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What exactly is boudoir, how do you spell it, and more importantly how do you SAY it?

Boudoir is a french word that essentially means a woman’s private room. Boudoir photography offers a voyeuristic look at a women in her boudoir. Boudoir photography is a very empowering experience and it’s a wonderful way to reconnect with the way we love ourselves and our bodies.

So how exactly is boudoir pronounced? I must say I have heard quite the collection of funny and surprising ways people pronounce boudoir.  We aren’t all french and even some of us Canadians have a hard time pronouncing french words so allow me to break it down phonetically for you! It’s pronounced bood-wahr and rhymes with food far.

It’s the ‘doir’ part of the word that gets misspelled and mispronounced the most. It is not spelled budwa or boodwah, and it is not pronounced boo dwa or bow dar. I have even heard it mispronounced as bored wa. I have to admit though that one of my favorites is when I see it spelled as boidour (mixed the i and u). Ah yes, I have basically heard and seen all the mispronunciations and misspellings of this powerful word. Although initially I would giggle when something off the cuff was thrown my way like ‘birdo’ I decided it was time we were educated on this wonderful word so that when we get up the courage to call a photographer to book a boudoir shoot we don’t mistakenly ask for an abattoir photoshoot.

Let’s all say it one more time…birdo! Oh, I mean boudoir (bood-wahr)!