Maternity Photo with Name

Planning for an upcoming photoshoot can be exciting but also overwhelming. When you’re 34 weeks into your pregnancy, the last thing you need is to be stressing about what to bring for your photoshoot, so here is an easy to follow list to help ease your mind!

1. Wardrobe

Planning your wardrobe for any event tends to become an event in itself for most women. As if we needed another excuse to go shopping, right? However, in your final days of pregnancy, shopping may sound more daunting than enjoyable so raid your closet and look for your go-to maternity pieces. The clothes you’ve been wearing for the past 8 months reflect how you’ve been feeling, so wearing them in your maternity photos could be a nice homage to your experience, and it will eliminate the stress of looking for something new. For a detailed guide on choosing your wardrobe for your shoot be sure to read our article on what to wear for your shoot.

2. Baby Booties

Perhaps you’ve been given some beautiful hand-me-down baby shoes, or been gifted a new pair of baby booties by a family member, this is a great time to show them how much you appreciate the gift. Those tiny shoes make a beautiful prop, and they can also be a great way to reveal the gender to your loved ones. If you don’t know the gender of the baby but you like the idea of belly and boots photos, then get some gender neutral shoes – all shoes that small are beautiful and photograph well. These cute shoes can also bring some color into the picture to match your nursery. For example, if you’re having a boy and farming is a part of your life, John Deere baby cowboy boots would look oh-so adorable, and the green in the photo would look great on a wall print for your green nursery.

3. Letters For Baby

If you know the baby’s name in advance, bring some blocks or big letters to spell out the baby’s name. These “name” images look amazing hanging over the baby’s crib, and these tend to become a favorite for your child later in their life. If you purchase letter blocks, it becomes two-fold as they later become a toy for your child. Just make sure you get enough letters to spell your baby’s name, as the alphabet blocks tend only carry 1 of each letter A-Z.

4. Refreshments

Often your photographer will have some refreshments on hand, but if you have special dietary requirements it’s best to bring your own snacks and beverages as a precaution. If you show up to your session and your photographer has snacks that you can eat – go ahead and indulge! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. Undergarments

You will want to plan your undergarments as carefully as you plan your outerwear. Avoid any undergarments that fit a little too large or a little too small so that you don’t see any lines or added bulk in your photographs. If you can, bring in a strapless bra. At All Things Pink Photography, our number one request is our fabric flow photos – the key to these photos is good underwear! If you are doing a fabric flow shot, a strapless bra is your friend. If you don’t have a strapless bra, don’t panic – we’ve successfully tucked bra straps into the fabric before, but it is not ideal. Bringing two sets of underwear of different color is a nice precaution, as sometimes when you get under the hot studio lights we can see more than you bargained for, so a simple change in underwear color could make all the difference.

Regarding your bottoms, you can’t go wrong with a nude pantie. If you don’t have nude, bring in a light color and a dark color.

6. Accessories

Accessories include everything from your favorite jewelry pieces (earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings), to tights, and shoes. Long necklaces that reach the belly look gorgeous in maternity photos, but try to avoid any bulk pieces that might be distracting. If you’re unsure of what jewelry pieces to wear, bring them in and show your photographer. S/he should know what will look best in the photos. If you plan to show your bare belly, don’t wear tights or anything tight fitting around your waist for a few hours prior to your shoot to avoid lines on the stomach. If you want to wear tights with a dress, put them on after you do your bare belly photos.

7. Props

This includes anything not previously mentioned, but rather objects that might be important to you to have photographed. A stuffed teddy bear, or a family heir loom are both examples of props that clients have brought in to their sessions.