Why You Need A Professional Headshot

Edmonton Photography

1. Helps You Nail Your Dream Job

Are you familiar with the age old adage “dress for the job you want”? Well, having a professional or corporate head shot is exactly the right step in having the job you want. Pretending that no one looks or cares about the photo you put on your LinkedIn profile is not going to help you. As someone with a Human Resources background I can guarantee you that potential employers are absolutely checking out your LinkedIn photograph. In fact, in this day and age recruiters are checking out all of your social media accounts that they can find. Perhaps that picture of you after an all night binger is hilarious, but it’s not going to make the best first impression.

Okay, so why does the image have to be professionally taken? You’ve got a decent camera on your phone, right? Sure, in fact I’ve seen some pretty decent self portraits done with phones but those pictures aren’t going to do you any favours in the corporate world. Reach for that CEO worthy headshot, get noticed, and then get that dream job!

2. Connect With Your Clientele

If you are a realtor or someone who works with clients, having a business photo is essential. People want to deal with other people, not companies. A professional headshot says so much about who you are, and it’s the first stepping stone to building lasting relationships with potential clientele.

3. You Will Use It Everywhere

Professional photographers know how to use lighting and posing to make you look your absolute best. You will find that you use your “business” photo for everything, regardless if it’s business related or otherwise. It will be the photo you use in your Christmas Newsletter to family, the photo that you put on all your social media accounts, and the photo that you send to grandma.

4. You Need An Accurate Representation

We all age, some of us put on weight, others lose it, and our hair changes color. Keeping up-to-date headshots for yourself provides an accurate representation of what you currently look like. This is ideal when job hunting, or just staying in touch with distant friends and family. It can be hard to go from that photo you took of yourself twenty years ago, to where you are now. People will notice a difference, some may even comment on it, but it’s necessary to represent yourself accurately.

5. It’s Fun

Getting professional head shots taken on your own time (not company time) is actually a very fun, and confidence boosting experience. You will find yourself laughing, and truly enjoying the experience of having your photos taken.

When To Do A Maternity Session



Making the decision to have pregnancy photos taken is the right one, however, deciding when to take them isn’t quite as cut and dry. In a perfect world you love being pregnant, you feel great, you’re glowing, and you haven’t experienced any swelling. Unfortunately the reality is much different. Pregnancy is not always comfortable and it comes with cramping, bloating, swelling, and cravings, so deciding when to do a maternity photo shoot doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all answer.


Basically the best time to schedule your baby bump photos is when you’ve got a nice round belly and you still feel reasonably good. This is typically between 28-34 weeks of your pregnancy. If you are carrying large, I recommend you schedule your session for closer to the 28 week mark, but if you’re carrying small you might want to wait a little longer.


You will want to schedule your session a few weeks in advance to avoid any disappointment and risk being too uncomfortable to go through with your maternity session. Pregnancy is temporary, so you don’t have the luxury of waiting to do your photos so it’s best to really listen to your body to determine when might be right for you.


Don’t stress about not feeling beautiful – I pose you, and work with professional lighting to make sure you look outstanding! Hair styling and makeup are available should you choose some additional pampering.


Color Yourself Spring!

It might seem hard to believe, especially if you’re in Edmonton, but Spring time is here! The Pantone Color Spring Report have listed their top colors for spring and they are so nice, bright and cheery! We are particularly in love with Island Paradise, and of course Pink Yarrow.

We have this beautiful Island Paradise Blue chiffon robe at our studio, available in a size small for use at your photoshoot with us! Adding some color to your wardrobe or lingerie is a fun way to feel confident.

Happy Spring Time!


Newest Team Pink Member – Annie

Hair & Makeup Artist

We are so excited to welcome Annie to Team Pink! She is our extremely talented hairstylist and makeup artist. So if you’re getting a makeover before your photoshoot there is a good chance you will be making friends with this amazing woman.

With training in massage therapy and hairdressing, Annie is the perfect example of when creativity and passion collide. Her passion to help people feel confident is the driving force behind her creative aptitude. Every hairstyle and makeup application that she creates is done with the sole purpose of working with women to help them see their beauty inside and out.

When you book your shoot, go ahead and request Annie as your beauty guru.

