How I Help You Select Your Best Images

Viewing your photographs is such a rewarding experience. You’ve had fun at the photoshoot, but viewing your photos is the part that really makes you smile. Depending on the length of the shoot you had and the collection you bought, you might view between 10-40 of your best images. You might wonder, what photos didn’t make it to the final viewing process, and are you missing out on a possible favorite? One of the benefits of paying a professional photographer is their expertise in selecting the best images of you to view. So just how do I choose what images to show you and what images to eliminate?

These are a few major things I look for in deciding what to keep and what to eliminate.

1. Images that are similar

We may take 10 photos that are the same facial expression and pose. I want to make sure I get a photo of you that doesn’t have your eyes closed, or the right expression on your face, so taking a few photos of the same pose is critical to determining success. However, that sometimes means that all 10 images look exactly the same. You don’t need to see 10 photos of the same thing, so I select one (maybe based on the best light, or I just pick the first in the series if they really are identical).

2. You weren’t ready

Sometimes I have you posed head to toe and your expression is just right, but when I snap the photo you might look away, sneeze, hiccup, or something gets in your face and you go and swat it away. You don’t need to see those images either.

3. It’s not the most flattering

Believe it or not, you can be posed beautifully, and something might mess it up. It could be the lighting didn’t work out in the most flattering way, or your hand was positioned awkwardly, or you laughed and the camera saw down your throat. Most of the time poses work out, they’ve been tried and true, other times things get overlooked. I don’t show you these images for both our sake.

4. There are better ones

Sadly sometimes great images hit the cutting room floor simply because there are way better pictures. This is where you must trust my expertise. Viewing too many pictures can be overwhelming and make your album selection very difficult so I choose only your most flattering images to show you. I show you the ones that show you looking magazine sexy as opposed to just a good photo.

Below is an example of a photo I would not show to my guest. Not only are her eyes closed but a gust of wind blew her hair across her face in a distracting way. She also has a little lens flare above her breast which I find distracting. Even if her eyes were open I wouldn’t show her this image, especially since there are better ones.

Not Selected

The above is an example of what I would show my guest.

Below is a picture from our team Halloween photoshoot. The first image is an example of a picture that looks good but I wouldn’t show her because her expression is not as good as the other pictures.

Not Selected

The above is the image I showed her and the final edit is below.

Cute Pin-Up
Final Edit

What We Do When You’re Not Looking

Are you curious about what we do before you show up to your photoshoot? Wonder no more, I will show you!

1. We Set Up Our Tools

When you show up to your shoot we want to be ready to fly! Making you wait around while we paw through our makeup just wastes your time and ours. We hook up our airbrush machine, and familiarize ourselves with the makeup and tools we will be using with you before you arrive.


2. We Test Our Props For Safety

We would never risk injury to anyone so we are typically quite sure of the safety of props before even we test them, but anytime we are using something new we have to be sure. Here is an example of Veruschka testing out our oversized present before we allowed our guest to sit on it.

3. We Set Up Our Location

Whether this is dressing our bedroom set for boudoir, or planning an outdoor photo session, we make sure everything is set up so you can just step in and have your photos taken. If we are doing multiple sets during a shoot, you may get to see us in action setting up a secondary set.


4. We Test The Practicality Of Movements

Some poses, movements, and props seem like a good idea until you try them out. Sometimes our bodies don’t move the way we think they can, and other times things can happen that you didn’t anticipate. This is why we test our ides before we try them with you!

5. We Test Our Lighting

This serves two purposes. It helps us double check that all of our equipment is working – occasionally technical glitches occur and can set us back a few minutes. Anything we can do to mitigate this kind of disruption is critical. The other reason we test our lighting is that sometimes we want to do something a little outside of the box, doing a test run helps us get our lighting just right so we have less fiddling around to do when we’re working with you!

6. We Check Our Locations

This is important if we are shooting on location or outdoors as opposed to in our Edmonton studio. We scan the location of choice, scout out a quiet area, looking for any garbage or debris that could ruin a photo, and we map out the best paths that avoid dog doodoo.

7. Practice Posing

We like to plan as much of a shoot as we can, including posing. While a lot of posing is done naturally, as well as tried and true poses, occasionally we like to test poses ourselves. We might be checking the comfort-ability, the feasibility, or just the aesthetics of a particular pose.