Plus size fashion is a growing niche in the industry, and its very exciting to have more options out there. Finally plus size fashion is beginning to take on bolder statements, and more defined trends, sometimes different from straight size fashion. And as the snow melts and the sun shine is warmer, I can’t help but dream of updating spring and summer wardrobes. I would like to share some ideas for getting your closet springtime ready, and trendy pieces to look out for that you will wear over and over.

Make Over Your Existing Wardrobe

My first thought is that I am trying to live with the mantra of “make do and mend” when it comes to my clothing. I am lucky – I have an extensive sewing background and can pretty easily mend my clothing, and this is not so for every person out there. But instead of throwing out your top with a hole in the seam or a missing button, it might be worth it to learn to wield a needle and thread – or take it to a tailor, it’s often cheaper than you think! A couple things I plan on doing on the cheap to get my wardrobe ready for spring includes some crafty DIY-ing.

Firstly, I am going to turn one of my pairs of regular length jeans into crops. I bought these Levis last fall, and I have barely worn them. The fact is, the leg is just a bit too wide for my short and curvy frame. I love the way they fit and feel, but they look pretty dorky on me. My plan is to cut several inches off the bottom and cuff them up into a crop pant. And crops are perfect for spring as you start to show more leg little by little. There’s really not a lot of sewing involved, and you can always buy a no-sew hem tape that might just do the trick instead. This would also be a good idea to do with used denim from the thrift store if you don’t like the leg, just turn them into jeans or shorts on the cheap. I have done this for many of my friends, and I only charged them $10 a pair – worth the cost to update a piece in your wardrobe that you already own, and then you can spend your saved money from this project on something new for spring.

Secondly, I have this great boxy sweater that I bought years ago, but as I gain weight the sleeves get tighter and the sweater needs more length. I am going to add some fringe to the hem to add some length and cut the sleeves short and make it into a cute t-shirt/sweater for spring. Don’t be afraid to get a bit arts and craftsy on your wardrobe, it can make adorable, unique pieces like this Anthropologie DIY knock off sweater, or this sleveless polkadot blouse.


Trends To Invest In

While I love to find inexpensive ways to have a new wardrobe, I won’t deny that I love to purchase new clothing as well. If you are through updating your wardrobe using some basic crafty skills, here are a few trends you might want to invest in when going through a spring update.

All White Everything – Chic as can be, all white is a bold way to stand out in the crowd. It would be fun to add hot pops of colour with accessories into an outfit like this – think bolder versions of Rose Quartz and Serenity – but keeping it all white will step up your wardrobe game just a little bit more. And since white is timeless, you won’t be throwing away your springtime purchases when it comes to winter. You can also opt for cream instead of white, to make a softer, yet still bold, statement. This white sheath dress is a classic shift style that can be retro or modern. Pair it with a white wide-brimmed hat, all-white Birks, and some white jewelry and you’re ready to go!

Jumpsuits, Baby! – Oh, what can’t a girl accomplish in a jumpsuit? A one-piece wonder that you only have to add accessories to is what dreams are made of. Don’t be afraid to rock some print and colour with it, and feel free to show a little leg in a playsuit. This paisley printed playsuit can be played up with the 1970’s trend, but it can also be paired with a few clunky, modern accessories to keep it updated. as well. I also love how bright and cheery this floral jumpsuit is – keep it simple with white accessories so you stay super chic in the hot weather.

Minimalistic Shapes – I am kind of over the “minimalistic” look for myself (I just don’t think it suits my shape or frame), but nonetheless it’s still prominent in fashion today, and can very easily look high fashion without breaking the bank. Truthfully, you’ll never go wrong with a simple shape with bold accessories, and it’s still new for plus size ladies as designers begin to break the rules of plus size fashion. I love the new collection at Rachel Roy, and each piece is very wearable for every figure. Some of my favourite pieces for this trend include this punchy blue dress that is so easy to wear alone, or this minimal black dress could be paired with a longline vest to create a bit more interest and a younger look.

Hues of Pink and Blue – As we know, Rose Quartz and Serenity are the colours of the year, and that applies to our spring fashion as well. Some people hate the pink and blue together, but you can mix tones and vibrancy to get a look that more high fashion than easter bunny. Take the pink low key in this retro, geometric shift dress. Make a statement with this bright, asymmetrical top, or keep it pretty and simple in this split front longline tee. Wearing chambray is a great way to go blue with your wardrobe, like this chambray shirt dress, or this on-point denim skirt.


If you’re like me, your head is buzzing with the possibilities of a new spring wardrobe, and by now you’re ready to head out and start some shopping – or DIYing – to get your closet updated for the new season. And after you get your new wardrobe, book a fun photoshoot with your photographer to capture those fun, summer moments you have with your friends.