What To Bring To Your Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photo with Name

Planning for an upcoming photoshoot can be exciting but also overwhelming. When you’re 34 weeks into your pregnancy, the last thing you need is to be stressing about what to bring for your photoshoot, so here is an easy to follow list to help ease your mind!

1. Wardrobe

Planning your wardrobe for any event tends to become an event in itself for most women. As if we needed another excuse to go shopping, right? However, in your final days of pregnancy, shopping may sound more daunting than enjoyable so raid your closet and look for your go-to maternity pieces. The clothes you’ve been wearing for the past 8 months reflect how you’ve been feeling, so wearing them in your maternity photos could be a nice homage to your experience, and it will eliminate the stress of looking for something new. For a detailed guide on choosing your wardrobe for your shoot be sure to read our article on what to wear for your shoot.

2. Baby Booties

Perhaps you’ve been given some beautiful hand-me-down baby shoes, or been gifted a new pair of baby booties by a family member, this is a great time to show them how much you appreciate the gift. Those tiny shoes make a beautiful prop, and they can also be a great way to reveal the gender to your loved ones. If you don’t know the gender of the baby but you like the idea of belly and boots photos, then get some gender neutral shoes – all shoes that small are beautiful and photograph well. These cute shoes can also bring some color into the picture to match your nursery. For example, if you’re having a boy and farming is a part of your life, John Deere baby cowboy boots would look oh-so adorable, and the green in the photo would look great on a wall print for your green nursery.

3. Letters For Baby

If you know the baby’s name in advance, bring some blocks or big letters to spell out the baby’s name. These “name” images look amazing hanging over the baby’s crib, and these tend to become a favorite for your child later in their life. If you purchase letter blocks, it becomes two-fold as they later become a toy for your child. Just make sure you get enough letters to spell your baby’s name, as the alphabet blocks tend only carry 1 of each letter A-Z.

4. Refreshments

Often your photographer will have some refreshments on hand, but if you have special dietary requirements it’s best to bring your own snacks and beverages as a precaution. If you show up to your session and your photographer has snacks that you can eat – go ahead and indulge! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. Undergarments

You will want to plan your undergarments as carefully as you plan your outerwear. Avoid any undergarments that fit a little too large or a little too small so that you don’t see any lines or added bulk in your photographs. If you can, bring in a strapless bra. At All Things Pink Photography, our number one request is our fabric flow photos – the key to these photos is good underwear! If you are doing a fabric flow shot, a strapless bra is your friend. If you don’t have a strapless bra, don’t panic – we’ve successfully tucked bra straps into the fabric before, but it is not ideal. Bringing two sets of underwear of different color is a nice precaution, as sometimes when you get under the hot studio lights we can see more than you bargained for, so a simple change in underwear color could make all the difference.

Regarding your bottoms, you can’t go wrong with a nude pantie. If you don’t have nude, bring in a light color and a dark color.

6. Accessories

Accessories include everything from your favorite jewelry pieces (earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings), to tights, and shoes. Long necklaces that reach the belly look gorgeous in maternity photos, but try to avoid any bulk pieces that might be distracting. If you’re unsure of what jewelry pieces to wear, bring them in and show your photographer. S/he should know what will look best in the photos. If you plan to show your bare belly, don’t wear tights or anything tight fitting around your waist for a few hours prior to your shoot to avoid lines on the stomach. If you want to wear tights with a dress, put them on after you do your bare belly photos.

7. Props

This includes anything not previously mentioned, but rather objects that might be important to you to have photographed. A stuffed teddy bear, or a family heir loom are both examples of props that clients have brought in to their sessions.

When To Do A Boudoir Photoshoot?

You’ve been toying with the idea of having boudoir photos done, but you feel like you need a real reason to do them (you don’t want to appear vain after all!). Every time you reach for the phone to book your shoot you hesitate, you think maybe you should lose some weight first, or maybe you should do it as a Christmas gift instead of as a birthday gift. Take a few breaths, and read my rules for the BEST times to do a boudoir photoshoot!


1. Milestones – For the Nostalgic Beauties

Milestones mark a significant change. Perhaps you’re turning 30 or 40 soon, milestone birthdays are the perfect time to try something a little different and fun, and immortalize your image as it is now. Beautiful portraits of yourself as you age are a reminder that you’re gorgeous despite how you feel some days, and they really can help ease the blow of dreaded birthdays.

