Who wants to miss out on holiday fun sitting at the mirror obsessing over a detailed eye shadow look? My favourite smoky eye technique takes you from drab to glam in only 5 minutes and a few simple steps! You don’t need a lot of product or patience and best of all, this look is flattering on all eye shapes! If you’d like to know how to skip the frustration of over complicated party looks and learn the easiest smoky eye EVER, keep on reading:


Start by choosing your colour palette:

Pick out 3 eye shadow colours you want to use for your party pretty smoky eye. For this look, I chose cool toned taupe shades for a festive result that could easily be paired with any lip colour.

You’ll generally want to select a dark shade for the lash line (1- Blackout), a medium coloured matte shade to lightly shape the eye (2- Truffle), and a shimmer or metallic shade (3- Optics) as the focus. You can use any colours that you like, and because the look is so simple, it’s a great time to try out new or daring shades!




Prime your lids from lash line to brow bone using your favourite eye shadow base. Don’t forget to prime your lower lash line to make smudging and blending easier later on, and to keep your look in place!

Set your primer with a base eye shadow shade that matches your skin tone by patting the shadow from crease to brow bone. I like to leave the lid freshly primed so that colour adheres better in the next step.





Go ahead and choose a liner, smudge stick, or shadow pencil in any deep shade. I generally use black because it makes the rest of the colours pop, but you could totally tone down this look for daytime by using a brown or gray. Select a liner that is creamy and non- waterproof, so that you have lots of time to play and move the product where you want it.

When it comes to liner for this particular style of smoky eye, you can go ahead and get messy! Your liner for this look is here to define your lashes and act as a base for bold colour in the next step. Be sure to tight line your lashes on the top and bottom waterline for a smoldering effect. Next, go ahead and smudge the liner all over the lid using a fingertip or flat shadow brush, stopping just underneath the orbital bone.

Be sure to distribute the product evenly over the lid, and keep the top edge near the crease soft and blended. Remember, there are no harsh lines in a smoky eye, so blend and smudge to your hearts’ content!





Take your medium matte shade and sweep it through the crease, just under your orbital bone. This shade will act as a transition to help soften the edges of your focus colour in the next step. I like to use a fluffy crease brush to deposit the colour in sheer layers.

Use a small brush to sweep the matte shade below the darkest colour on your lower lash line to diffuse the liner and give the eyes a softer, smokier gaze.





Your darkest colour should be placed at the lash line for the ultimate smoky effect. Take a small shader or smudge brush and dip into your darkest shadow. Press the colour into the roots of your top and bottom lash line to intensify the liner and draw focus to the lashes. Use your brush to smudge the shadow and create soft edges.

As a general rule, your “liner” on the bottom lash line should be only half as thick as the liner on the top lash line to avoid closing in the eyes and making them appear smaller. Try inverting your brush when you line the top lash to prevent fall out from the dark shadow, and pat the eye shadow over the liner for the most intense colour pay off.





It’s time to go glam! Add your shimmer or metallic shade all over the lid using a brush or finger tip. Feather the edges on the top and bottom so that all three colours blend seamlessly together for a gradient effect.

For added drama & dimension, dab a small amount of shimmering pigment on the inner corner of the eyes.

Add a few coats of black mascara to curled lashes to complete the look!


This party perfect technique is ideal for those times when your holiday updo takes a little too long, or you’re ready to get right to sipping champagne! Keep your lip look neutral and let your glammed up smoky eyes steal the show!