have a wider range of larger cup sizes, as well as cup-size swimwear in larger cups. We’ve really branched into mastectomy, and we are AADL approved, we have been involved in various charity work, fundraising, as well as a big supporter of breast cancer research. It’s been really fun to see the development and change of a small business.


You carry a huge range of product! Could you highlight some lingerie trends you have available in your store for the coming season?

We are back to pink hues, lots of lacy pieces, as well as bamboo fabric, which is soft and sensual feeling. It also makes a big difference who is doing the shopping, whether it’s the man or the woman doing the shopping. As well, many women are looking for boudoir pieces so they are going for more corsets to get that edgy look. I find there are also a lot of grey pieces coming in. There are also a lot of blue pieces arriving, and in the fall we will see the deeper, vibrant tones of navy and deeper blues. Red is becoming more of a basic in fashion versus a fashion colour, and for many people red bras are the new neutral. Back-seam stockings are also very popular, as well as garter belts with hold-up stockings, which is very vintage inspired. A social trend would be that more men are coming into the stores, not only shopping for women, but also purchasing the product we carry for men in the store.  When they come in though, they say “give me a dozen!” and then they’re out of here, no lingering or shopping around in here.


What are your recommended products for Valentine’s Day?

We often suggest pieces that are easy to fit, like a chemise. If a man comes in to shop for lingerie, a chemise is an easy piece to purchase. We also have cup-sized lingerie which is great for a larger bust, like an H or an I cup. We also suggest the variety of massage oils we carry, that is a huge hit for Valentine’s Day. Another popular piece would be our stockings and garter belts, many men come in to purchase those as gifts. If someone is having trouble picking something out, or isn’t sure of sizes, a great idea is a gift card. Of course, it’s a good idea to give one of our gift cards with something else to wrap it in, like a massage oil or a pair of Hanky Panky underwear. And then go pick up that bottle of wine – an absolute necessity.


What are your most popular items in your store?

Definitely the Hanky Panky underwear, as well as the Saxx and MyPakage underwear for men. They are our most popular for sure. Of course, our bras are extremely popular, especially since we carry a wide range. For lingerie, I have to say chemises are very popular, especially in chiffons or fabrics that aren’t very clingy. Chemises that come in a stretch lace are also very popular.


I hope this post has inspired you for your Valentine’s Day shopping, or to get that specialty lingerie for your next boudoir shoot!




DIY Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf

Christmas is coming up quickly, and I always want to give unique gifts to my friends and family. I also am a big DIY-er and I really enjoy making gifts whenever I can, and it’s often a big money saver too! I want to show you how to make a simple, yet beautiful and customizable infinity scarf.

This is the fabric I chose: a soft and fluffy sweater knit – perfect for the winter! Here it is laying on the table, with selvedge edges together. “Selvedge” edges are the finished edges, and the “raw” or “cut” edges are the sides of the fabric that has been cut. You will want to purchase 60-75 inches of fabric. If the fabric you choose is 45 inches wide, I recommend purchasing 60 inches in length. If it is any wider than 45 inches, go with 75 inches in length.

Infinity Scarf - Fabric


Step 1

Lay out your fabric with “cut” sides together. Keep the “right” sides together. Right sides are the sides of the fabric that you want to show, or the sides you want facing out. If your fabric has a print, it will normally be bland on one side, and printed on the other.

Pin this edge, sew it (use any seam allowance, I used around 1 cm), and press the seam when you are finished. You will end up with a tube of fabric.


Step 2

Keep the right sides together, and fold your tube in half. Do this by turning one edge inside the tube and pull it to meet the other edge. You can see in the photo below that I have begun to turn the tube inside itself – continue pulling it through to meet the other edge.


Step 3

Pin the edges you have just turned over. To do this, you must pin only the two right sides together, and make sure to keep the tube shape. You will want to leave a space between two sets of pins, and you won’t be sewing this space in the machine. You can see that I have left about 7 inches between two sets of pins that I won’t be sewing on the machine.

Infinity Scarf - Step 3


Step 4

Turn all the fabric through the small hole you have left in your seam. Hand sew the opening closed with a slip stitch and you’re done your new infinity scarf!