Milestone anniversaries are also a wonderful time to take some images of yourself for your significant other. Wedding anniversaries will be extra steamy when you present your spouse an album of you looking your best, for-his-eyes-only.

Recovery from illness is perhaps one of the best reasons to have a boudoir photoshoot. At All Things Pink Photography we have been honored to photograph breast cancer survivors after their treatments. It’s a beautiful way to remind yourself that you’re strong, beautiful inside and out, and that you deserve a little pampering! On that same note, many women like to come in and have photos done before they start cancer treatments as a special reminder to themselves of who they are to help them through those tough days ahead.

2. When The Weather Is Warm – For the Always Cold Girls

If you’re like me, you’re cold almost all of the time! Having photos done in the middle of a Canadian winter in your lingerie just sounds uncomfortable! It certainly can be! Even though we do photoshoots indoors in a heated studio, that chill that the always-cold girls feel just doesn’t go away. So wait until the sun is out and you can’t wait to get into some air conditioning – that is the best time for you. For an added bonus, when we bring out the fans to blow your hair for gorgeous images, you will welcome the cool breeze. While we do use hair dryers in the winter time, it just isn’t the same for you cool cucumbers.

3. Gift To That Special Someone – For the Givers

Some women just have a hard time doing something special for themselves. These are the same women that give the golden toast to their spouse and children, and eat the burnt toast themselves. These are the women that would never spend more than $50 on a needed winter coat for themselves, but easily shell out over $500 on an autographed picture of their loved one’s favorite sports star! If you are that woman, the best time for you to take boudoir photos is when it’s a gift for your partner. Valentines Day, birthdays, Christmas, wedding, and anniversaries are the perfect time to justify the investment. You will see that it’s actually a gift for both of you, the experience is fun and spirit lifting so I promise I won’t tell anyone if you end up loving this gift slightly more than he does 😉

Bride Boudoir Photography

4. You Finally Have That Beach Bod – For the Slightly Worried Women

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. Do you really think women need a “beach bod” to have boudoir photos? The answer is hell no – but most of you think this! The number one thing I hear the most from women is this – “I really want to do boudoir photos, but not until I lose some weight”. I keep saying, you have no idea how gorgeous you are, not to mention professional lighting, posing, and wardrobe can change everything. However, if you’re not feeling it, you’re not going to do it. So if you’ve finally reached a point where you find yourself dancing in front the mirror naked and loving it, this is the best time for you to come in and have some celebratory photos taken! Immortalize your hard work!

5. There Is No Better Time Than Now – For the Brave, Self-Loving Warriors

I promise I won’t get philosophical with all the sayings like “there is no time like the present” and “tomorrow is not guaranteed” (okay so I just did) but if you are on a mission of self growth, and jumping in with both feet, then this is the best time for you to have your boudoir session. We all have our insecurities, but if you’re willing to trust the process then you will be rewarded with an experience and images that make you forget those insecurities. You understand that we will forever be reaching for something just out of our grasp, and if we keep waiting to do things that we desire we just might never be rewarded. Stop labeling yourself, and woman up – be brave! Go for it and see what happens!


Boudoir! How Do You Pronounce That Word?

Thigh Highs

What exactly is boudoir, how do you spell it, and more importantly how do you SAY it?

Boudoir is a french word that essentially means a woman’s private room. Boudoir photography offers a voyeuristic look at a women in her boudoir. Boudoir photography is a very empowering experience and it’s a wonderful way to reconnect with the way we love ourselves and our bodies.

So how exactly is boudoir pronounced? I must say I have heard quite the collection of funny and surprising ways people pronounce boudoir.  We aren’t all french and even some of us Canadians have a hard time pronouncing french words so allow me to break it down phonetically for you! It’s pronounced bood-wahr and rhymes with food far.

It’s the ‘doir’ part of the word that gets misspelled and mispronounced the most. It is not spelled budwa or boodwah, and it is not pronounced boo dwa or bow dar. I have even heard it mispronounced as bored wa. I have to admit though that one of my favorites is when I see it spelled as boidour (mixed the i and u). Ah yes, I have basically heard and seen all the mispronunciations and misspellings of this powerful word. Although initially I would giggle when something off the cuff was thrown my way like ‘birdo’ I decided it was time we were educated on this wonderful word so that when we get up the courage to call a photographer to book a boudoir shoot we don’t mistakenly ask for an abattoir photoshoot.

