How I Help You Select Your Best Images

Viewing your photographs is such a rewarding experience. You’ve had fun at the photoshoot, but viewing your photos is the part that really makes you smile. Depending on the length of the shoot you had and the collection you bought, you might view between 10-40 of your best images. You might wonder, what photos didn’t make it to the final viewing process, and are you missing out on a possible favorite? One of the benefits of paying a professional photographer is their expertise in selecting the best images of you to view. So just how do I choose what images to show you and what images to eliminate?

These are a few major things I look for in deciding what to keep and what to eliminate.

1. Images that are similar

We may take 10 photos that are the same facial expression and pose. I want to make sure I get a photo of you that doesn’t have your eyes closed, or the right expression on your face, so taking a few photos of the same pose is critical to determining success. However, that sometimes means that all 10 images look exactly the same. You don’t need to see 10 photos of the same thing, so I select one (maybe based on the best light, or I just pick the first in the series if they really are identical).

2. You weren’t ready

Sometimes I have you posed head to toe and your expression is just right, but when I snap the photo you might look away, sneeze, hiccup, or something gets in your face and you go and swat it away. You don’t need to see those images either.

3. It’s not the most flattering

Believe it or not, you can be posed beautifully, and something might mess it up. It could be the lighting didn’t work out in the most flattering way, or your hand was positioned awkwardly, or you laughed and the camera saw down your throat. Most of the time poses work out, they’ve been tried and true, other times things get overlooked. I don’t show you these images for both our sake.

4. There are better ones

Sadly sometimes great images hit the cutting room floor simply because there are way better pictures. This is where you must trust my expertise. Viewing too many pictures can be overwhelming and make your album selection very difficult so I choose only your most flattering images to show you. I show you the ones that show you looking magazine sexy as opposed to just a good photo.

Below is an example of a photo I would not show to my guest. Not only are her eyes closed but a gust of wind blew her hair across her face in a distracting way. She also has a little lens flare above her breast which I find distracting. Even if her eyes were open I wouldn’t show her this image, especially since there are better ones.

Not Selected

The above is an example of what I would show my guest.

Below is a picture from our team Halloween photoshoot. The first image is an example of a picture that looks good but I wouldn’t show her because her expression is not as good as the other pictures.

Not Selected

The above is the image I showed her and the final edit is below.

Cute Pin-Up
Final Edit

What We Do When You’re Not Looking

Are you curious about what we do before you show up to your photoshoot? Wonder no more, I will show you!

1. We Set Up Our Tools

When you show up to your shoot we want to be ready to fly! Making you wait around while we paw through our makeup just wastes your time and ours. We hook up our airbrush machine, and familiarize ourselves with the makeup and tools we will be using with you before you arrive.


2. We Test Our Props For Safety

We would never risk injury to anyone so we are typically quite sure of the safety of props before even we test them, but anytime we are using something new we have to be sure. Here is an example of Veruschka testing out our oversized present before we allowed our guest to sit on it.

3. We Set Up Our Location

Whether this is dressing our bedroom set for boudoir, or planning an outdoor photo session, we make sure everything is set up so you can just step in and have your photos taken. If we are doing multiple sets during a shoot, you may get to see us in action setting up a secondary set.


4. We Test The Practicality Of Movements

Some poses, movements, and props seem like a good idea until you try them out. Sometimes our bodies don’t move the way we think they can, and other times things can happen that you didn’t anticipate. This is why we test our ides before we try them with you!

5. We Test Our Lighting

This serves two purposes. It helps us double check that all of our equipment is working – occasionally technical glitches occur and can set us back a few minutes. Anything we can do to mitigate this kind of disruption is critical. The other reason we test our lighting is that sometimes we want to do something a little outside of the box, doing a test run helps us get our lighting just right so we have less fiddling around to do when we’re working with you!

6. We Check Our Locations

This is important if we are shooting on location or outdoors as opposed to in our Edmonton studio. We scan the location of choice, scout out a quiet area, looking for any garbage or debris that could ruin a photo, and we map out the best paths that avoid dog doodoo.

