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I love to use bronzers to add radiance and colour to my skin year round. With the strobing and highlighting trend ever present on social media, shimmery bronzers can be a great way to go for the glow! A matte bronzer could double as your contour colour, allowing you to jump on two trends at once. With all the formulas on the market, it can be intimidating to choose the right bronzer for you. Check out my advice to ensure your bronzer is always just right:


There are a few things to be mindful of when choosing the right bronzer. Firstly, you’ll want to be aware of your skin’s undertone.

COOL or PINK toned bronzers will look best on you if you have a cooler undertone to your skin. The Chocolate Soleil bronzers from Too Faced are a great example of a bronzer with a cool tone.

WARM or GOLDEN toned bronzers look best on warm undertones.

NEUTRAL undertones can wear either option.

You can still wear a warmer bronzer if you’re a cool undertone, but be aware that this will create more of a contrast with your skin, and therefor, a more dramatic result.

You may also want to choose a bronzer that is best for your skin type. Bronzers with shimmer will highlight and accentuate texture, so that’s something to be aware of if you are concerned with dry skin or visible pores. You may also want to choose a bronzer with a matte finish if you are oily, to reduce the appearance of shine.

DRY SKIN types may find a liquid or cream bronzer more comfortable to wear and will last longer on the skin, while OILY SKIN types may have better luck with a powder. Bronzers that are baked or made from clay are more stable, and can last longer on oily skin.


Think about where the sun would naturally tan your face (or in my case, burn) if you spent the day at the beach. Chances are, you wouldn’t get all over even colour naturally, and you have to be mindful about where you place your bronzer for believable looking tan. Remember, bronzer is not setting powder or foundation and shouldn’t be an opaque layer over the skin. I like to work in sheer layers of colour using a large, fluffy brush for a subtle application. I bronze only the high points of the face where the sun would naturally hit. It can be helpful to stand in natural light, or under a light source with a mirror to check where the light bounces off on the high planes of your face. Typically, this will be the hairline, top of the cheekbone, bridge of the nose and maybe the jawline and chin, depending on your face shape. To make it easy for my clients, I tell them to imagine sweeping a “3” shape on the right side of their face with their bronzer brush, and an “E” on the left side to hit most of the points. Those who are keen to mimic the effects of a day spent sunbathing can dust their bronzer in a W shape from their cheekbones, over the bridge of their nose. Take a peek at the face charts I created below as a guide to where to place your bronzer for the most natural results.

PRO TIP: You can add in just a touch of your blush just at the hairline and highest planes of the chin and cheeks for a flushed “just came in from the sun” look. This technique is perfect for those with very fair skin, who may have trouble finding a bronzer that is the right colour for their skin tone.

No matter how you choose to “fake your bake”, remember to protect yourself with SPF every single day! There are so many options to choose from to safely and easily mimic the effects of a tan without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. I love the way a beautiful golden glow makes me feel, and luscious tanned skin continues to trend in the media and on the runway. You too can achieve super model worthy bronzed skin at home this summer, with out risking a sun burn or worse! Don’t forget to “practice safe sun” this summer and all year round!

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