You might have noticed every year someone talking about the colour of the year. The colour of the year is predicted and chosen by Pantone, the authority in colour. Pantone is the definitive colour expert, and the company offers colour reports, trend forecasts, interior and fashion colour palettes, consulting, and colour references. Pantone has it’s niche spot in the fashion industry, and it’s one that many people don’t think of. This year, Pantone has chosen two colours of the year, Serenity (a soft blue), and Rose Quartz (a soft pink). Although this tidbit of information might seem interesting, you’re probably wondering why the colour of the year even matters, and how it applies to your life.


Trend Forecasting

The staff at Pantone go through a long process in assessing what will be the new colour of the year. They gather information, look at social movements, and global influences. All of this information can lead to trend forecasting, which is something the colour of the year plays a huge role in. Trend forecasting is basically being able to predict what will be popular for the future, and the colours Pantone chooses influences this greatly. The trends that influenced the colour selection this year are based on the ideas of softening gender stereotypes, and secondly the need to be surrounded by calmness and relaxation. Based on these colours, the palettes that Pantone has set up, and their reports on these trends, buyers and manufacturers will know what colours will be popular in the upcoming year. And since we live in a world that is based on getting new trends in stores as quickly as possible, it won’t be long until you see these colours in every item you could possibly imagine.


Fashion, Home, and Beauty Retail

This is where you and I as consumers are going to see these colours predominantly. If you start looking even now, you can see these colours popping up in your favourite retail shops, just look at this cute blouse, and these amazing platforms. These colours greatly influence what will be appearing in stores, and what people are shopping for. Trendy fashionistas will very likely already be wearing these colours, but as new stock starts arriving in stores you are sure to see tons of customers sporting these colours in malls and on shopping streets. Although these colours are so predominant in the fashion industry, they will show up in home décor and in the makeup industry – peep this Pantone eye palette at Sephora – as well. And since these colours are based on blurring traditional gender institutions, we can be sure that we will see both of these colours in men’s fashion also.


Staying Stylish in the Face of Trends

In the past I have been highly influenced by the Pantone colour trends (I distinctly remember the Emerald Green of 2013 invading my wardrobe in many ways), it’s been important to me recently to remain stylish while still embracing these trends. Once you start noticing these colours creep into the stores, it won’t be long until we are bombarded with pale pink and baby blue every which way we look. While I think an outfit of entirely Rose Quartz or Serenity would be incredible, editorial, head turning, and oh how I would love to wear it, that might be too much, and too trendy, for the average shopper. I always suggest choosing a few pieces in a trendy colour that will freshen up your wardrobe. This way, you can still keep your original style while remaining on trend for the seasons. For pairings, keep Rose Quartz and Serenity grounded by pairing either with a neutral, such as this dark camel skirt, or play them up and mix the other prominent Pantone colours into your outfit with a printed piece, like this skirt. These colours are easy to wear, and not so trendy that they will be out of style right away, so I am looking forward to brightening up my ever-blackening wardrobe with these tranquil tints.


What is your take on the new Colours of The Year from Pantone? Do you plan on embracing these colours, and welcoming them into your wardrobe?