7. Practice Posing

We like to plan as much of a shoot as we can, including posing. While a lot of posing is done naturally, as well as tried and true poses, occasionally we like to test poses ourselves. We might be checking the comfort-ability, the feasibility, or just the aesthetics of a particular pose.




Tattoos & Boudoir

I love visually stunning tattoos. They can tell a story about who you are, who or what you love, and it gives the outside world a glimpse at the sort of personality you might have. Perhaps I love tattoos so much because I don’t have any myself, but whatever the reason, I always love taking photos of women with ink.

I once did a photo session with a girl who had a gorgeous tattoo on her back, she asked me if I could please edit out her tattoo in post processing. I was so disappointed, but it was a good lesson to me that not everyone is proud of their body art, so I now ask all of my tattoo’d clients if they are okay with me photographing their tattoos. Sometimes I’m met with a scoff, and “Yeah why wouldn’t you?” and other times I’m told they would prefer their tattoos weren’t in the pictures. Here are just a few pictures to show you how great tattoos and boudoir photography go together. So before your next lingerie photo shoot, consider if you really want to cover those inked stories.




Boudoir Photography – What You’re Too Afraid To Ask

It’s normal to be curious about the photo shoots everyone seems to be talking about. You’ve probably been considering having a session done for a while now, but you’ve got some questions burning on your mind. We asked some brave women what questions came to mind before their session that they were too shy to ask. Hopefully this will help clear the air.


1. How much ‘downstairs grooming’ are most girls doing for these photo shoots?

Let me start by saying that we absolutely do not judge how warm you like to keep yourself. When it comes to the bikini area I can’t say that there isn’t a particular ‘trend’ happening in the grooming department. I always recommend staying true to yourself and the way your partner (if you have one) knows you. If you opt to wax be sure to do it a few days prior to your session, and I do recommend waxing over shaving as razor burn is not flattering. Also note that unless you’re having some nudes done there is very good chance your lingerie choice will cover everything you want covered.

2. How “suggestive” can I get with these photographs?

Every photographer has their own rules, or policy regarding suggestive or provocative photos. Here at All Things Pink Photography we have found ways to pose you to look like you’re doing something naughty, without you actually having to do it. For example, a hand on your inner thigh will look like it is somewhere hotter from the right camera angle. We will not take graphic photos, but we are happy to work with you to give you the sexy images you’re after without going into the raunchy zone.

3. I have specific insecurities, can anything be done?

All women have something about themselves that they wish they could hide. The good news is that if I know what your insecurity is before taking your photo, I can do something about it. If you don’t tell me, I can’t help, but trust me I have heard it all so don’t be embarrassed. Posing, lighting, and makeup help tremendously with every body issue that has come through our doors, we are here to help you love yourself inside and out!

4. I’m really nervous, I have no idea what I’m doing, what can I do to prepare?

Very few people who have boudoir photos taken have ever done anything like it before. It is my job as your photographer to make sure you’re comfortable, make sure you look amazing, and pose you from head to toe. It’s normal to feel nervous, I don’t care if you’ve never had your pictures taken before – in fact I prefer it because you likely haven’t picked up any bad habits! The best thing to do to prepare is learn as much about the experience as you can, ask questions, look at photos and watch videos. We are often afraid of the unknown so understanding what to expect can make a big difference.

5. I’m uncomfortable being in my underwear/nude in front of a stranger, are you judging me?

I remember one particular boudoir session, I was buckling a women’s garter belt to her stocking and she made a comment about how I must get a lot of butts in my face (hahaha). I actually didn’t even notice her butt, I was so focused on my task at hand! I realize that all she was likely thinking was oh my god, she is looking at my butt, what does she see? What I was thinking, however, was that these stupid garter buckles are such a pain to connect, and desperately hoping the client didn’t think I was taking too long to buckle them! Until you’re the one that deals with naked people on a daily basis it’s hard to understand that truly I don’t care, I don’t judge, and the only one aware of your state of undress is you. It’s not just that my team and I are desensitized, while that is probably true, the more accurate explanation is that we have a job to do. Our only train of thought, and our only focus is giving you the best damn photo you’ve ever had of yourself.


