Interview with photographer & founder of All Things Pink Photography, Erin Holmes


As a makeup artist who primarily does makeup for photography, I have done my research when it comes to airbrush makeup. There is a long list of things that appeal to me about airbrush makeup as an artist, but the number one reason I love to work with it is because of the way the makeup looks in high resolution photos.The result is flawless skin that looks like SKIN, ensuring you’ll look and feel like your best self in your photographs.

There are many things that will make your photo shoot with All Things Pink Photography an unforgettable experience, and I believe that airbrush makeup is one of them. I spoke with Erin Holmes, the photographer and founder of All Things Pink, to find out why she loves airbrush makeup for her photos, and to shed some light on why you will love taking part in the service for your upcoming photo shoot!

What I love about your photos is how natural your clients look. It seems as though you do very little editing, and I know from having my photos taken by you, and from hearing client feedback, that your guests feel like themselves in their photos. Can you speak to your editing process when it comes to your photos? How is airbrush makeup advantageous to you in this aspect?

The whole philosophy of All Things Pink Photography is built around the concept of creating a
platform for women to celebrate their unique beauty and diversity. My style, consequently, is
capturing beautiful and natural portraits. I do not over-process my photos to eliminate
skin texture, and create cookie-cutter alien‐esque women. Which is why the type of makeup we
use is so important. Airbrush makeup sits on the skin in a way that gives a flawless
complexion without disturbing the texture of the skin. It holds up in bright studio lights, without
causing reflections, orange glow, or drying out the skin leaving obvious signs of makeup. In turn
I’m able to simply retouch blemishes without having to try to retouch skin tone or hide the signs
of foundation.

Recent developments in digital technology presents new challenges to work with as a Makeup Artist. As the quality of images becomes more precise, flaws and imperfections are more visible. Does the advancement towards higher resolutions impact how airbrush makeup affects your photographs?

With Photography the technology is always changing and it can definitely be a challenge to keep
up. All of our photographs are taken at a very high resolution, meaning the details in every photograph are visible. Airbrush makeup is wonderful for high definition because the subject will look flawless, but you won’t
actually see the foundation. Unless makeup is the subject of the photo, it’s best if the viewer is not distracted by the foundation on someone’s skin. Airbrush makeup allows just that.

I would think that for any type of photography, but especially boudoir, the end results would benefit from your subject being relaxed and at ease. You do a fabulous job of pampering your clients and making them feel comfortable. I also believe that because airbrush makeup is so lightweight, clients and models who are wearing it aren’t thinking about a heavy, cakey makeup all over their face and they can better relax and be themselves. Do you agree that airbrush makeup plays a role in your clients’ comfort and confidence during a shoot?

Thank‐you for the compliment! I agree with you that because the airbrush foundation is literally
misted onto your face, the amount of makeup actually sitting on the skin feels like so much less
than you might normally be used to. I think the application of the airbrush foundation plays a
huge role in helping with my guests confidence. It’s a fun experience and it’s usually new and
different so they’re excited to see what it’s all about. The way it looks and feels in the end is the
icing on the cake. I would say the entire makeup process as a whole helps boost their comfort
and confidence and the airbrush experience is just that added element of fun!

When I’m working with airbrush makeup, I have the opportunity to custom blend foundation shades to perfectly match a client or model’s skin tone. Because airbrush makeup isn’t completely opaque like a traditional foundation, the subjects true skin tone is able to show through the makeup. I believe that the most flawless colour match can be achieved with airbrush makeup. Are there any other differences between airbrush and traditional foundation that you’ve noticed as a photographer? Would you say you prefer airbrush makeup to traditional foundation?

I completely agree that airbrush foundation is the best way to achieve the closest skin tone
match to your own. The fact that multiple colors can be mixed together in a “pod” and then
misted onto the face makes it difficult to achieve the same results using traditional foundation.
One can combine multiple shades of a traditional foundation, but often ends up with too much
pigmentation and too much coverage, completely hiding the natural texture of the skin.
Another major benefit to airbrush makeup compared to traditional is the sanitation. Because
there are no tools or fingers used to apply the makeup, it produces less bacteria that sits on your
skin. Therefore, you’re less likely to have breakouts as a result of the foundation. I also find the
results last longer. Under the hot studio lights I’ve seen traditional foundation melt away and
need touch‐ups, but I have never had to touch-up airbrush foundation. I think it’s obvious I
prefer airbrush to traditional foundation.

Airbrush makeup sets quickly and requires minimal touch-ups. It is also transfer resistant and waterproof. Is this an advantage for you as a photographer when it comes to long photo shoots and/or wardrobe changes/posing?

Absolutely. How many times have we put on a shirt just to see in the mirror that we have
makeup all over it! Airbrush makeup will not transfer onto the clothing, which is fantastic for
any of my guests that have multiple wardrobe changes. Lipstick is another story though!
The fact that airbrush makeup doesn’t need to be touched up and is waterproof saves so much
time for everyone involved. Any perspiration, or poses that require touching the face, won’t
affect the makeup and it always lasts at least the length of my shoot. Often my guests will tell
me that they don’t wash off their makeup because it looks so good and it lasts them through
the next day! I don’t recommend that though.

When and how did you decide that you would offer airbrush makeup at All Things Pink Photography? Can you tell us a little bit about the products and equipment we use?

Using airbrush foundation was the only option I would consider for us at ATP. Sanitary reasons
were a huge factor, but I also wanted a solution for my guests that don’t like to wear makeup. It
works great for women that want a lot of makeup and those that prefer none. It gives that
flawless finish that women who wear a lot of makeup love, but it feels like naked skin for those
that don’t enjoy wearing makeup.
We use an IWATA air compressor machine that works universally with different brands and
solutions of airbrush makeup. Some brands offer more coverage than others, and some have a
silicon base and some are water based. We offer both water base and silicon depending on the
type of skin a person has, as well as any allergies or skin sensitivities they may have. The
difference between the two types is visible, as one will leave a more dewy look and the other
more matte.
Because none of the tools actually touch the skin of our guests, cleaning is super easy. We clean
the airbrush gun after every use with an organic solution, so everything is sanitized but friendly
to the skin.

Erin and her team put so much thought, effort and care in to every aspect of your photo shoot. I believe that makeup has the power to ignite women’s confidence and help them to feel like their best selves. The philosophy behind Erin’s company and the way that she photographs is ultimately to empower women to feel beautiful in their own skin. Airbrush makeup allows for just that, and I am always so excited to introduce guests of All Things Pink Photography to the experience. I hope you’ll join us in our excitement for celebrating your unique beauty through the power of airbrush makeup!