Some fabric suggestions I have would be a cozy knit like I used, a nice wool or suiting, a t-shirt knit, or for something a bit lighter, use a printed chiffon or rayon. I almost always go to Marshall’s Fabrics in Edmonton, Lethbridge, or Winnipeg for fabric, they have an amazing selection and great prices. Have fun sewing this simple infinity scarf, and if it’s for you don’t forget to wear it in your winter portraits!

#ShopLocal Christmas Gift Guide


Anyone who knows me knows that I am always touting the importance of shopping local, and buying for Christmas is no different. Shopping local puts money directly back into your economy, the quality and customer service is often better, and as a shopper, you have a special opportunity to actually see and meet the person you are directly supporting by buying from them. Another perk is that your new product is much more unique than buying from a chain store! So I have put together a list of great Canadian businesses to buy from this Christmas.


Berg + Betts

Berg + Betts is a watch and accessory company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. They feature beautiful handmade watches and tassel necklaces made from scrap leather from other designers, which means that the company is also very focused on sustainability. Berg + Betts also recently launched a unisex line – my favourite is the round gold face and brown leather duo – so there is a growing variety of watches on their site for anyone on your list.



CoutuKitsch is another incredible accessories company, based out of Calgary. They focus on trendy, glitzy, and geometric jewellery. CoutuKitsch has been in the jewellery business for about five years, and was founded by a sales and design duo, Dorian and Kofi. I love the on-trend clear quartz necklaces, as well as the linear gold earrings. They have incredible designs from simple to glamorous, and are a great company to buy from for any lady on your list.


Om Organics

For the person on your list who loves pampering themselves, look no further. Om Organics is another great company based in Canada, focusing on handmade organic skin, hair, bath and body products. The ingredients they use are all raw and organic, and they also include vitamins, antioxidants, and plant extracts. I am especially interested in their perfecting serum, it sounds amazing for the cold winter season! Skip the beauty products made with chemicals, and spoil your friends and family with good-for-you bath and body goodness!


Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi is the place to go for a completely unique gift for the person on your list who loves foliage. This company specializes in low-maintenance terrariums and plant decor that will brighten up any room in the house. They are long lasting (I have had one for over a year!) and ideal for the person with or without a green thumb, as they require little water and attention – perfect! Each piece is handmade, and often features vintage or kitschy items which make every arrangement an incredible gift.


Nooks Design

Nooks Design is the place to shop for the little one on your list – or for the parent of a little one, as the apparel and accessories are so completely adorable that anyone will enjoy them. Nooks Design focuses on vintage inspired, cutesy, and handmade pants, dresses, onesies and felt booties for newborns to five year olds. I personally love the Christmas Arrowhead Dress, it’s way too adorable. If I had nieces or nephews, this is definitely the first place I would be looking for a gift!


Cinder + Smoke

Cinder + Smoke is a clothing and accessories company, again based out of Edmonton, with a cutesy vintage flair to every handmade piece. Their garments are flattering to every figure, comfortable, practical, and yet remain adorable. My favourite piece would have to be the Elsa Dress in all its forms – a completely cute and wearable piece for every occasion. This is definitely the go-to for the lucky vintage loving gal on your list.


Christmas shopping can be daunting, but you’re sure to find some amazing gifts from these local artisans, and while you’re at it, help out your local economy too!

What To Wear This Winter


Winter is upon us, and if you’re anything like me, you hate winter for all the cold and snow it brings. I will say there are some fun things about winter, like sipping hot apple cider, outdoor ice skating with friends, and of course, celebrating Christmas! However, I could still live without the snow, and the impact the bitter cold has on my wardrobe choices. Choosing an outfit can be very uninspiring when it’s -30 degrees Celsius outside, but I am here to give you some ideas on what to wear for every occasion this winter.


Netflix Night With Friends

One thing I do love to do in the winter is huddle up with my friends and binge watch our favourite series. I love to get all warm and cozy, which is why a casual, comfy sweater is the way to go here. Big, bold graphics and text are very trendy on sweaters right now, and there are so many options out there. Personally, I find this Christmas sweater impossibly adorable, but this Kale sweater is perfectly on trend for a comfy-casual night. Pair with boyfriend jeans, a cozy scarf, and fuzzy slippers and this is your go-to outfit for a night full of sitting by the fireplace sipping spiked hot chocolate with your friends.