Color Yourself Spring!

It might seem hard to believe, especially if you’re in Edmonton, but Spring time is here! The Pantone Color Spring Report have listed their top colors for spring and they are so nice, bright and cheery! We are particularly in love with Island Paradise, and of course Pink Yarrow.

We have this beautiful Island Paradise Blue chiffon robe at our studio, available in a size small for use at your photoshoot with us! Adding some color to your wardrobe or lingerie is a fun way to feel confident.

Happy Spring Time!


When To Do A Boudoir Photoshoot?

You’ve been toying with the idea of having boudoir photos done, but you feel like you need a real reason to do them (you don’t want to appear vain after all!). Every time you reach for the phone to book your shoot you hesitate, you think maybe you should lose some weight first, or maybe you should do it as a Christmas gift instead of as a birthday gift. Take a few breaths, and read my rules for the BEST times to do a boudoir photoshoot!


1. Milestones – For the Nostalgic Beauties

Milestones mark a significant change. Perhaps you’re turning 30 or 40 soon, milestone birthdays are the perfect time to try something a little different and fun, and immortalize your image as it is now. Beautiful portraits of yourself as you age are a reminder that you’re gorgeous despite how you feel some days, and they really can help ease the blow of dreaded birthdays.

Milestone anniversaries are also a wonderful time to take some images of yourself for your significant other. Wedding anniversaries will be extra steamy when you present your spouse an album of you looking your best, for-his-eyes-only.

Recovery from illness is perhaps one of the best reasons to have a boudoir photoshoot. At All Things Pink Photography we have been honored to photograph breast cancer survivors after their treatments. It’s a beautiful way to remind yourself that you’re strong, beautiful inside and out, and that you deserve a little pampering! On that same note, many women like to come in and have photos done before they start cancer treatments as a special reminder to themselves of who they are to help them through those tough days ahead.

2. When The Weather Is Warm – For the Always Cold Girls

If you’re like me, you’re cold almost all of the time! Having photos done in the middle of a Canadian winter in your lingerie just sounds uncomfortable! It certainly can be! Even though we do photoshoots indoors in a heated studio, that chill that the always-cold girls feel just doesn’t go away. So wait until the sun is out and you can’t wait to get into some air conditioning – that is the best time for you. For an added bonus, when we bring out the fans to blow your hair for gorgeous images, you will welcome the cool breeze. While we do use hair dryers in the winter time, it just isn’t the same for you cool cucumbers.

3. Gift To That Special Someone – For the Givers

Some women just have a hard time doing something special for themselves. These are the same women that give the golden toast to their spouse and children, and eat the burnt toast themselves. These are the women that would never spend more than $50 on a needed winter coat for themselves, but easily shell out over $500 on an autographed picture of their loved one’s favorite sports star! If you are that woman, the best time for you to take boudoir photos is when it’s a gift for your partner. Valentines Day, birthdays, Christmas, wedding, and anniversaries are the perfect time to justify the investment. You will see that it’s actually a gift for both of you, the experience is fun and spirit lifting so I promise I won’t tell anyone if you end up loving this gift slightly more than he does 😉

Bride Boudoir Photography

4. You Finally Have That Beach Bod – For the Slightly Worried Women

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. Do you really think women need a “beach bod” to have boudoir photos? The answer is hell no – but most of you think this! The number one thing I hear the most from women is this – “I really want to do boudoir photos, but not until I lose some weight”. I keep saying, you have no idea how gorgeous you are, not to mention professional lighting, posing, and wardrobe can change everything. However, if you’re not feeling it, you’re not going to do it. So if you’ve finally reached a point where you find yourself dancing in front the mirror naked and loving it, this is the best time for you to come in and have some celebratory photos taken! Immortalize your hard work!

