You’ve surely noticed the colours I’m about to talk about popping up on social media, fashion magazines and runways this fall. I decided early on which colours were my favourites, and sure enough, those hues made it into Pantone’s Colour Trend Report for the season. Pantone is noted in the design industry as the “colour authority“. They predict and declare colour trends that designers then use to dictate their collections both seasonally and annually. My favourite way to incorporate seasonal colour trends into my wardrobe is through makeup. It’s a non-committal way to try something new, and definitely friendlier on the wallet than a designer piece. I’ll discuss my top 3 favourite trending colours below and some simple ways to incorporate them into your makeup looks this fall.


Pantone has named this bold blue shade “Riverside” and calls it both “cool and calming” and “strong and stable” in their fall report. I’ve noticed this colour popping up since Spring, especially as a makeup trend. The hue definitely makes a statement, and I like to treat it as the focal point of my makeup. It’s easiest to wear as a statement liner. Many brands have come out with liquid liners in saturated shades, like cobalt blue, that make it easy to incorporate colour into your look. It looks great as a vibrant winged liner, but can also be worn on the lower lash line with a black liner on top. By keeping everything else neutral, a pop of blue can really stand on its own. This particular shade is flattering on all skin tones and eye colours, but I especially love it to compliment brown eyes. The blue really brings out the richness and depth in dark eyes and makes them stand out. If you’d like to try something different and fun, check out my graphic liner tutorial using a trendy cobalt blue shade.


Though the trending Pantone shade, “Aurora Red“, is a little brighter than what you might typically call burgundy, no other colour brings fall more to my mind than a rich, deep red. The Pantone Colour Report says that this shade is “exciting and dynamic and breeds unmistakable confidence”. I love the way that wearing a red lip makes me feel like I could conquer the world with one swipe of lipstick! When wearing this deeper, more sensual shade of red, be sure to pare down the rest of your makeup. This shade demands to be the focal point of your look, and eye makeup that is too dark can compete with a bold lip. Crisp edges are key when rocking a dramatic lip colour, so take your time when applying your lipstick. A lip liner can really help to keep your lines clean and prevent the colour from feathering throughout the day. If long wear is a concern for you, opt for a liquid lipstick instead of a traditional cream formula. Because this colour is so bold, it’s best to choose a matte formula to keep your lip look modern and on trend. Check out our previous blog post to learn my tips & tricks when it comes to applying a bold lip!


I’ve recently seen this burnt orange colour that Pantone is calling “Potter’s Clay” pop up in eye shadow palettes, as blushes, lipsticks and even eyeliners. This Pantone dubbed shade with “real substance and a strong foundation” is what I like to call a cheater neutral. It’s easy to wear and to pair with other colours, but it’s different enough from your standard “50 shades of brown”. It’s especially flattering on those with a golden undertone, but cool/pink or neutral tones can also wear it to add warmth to their skin. It will make your blue eyes pop and will make green eyes look especially emerald, but I think this shade could be worn by anyone. It’s so easy to wear, in fact, that I recommend trying burnt orange as a monochromatic makeup look. A monochromatic look is achieved by using different shades of the same hue.

I’ll be posting a series on my instagram @alyssamakeupart demonstrating these trending colours in action if you’re interested in following along!


Colour trends are always exciting, and it can be fun to try something new – but I believe that what ever makes you feel most beautiful will always be in fashion!