Making the decision to have pregnancy photos taken is the right one, however, deciding when to take them isn’t quite as cut and dry. In a perfect world you love being pregnant, you feel great, you’re glowing, and you haven’t experienced any swelling. Unfortunately the reality is much different. Pregnancy is not always comfortable and it comes with cramping, bloating, swelling, and cravings, so deciding when to do a maternity photo shoot doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all answer.


Basically the best time to schedule your baby bump photos is when you’ve got a nice round belly and you still feel reasonably good. This is typically between 28-34 weeks of your pregnancy. If you are carrying large, I recommend you schedule your session for closer to the 28 week mark, but if you’re carrying small you might want to wait a little longer.


You will want to schedule your session a few weeks in advance to avoid any disappointment and risk being too uncomfortable to go through with your maternity session. Pregnancy is temporary, so you don’t have the luxury of waiting to do your photos so it’s best to really listen to your body to determine when might be right for you.


Don’t stress about not feeling beautiful – I pose you, and work with professional lighting to make sure you look outstanding!¬†Hair styling and makeup are available should you choose some additional pampering.