5. There Is No Better Time Than Now – For the Brave, Self-Loving Warriors

I promise I won’t get philosophical with all the sayings like “there is no time like the present” and “tomorrow is not guaranteed” (okay so I just did) but if you are on a mission of self growth, and jumping in with both feet, then this is the best time for you to have your boudoir session. We all have our insecurities, but if you’re willing to trust the process then you will be rewarded with an experience and images that make you forget those insecurities. You understand that we will forever be reaching for something just out of our grasp, and if we keep waiting to do things that we desire we just might never be rewarded. Stop labeling yourself, and woman up – be brave! Go for it and see what happens!


Boudoir! How Do You Pronounce That Word?

Thigh Highs

What exactly is boudoir, how do you spell it, and more importantly how do you SAY it?

Boudoir is a french word that essentially means a woman’s private room. Boudoir photography offers a voyeuristic look at a women in her boudoir. Boudoir photography is a very empowering experience and it’s a wonderful way to reconnect with the way we love ourselves and our bodies.

So how exactly is boudoir pronounced? I must say I have heard quite the collection of funny and surprising ways people pronounce boudoir.  We aren’t all french and even some of us Canadians have a hard time pronouncing french words so allow me to break it down phonetically for you! It’s pronounced bood-wahr and rhymes with food far.

It’s the ‘doir’ part of the word that gets misspelled and mispronounced the most. It is not spelled budwa or boodwah, and it is not pronounced boo dwa or bow dar. I have even heard it mispronounced as bored wa. I have to admit though that one of my favorites is when I see it spelled as boidour (mixed the i and u). Ah yes, I have basically heard and seen all the mispronunciations and misspellings of this powerful word. Although initially I would giggle when something off the cuff was thrown my way like ‘birdo’ I decided it was time we were educated on this wonderful word so that when we get up the courage to call a photographer to book a boudoir shoot we don’t mistakenly ask for an abattoir photoshoot.

Let’s all say it one more time…birdo! Oh, I mean boudoir (bood-wahr)!


Boudoir Beauty

I can’t tell you how many times women tell me they want to do boudoir photos but they can’t because they aren’t where they want to be physically, or they’re not in their 20’s anymore. I understand the desire to take photos like these for yourself and significant other but fear that you’re going to look as bad as you think you do. Most women that come to All Things Pink Photography have never had portraits taken before, so the process is unknown and the unknown is frightening. I and my team have your best interests at heart. You are posed head to toe, lighting is adjusted to flatter your curves and hide your insecurities, and the most important aspect of any great photograph is the connection you and I make which allows for your true self to be captured. Trust me, you are beautiful and after your shoot with us, you’re going to see it for yourself.

Prepping For Your Photoshoot: The 10 Commandments

Congratulations, your photo shoot is booked and you’re more than ready to be pampered and fawned over! Erin and her team are ready to help you look and feel your best, but there are a few things you should do to prepare for your fabulous photo shoot. I’ve compiled a list of essential commandments to follow prior to your shoot to help you put your best face forward. Plan an at home spa day, pour yourself a mimosa and let the prepping and pampering begin!


Choose the outfits you want to wear for your photo shoot well in advance. Be sure your clothes are ironed or steamed and free of hair or lint. Peruse Pinterest for ideas of how you’d like your makeup and hair to look so you can communicate this to your artists. Pack your wardrobe, jewelry and items you’ll need for touch-ups the night before so you’re not running around the house the morning of your shoot. You shouldn’t need to bring much, Erin and her team are well equipped!


While you should always take good care of your skin, there’s no better time than prior to your photo shoot to step up your game. Try a hydrating mask the day before your shoot to add instant moisture and plumpness to the skin. While your mask goes to work, try applying cool cucumber slices to de-puff and perk-up tired under-eyes.

Be sure that your skin is cleansed and moisturized before you arrive at the studio. It’s a good idea to avoid testing out any unfamiliar products that could irritate the skin. If you’re keen on trying something new, be sure to patch test the product first on an area that won’t be visible during your photo shoot to ensure it won’t cause a reaction. Should a pesky pimple pop up at this inopportune moment, resist the urge to pop or pick. Spots are easily hidden with makeup and editing, scabs and wounds provide more of a challenge.


Check out our previous post to learn how you can “nail” a DIY manicure at home! Your hands will likely be featured in your photo shoot and it’s crucial not to overlook them!


