Couple pregnancy photo with booties
Baby Bump & Baby Booties

So, you’ve decided to get pregnancy photos done, you’ve chosen a photographer and you’re feeling pretty good…but wait! What are you going to wear? Relax, choosing your outfits for maternity photos is much easier than you think!

1. Does Your Photographer Have Outfits For You?

Always ask your photographer first if s/he has any outfits that you can wear to your shoot. Professional photographers know what fabrics, patterns, and colors look best in photos, so you know that if they have anything available for you to use it’s going to look great in photographs. This is also an excellent option if you are on somewhat of a budget and don’t want to spend money on clothes that you won’t wear again in just a few months.

Maternity photographers often have a selection of flowy, ethereal type dresses that you likely wouldn’t purchase for yourself, so this is an excellent opportunity to get those gorgeous feminine fairy-tale images that make great wall art in your nursery.

Quick tip: Ask to try on the dresses in advance, or make sure you bring additional outfits to your shoot just in case you end up not liking the selection offered at the studio.

Glowing Pregnancy


2. Think Of Your Silhouette

Your pictures are going to be taken with you mostly from the side to really show off that baby bump! So it’s important to keep your entire silhouette in mind when looking for clothes. This is the time to wear that skin tight dress or top and leave all your insecurities at the door. With lighting, and posing you are not going to have any bits and pieces sticking out, but that tight outfit is crucial to getting smooth lines. You don’t want any bunching behind you, or fitting too loose over your stomach. The curve of your back and belly are what these images focus on. This is especially important if you’re getting silhouette photos done, where all you can see is the outline and shape of your body.

Christmas Baby Bump Photo


3. To Match or Not To Match?

Couples always argue about whether or not they should wear matching clothes or at least the same color scheme. My opinion is that matching outfits is a little boring, however, if that fits your relationship go for it! If you’re not so keen on wearing the matching outfits it is important to keep same level of formality for your images. If you’re wearing a floor length red evening gown with a 5 foot train, your images might look a little awkward if he’s wearing his favorite baseball hat and torn blue jeans. It’s best to decide if you’re going formal, casual, or business casual and plan your outfits that way. Usually you will have the opportunity to wear at least 2 different outfits, so maybe do one formal so you can wear your princess dress and then one set casual so he can wear his comfy jeans.

Couples Baby Bump

4. Color Scheme – Should We Reveal The Gender?

Couples are often afraid to wear pink or blue for fear of spoiling the gender to family. Often couples don’t know the gender themselves, so they don’t know what colors to wear. If you know the gender of your baby but your family and friends don’t, go ahead and wear something gender revealing. Typically your maternity photographs are taken between 28-34 weeks of your pregnancy, so you may not even receive your pictures until after you’ve delivered. If you get your images before you deliver just be careful about what images you share on social media (people will be looking for clues!) and make sure you let your photographer know that they should not share any gender revealing shots on their social media (if you’ve signed a release form).

If you don’t know the gender yet yourself, but your favorite dress happens to be blue, talk to your photographer, s/he may be willing to do some magic in the editing process to change your dress to the color you wish. This is not a guarantee and it cannot always be done, so if you’re really uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a blue dress and might end up having a girl, then opt for something else. My advice though, is to forget the “gender colors” and just wear your favorite dress!


Gender Reveal Dress


5. Is It Okay To Go Nude Or Boudoir Style?

Absolutely! Maternity pictures that are taken in lingerie, bikini or nude tend to be styled more artistically rather than “for-his-eyes-only”. Often times women that are a little afraid to try something like this but do it anyway, end up liking these photos the most. The lighting for these images should be soft, light, and airy. The poses should be feminine and gentle as opposed to sexy. Your body is absolutely stunning, especially when you’re glowing with life, this is the perfect opportunity to go for it! Make sure you choose pieces that fit you well, support your breasts and don’t cut into your skin.

If you opt for nude or implied nude images, you might be surprised how much more comfortable it is, especially since you tend to be warmer during pregnancy! These images tend to make beautiful wall art when tastefully done.


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