Strolling In The Snow

A walk in glistening snow sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte is a great way to spend a winter afternoon. Spending any time outside in the winter requires amazing footwear. It can be hard to find something warm, yet fashionable, to wear in the winter as an everyday boot, but these buckled boots are a great start. You might think you have to don a down parka to stay warm on your walk, but if you’re not into the Canada Goose trend, I recommend layering a cute winter jacket with a packable down underneath. It’s an amazing way to stay warm and still wear your favourite fashions. Top it off with a hat and scarf and you’re ready for a walk in winter wonderland.


An Evening Out

Over-the-knee boots are so on trend right now, and a perfect way to stay fashionable without sacrificing warmth for a night out with friends. These burgundy beauties are a great choice, but this style of boot can easily go “pretty woman”, so pair with a dress that’s not overly sexy, but still really fun. Keep it chic in a black boho dress, or jazz it up in a mod shift dress. Since it’s coming on the holiday season, it is perfectly acceptable to get all sparkly for a night out, so finish up your outfit with glitter eyeshadow and nail polish.


Although it hasn’t snowed in my hometown yet, I am starting to get prepared for winter by getting my wardrobe ready for the cold! No matter how much I dislike snow and cold, I do love the cheer and happiness this season brings. It’s a great time to spend with friends and family, and don’t forget to book a winter wonderland photoshoot with your loved ones and your favourite photographer!



Fabulously Fashionable Halloween Costumes

If you’re super into fashion like myself, I am sure you love Halloween! There is something so magical about getting all dressed up, going out with friends, and seeing all the amazing costumes everyone has put together. But, if you’re like me in other ways, you have such a hard time deciding on a costume. I always want to be unique and fashionable, and of course, stand out from the crowd. I have put together a few ideas to get you into the creative costume mood, and get you brainstorming on your perfect outfit for Halloween!


The Icon

Halloween is a great time to dress up like your favourite fashion icon. My first thought is Twiggy, the famous supermodel, which is a unique and fairly easy costume to put together. Just grab a short mod inspired dress and get familiar with your liquid liner, sweep your hair into a sleek side part, and you’re done! Another favourite icon of mine to dress up as would be Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief at Vogue US. This one would be fun, because you can also take on Anna’s reputably snobby character to give your costume authenticity. Again, a fairly easy costume to put together as you need a sleek and stylish dress, a blunt bob, and big, round sunglasses. Other iconic favourites include Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Cher, Jacqueline Kennedy, Rita Hayworth, and Michael Jackson.


The Favourite TV/Movie Character

I have to say, when I think of fashionable halloween costumes, I think of the cast of Mad Men. The perfect idea would be to get four women together and dress up as Peggy, Meg, Betty, and Joan – that would be an incredible group costume. Aside from the excitement and glamour of dressing up as a Mad Men character, other ideas would be to dress up as Cookie, from Empire; Mary from Downton Abbey; Elaine from Seinfeld (hey, the ’90’s are back!); Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl; Daisy from The Great Gatsby; Samantha, Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte from Sex and The City, and Cher and Dionne from Clueless… those are a few just to get your creative mind buzzing!


The Throwback

My favourite costumes are always the ones that make me reminisce about my childhood, and the characters I loved growing up. However, as a fashionista, you can take your favourite character that everyone recognizes and add a fashion-y or glam twist to it. Recently at All Things Pink, we had a fun photoshoot as our favourite Disney villains – super glammed up of course! For inspiration, check out the incredible Queen of Hearts makeup tutorial here. Disney characters are always fun to glamourize, but other ideas could be Beetlejuice or Lydia from Beetlejuice, Morticia or Wednesday from The Addams Family; Christa from Fern Gully; any character from Sailor Moon; Skeletor (how amazing would a sparkly Skeletor be?!) or She-Ra from He-Man and The Masters of The Universe, or even a super-shiny superhero.