If you’re preparing for a boudoir photo shoot, there’s a pretty good chance your tootsies will make an appearance! A pedicure is a great idea, and polished toes are always sexy! If you don’t normally wear toenail polish, ensure that your nails are clean and trimmed, and your paws are scrubbed and moisturized. Apply a foot cream before you go to sleep the night before your photo shoot and wrap your feet in cozy socks. You’re sure to wake up the next morning with the softest soles!

SCRUB – GIVEAWAY! – Winner Selected Congrats Meriam!!

The skin on your face, hands and feet are getting some much needed pampering, and it’s important to give your bod special treatment too. There’s nothing sexy about dry, flaky skin, but the good news is, there’s a simple fix and we’re here to help you out! Even physical exfoliators like mitts and loofahs can work wonders for the skin. Take the time to scrub where you’ve never scrubbed before, paying special attention to knees, elbows and rough spots. Your skin will be soft, supple and glowing when it comes time to bare your limbs for the camera!

An exfoliator that I love is the Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant (it smells amazing!!). Before you head out to buy one though, enter to WIN our GIVEAWAY for a chance to get your hands on this exfoliator (pictured above)! All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post! You can double your chances of winning by liking our Facebook Page and leaving a comment on the Giveaway announcement post on our Facebook Page! Contest closes February 20, 2017 – so be sure to check back here for our winner announcement! Shipping within Canada only (full contest rules).


Now is the time to remove unwanted hair. Shave, wax, tweeze, Nair – there are many options at your disposal. Be sure you think about all of the places you don’t want hair to show in your photographs. I’m not going to tell you what these places should be, your personal preferences are fine with us at All Things Pink – just be sure to remove the hair a day or two prior to your shoot to give any irritation a chance to calm down before the big day.


In every sense of the word, this should be at the top of your list. Moisturize your face, body, hands and feet. Drink LOTS of water prior to your shoot and during – we’ll always have it on hand for you at ATP.


Erin knows how to pose you so you’ll look your best in your photos- and these poses may take some maneuvering! It’s in your best interest to limber up prior to your shoot to avoid soreness the next day. If you’re stumped on stretches, try this 20 minute morning yoga routine to loosen up stiff joints, it’s a perfect practice for all levels!


Eat something! Don’t skip breakfast prior to your shoot- you’ll look better in your photos if you’re nourished and alert. Keep your energy levels up throughout the day by packing a granola or protein bar – just beware of chocolate smudges on clothing and in your teeth!


Unfortunate as it may seem, some of our favourite things can actually make us look worse. Salty foods can cause water retention, caffeine has diuretic affects and can dehydrate the skin and cause redness. Alcohol has similar undesirable effects. It’s best to avoid these types of food and drink the day of and the day prior to your shoot to ensure you look and feel your very best!

Bear in mind that these tips and tricks are just that – ideas to help your photo shoot go as smoothly as possible, and be as enjoyable as possible! Though following all 10 commandments will surely yield the best results, even following just a few can make a huge impact. Choose the tips that are right for you and your routine, and let us take care of the rest. Your photo shoot with All Things Pink Photography is sure to be an unforgettable experience no matter what!


Nail It: Mastering the DIY Manicure

One way to ensure that your photoshoot is a success is to come prepared! A bit of at-home pampering can help you feel and look your best and help you get ready to strut your stuff for the camera. I’ll take you through a few of my tried and true pre-photoshoot rituals in a future post, but for today – it’s all about the main attraction. Hands and nails are something we all overlook, but chipped polish can be very noticeable! Your hands will likely be featured in your photos, especially boudoir and maternity, so it’s in your best interest to polish them pretty!

Here’s what you’ll need to master your manicure:

  • nail clippers
  • nail file
  • nail polish remover
  • cotton pads or cotton balls
  • exfoliant
  • hand cream
  • rubbing alcohol
  • base coat
  • nail polish (any colour)
  • top coat
  • Q Tips/ cotton buds

Step 1: Trim

Your nails don’t have to be long to look pretty in polish. What is key to getting a salon look at home is to ensure that all of your nails are a similar length. A good set of nail clippers won’t set you back an arm and a leg, but make sure that yours are sharp so that they don’t leave jagged edges.