Let’s all say it one more time…birdo! Oh, I mean boudoir (bood-wahr)!


What To Wear For Maternity Photos

Couple pregnancy photo with booties
Baby Bump & Baby Booties

So, you’ve decided to get pregnancy photos done, you’ve chosen a photographer and you’re feeling pretty good…but wait! What are you going to wear? Relax, choosing your outfits for maternity photos is much easier than you think!

1. Does Your Photographer Have Outfits For You?

Always ask your photographer first if s/he has any outfits that you can wear to your shoot. Professional photographers know what fabrics, patterns, and colors look best in photos, so you know that if they have anything available for you to use it’s going to look great in photographs. This is also an excellent option if you are on somewhat of a budget and don’t want to spend money on clothes that you won’t wear again in just a few months.

Maternity photographers often have a selection of flowy, ethereal type dresses that you likely wouldn’t purchase for yourself, so this is an excellent opportunity to get those gorgeous feminine fairy-tale images that make great wall art in your nursery.

Quick tip: Ask to try on the dresses in advance, or make sure you bring additional outfits to your shoot just in case you end up not liking the selection offered at the studio.

Glowing Pregnancy


2. Think Of Your Silhouette

Your pictures are going to be taken with you mostly from the side to really show off that baby bump! So it’s important to keep your entire silhouette in mind when looking for clothes. This is the time to wear that skin tight dress or top and leave all your insecurities at the door. With lighting, and posing you are not going to have any bits and pieces sticking out, but that tight outfit is crucial to getting smooth lines. You don’t want any bunching behind you, or fitting too loose over your stomach. The curve of your back and belly are what these images focus on. This is especially important if you’re getting silhouette photos done, where all you can see is the outline and shape of your body.

Christmas Baby Bump Photo


3. To Match or Not To Match?

Couples always argue about whether or not they should wear matching clothes or at least the same color scheme. My opinion is that matching outfits is a little boring, however, if that fits your relationship go for it! If you’re not so keen on wearing the matching outfits it is important to keep same level of formality for your images. If you’re wearing a floor length red evening gown with a 5 foot train, your images might look a little awkward if he’s wearing his favorite baseball hat and torn blue jeans. It’s best to decide if you’re going formal, casual, or business casual and plan your outfits that way. Usually you will have the opportunity to wear at least 2 different outfits, so maybe do one formal so you can wear your princess dress and then one set casual so he can wear his comfy jeans.

Couples Baby Bump

4. Color Scheme – Should We Reveal The Gender?

Couples are often afraid to wear pink or blue for fear of spoiling the gender to family. Often couples don’t know the gender themselves, so they don’t know what colors to wear. If you know the gender of your baby but your family and friends don’t, go ahead and wear something gender revealing. Typically your maternity photographs are taken between 28-34 weeks of your pregnancy, so you may not even receive your pictures until after you’ve delivered. If you get your images before you deliver just be careful about what images you share on social media (people will be looking for clues!) and make sure you let your photographer know that they should not share any gender revealing shots on their social media (if you’ve signed a release form).

If you don’t know the gender yet yourself, but your favorite dress happens to be blue, talk to your photographer, s/he may be willing to do some magic in the editing process to change your dress to the color you wish. This is not a guarantee and it cannot always be done, so if you’re really uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a blue dress and might end up having a girl, then opt for something else. My advice though, is to forget the “gender colors” and just wear your favorite dress!


Gender Reveal Dress


5. Is It Okay To Go Nude Or Boudoir Style?

Absolutely! Maternity pictures that are taken in lingerie, bikini or nude tend to be styled more artistically rather than “for-his-eyes-only”. Often times women that are a little afraid to try something like this but do it anyway, end up liking these photos the most. The lighting for these images should be soft, light, and airy. The poses should be feminine and gentle as opposed to sexy. Your body is absolutely stunning, especially when you’re glowing with life, this is the perfect opportunity to go for it! Make sure you choose pieces that fit you well, support your breasts and don’t cut into your skin.

If you opt for nude or implied nude images, you might be surprised how much more comfortable it is, especially since you tend to be warmer during pregnancy! These images tend to make beautiful wall art when tastefully done.


Maternity Lingerie