The Usual – But Better!

And of course, there are the usual costumes, but again, with an amazing, fashionable twist. There’s the alluring fortune teller, the band of boho pirates, a glittering ghost, a vampire queen, feisty fairies, a sparkling skeleton, or a bewitching witch. Basically any traditional costume works, and this will give you a broader range of ideas on how to make your costume incredibly unique, sparkly, and oh-so-glamorous. This is the moment where you can go crazy with accessories, makeup, wigs, fake eyelashes and nails, and sequins – and really get away with it. With this kind of costume, more is better: for instance, more glitter is definitely better.


Halloween is a very fun time to get dressed up and don a new character for the night with your friends – just remember to bring a camera, or get a professional halloween-themed photoshoot with your favourite photographer!


Colour Of The Year – And What To Wear It With – Fall/Winter 2015


You’ve probably heard about the colour of the year for 2015 – the amazing, deep shade combination of brown/red/brick – marsala. I have to say, this is my favourite colour of the year for the last few years, and I love the combination of the colours this year. If you haven’t seen the colours yet, check them out here and then get going on all your fall and winter shopping inspired by this gorgeous colour of the year!


Hot Looks This Season 

Of course the dawn of fall is all about boots, jackets, scarves, and hats, but there are a few other hot items to focus on this season. With the items you invest in, look for texture to refresh your outfits. There is also a lot of geometric influence this season, so with your shoes look for stacked and block heels, square purses, and chunky accessories. Fall is also a time of layering, so keep an eye out for scarves and wool felted hats to complete your outfit.


What Pieces To Invest In

One of the best ways to incorporate a new colour into your wardrobe is with hints of it in accessories like scarves, hats, gloves, and jewelry. However, marsala is such a fantastic neutral that I think you can go all out with this colour – even head to toe in some cases! So for fall, my first suggestion is the perfect coat. I’ve found this textured beauty for an amazing price. Another way to wear this colour is with new boots. I’m always on the hunt for new leather boots, and here is a great pair of booties to put into your wardrobe. It’s definitely okay to wear as much marsala as you want this season, since it’s such a flattering colour and easy to wear with different colours. I also love this printed top, even paired with this skirt, and of course, this amazing lingerie set from Claudette. And while you’re at it, go all out and pick yourself up this nail colour and this eyeshadow palette.


What To Wear With Marsala

One of the many things that I love about the Pantone colour of the year reveal is that they also supply you with an array of other colours that are popular this season. Many of these colours can be worn with Marsala, but I will also share a few of my own ideas. As I said earlier, I think Marsala is an amazing neutral. So much so, that I think it would be great to pair it with something cheery, say this super soft pink sweater, or keep it classic fall tones with items in burnt orange, eggplant, and these ochre wide-leg trousers. For my own style, I might keep it a little dark and pair a marsala sweater with a black vegan leather skirt, or mix up my neutral palette with a pair of grey culottes. Pretty much anything goes with marsala, and I am very excited to incorporate this colour into my fall and winter wardrobe!



Fall/15 Trend: Bedford Avenue Granny

I’ve always grown up with the notion that patterns and textures were distinctly not to be mixed. A pattern is paired with a solid, am I right? Well, this season, that’s definitely the wrong approach. The Bedford Avenue Granny trend is all about mixing patterns, colours, and textures to create a completely unique and interesting look. Yes, you can go raid your stylish grandma’s closet, but please take out any unnecessary shoulder pads first. It’s a little Iris Apfel (toned down, of course), a lot of grandma’s vintage clothes, but with a high fashion, chic and intentional look.

Key Pieces In Which To Invest

If you want to take on this eclectic look, these are the pieces you will want to have in your closet this fall:

The Perfect Jacket – And by perfect, I mean long, printed, and/or textured. Keep in mind, your nana would have worn something structured, so stay away from ponchos if you want to perfect this trend. Capes, however, are most definitely allowed.

Skirts Galore – Your grandma probably had an array of perfect skirts, and so should you! A real sub-theme in this trend is 1960’s influence, so feel free to embrace the many styles of the era. Think simple a-line, pleated, and floral. And of course, tartan!