Step 2: File

You may have noticed a recent onslaught of varied nail shapes showing up on social media (and real life) from squared, to flared and from stiletto to coffin. Don’t worry about filing your natural tips into perfect points. The most flattering nail shape for your finger tips will mirror the natural shape of your cuticle.
Be sure to always file in the same direction, rather than back and forth. A back and forth motion weakens the nail and will make your tips prone to peeling and breakage. The only exception to this rule is with an actual crystal nail file, such as the Leighton Denny crystal nail file, but I still recommend avoiding a back and forth motion.

Step 3: Cleanse

Remove any remaining polish from a previous look using your favourite nail polish remover – I always use a formula with acetone for the most effective cleanse, but be sure to choose a remover with conditioning ingredients to keep from damaging your nails. Press down at the base of the nail with a lint free cotton pad or cotton ball saturated in remover and swipe upwards over the nail to remove any last traces of polish.

Step 4: Exfoliate

Rough, dry skin be gone! Many companies make scrubs specifically for the hands, but your regular body or facial scrub will do the trick. I like to soak my hands in warm water first to soften the skin, and then massage an exfoliant over them in circular motions. Give especially problematic areas like the knuckles a little extra attention and get ready for super soft skin!

Step 5: Moisturize

Let’s face it, we are hard on our hands! Time to treat them to a well earned massage. Choose a rich, luxurious hand cream and work it into your skin. Bring any excess product up onto the forearms so they don’t feel left out 😉

Step 6: Prep

No matter what polish I use, my DIY manicures always last me at least 5-7 days before chipping. The most overlooked step in nail care is the prep step, and I believe this is what gives my manis their longevity. Saturate another lint free cotton pad or cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and using the same motion as in the “Cleanse” step, swipe over your nail bed. This step removes any excess oils from the nail so that your polish has a clean surface to stick to.

Step 7: Base Coat

Ace your base! A base coat does so much to aid in the wear and appearance of your manicure. It will protect your nails from staining, fill in ridges and imperfections as well as prime the nail by giving your choice of polish a smooth surface to adhere to.

Step 8: Polish

Pick a colour, any colour! I love dark nails, especially for boudoir, but if your style is more subtle, a sophisticated nude will look just as pretty! There are a few tricks to a smooth application. First of all, apply your polish in thin coats and allow each coat to dry in between applications- this will prevent bubbles and smudges. Use a minimum amount of brush strokes to coat the nail, starting at the cuticle and working your way up to the tip. You needn’t worry about polish that makes its’ way onto the cuticle – it’s easy to clean up later on.

Step 9: Top Coat

When it comes to the perfect mani, patience is key. You just can’t move on until your polish is DRY DRY DRY. I’ve tried EVERY trick in the book to make polish dry faster, from dipping my tips in ice water, to blow drying them, as well as sprays and drops. Here’s my take on the tricks: they don’t work. I try to paint my nails when I’m watching a movie so that I have lots of time to let them dry on their own. Once your polish IS dry (try your best to wait a minimum of 20 minutes), apply your top coat from cuticles to tips. To ensure extra longevity, swipe your top coat OVER the tip of the nail as well to seal the edge. A top coat will maximize the wear of your polish and give your handiwork a beautiful shine that will look great in photographs.

Step 10: Perfect

If I’m painting my nails the night before a shoot or event, I don’t often bother with much of a clean up. Any residual polish on your cuticles will wash off in the shower or sink with out much effort on your part. To perfect your nails for immediate wear, dip a cotton bud into a bit of nail polish remover, and use it to do some precision clean up around the edges of your nails. This trick works especially well with an angled eyeliner brush, as you can get really close to your cuticles with out removing polish from the actual nail.

At All Things Pink, our photographer, Erin, is a master at getting a salon standard manicure look at home! If you follow these steps and take your time, you’ll be sure to give her a run for her money at your next photoshoot! We can’t wait to see you and the pretty polish you chose at the studio soon!