The Blouse(s) – Yes, you will want many blouses tucked into that adorable skirt you plan to wear. Again, a floral print, a paisley print, and a bow blouse are necessities. However, you could go with any variety of cute prints. And of course, tartan!

Jewels upon jewels – Necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets are your best friends. Layer them on, and make sure they all make a statement!


How To Style

The key to styling this trend will be to make sure your prints and patterns are different scales, and that they are in scale with your body. Try not to pair too many large prints together, especially if you’re quite petite. Here are some ideas to help you style yourself this fall.

Casual – As this trend doesn’t “scream” casual, you will want to pair a cute, casual sweater with printed pants. Add on your variety of accessories and you’re ready to go!

Office – You might want to tone down the craziness for the office, but pairing two chic prints together will still make a statement. Pair a floral blouse with a slight tartan print skirt or pant, and you’re office ready. Top it off with earrings and and skip the rest of the accessories.

Cold Weather – This is where your new amazing coat comes in. Your coat will cover up the majority of your outfit, so this might be a good time to show off your eclectic style with printed tights, textured gloves, scarves, and a fun bag.

Going Out – This is an excellent opportunity to pull out that little a-line skirt and pair with a cute printed top and, yet again, layer up the accessories. In cold weather, again add tights, and even some printed socks. Put on some fun coloured lipstick in purple, pink, or coral shades, and be sure to have your nails done as well! Grab a snakeskin, fur, or printed clutch and head out on the town.


This trend is so easily uniquely styled, and can be so fun to create different eclectic outfits. Keep in mind if you book portrait photography, don’t wear too many prints or the photo will lose focus of your beautiful self. However, with street style you can use this trend to express your different, eclectic, and unique style in so many ways. I hope you have a ton of fun with this exciting fall trend!


Maternity Dressing 101


If you’re pregnant – or if you’ve ever been pregnant – you will know how hard it is to find clothing that fits and flatters your body. Maternity wear is such a niche market, so finding different options can be really difficult. I have highlighted a few key pieces to wear throughout your pregnancy to give you some ideas of what kind of outfits you can put together.


The first thing I want to highlight is how important a good, well-fitting bra will be throughout your pregnancy and nursing period. A nursing bra will be a great investment, and if you can afford it, I suggest getting more than one. Nursing bras don’t have to be the traditional style that many people think of, they can be cute and fancy too! Another necessity will be a good pair of every day pants or jeans, leggings – you will probably wear these on a regular basis with long tunics – and a few every day stretchy tees. These are the key pieces you will want to get in neutral colours that you can dress up with different accessories.



I’ll bring up the nursing bra again here, because you will want this bra to be as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend getting a nursing bra, and you don’t have to wait until you’re actually nursing to do it. I even have one – and I’m nowhere close to becoming a mother yet! You will probably want to invest in some leisure wear because you will want to be as comfortable as possible. In the winter this will include comfy lounge pants, and in the summer it will be a very light, simple dress.



While you’re pregnant you might want to get a great dress for a special occasion. I recommend anything with tons of stretch or a flow-y piece with an empire waist – bonus if it’s both! Remember this piece can be dressed up with great accessories, so you don’t have to look for the fanciest dress you can find. And you will want to be as comfortable as possible, so if you’re going for heels remember to bring flats for on your way home – your feet will probably be swollen by the end of the night!


Transition Wear

The great thing about maternity wear is that many of the pieces are excellent transition pieces. Almost any maternity garment can take you from the beginning of the pregnancy until, well, whenever you want to stop wearing it. Anything with an empire waist is generally universally flattering, and flow-y, oversized pieces are great because they are very on trend right now. Stretchiness is key when looking for transition pieces, and I know a few women who aren’t pregnant but still love maternity clothes for their comfort, flattering shape, and amazing amount of stretch. To keep your clothes lasting long after your pregnancy, wash them in cold water and hang to dry if possible.


Looking for maternity clothing can be difficult, especially since there are very few options out there. However, you can build a great maternity wardrobe if you stick to classic styles with a few pops of colour, and you will be set for every occasion – including maternity portraits!