Winter is upon us, and if you’re anything like me, you hate winter for all the cold and snow it brings. I will say there are some fun things about winter, like sipping hot apple cider, outdoor ice skating with friends, and of course, celebrating Christmas! However, I could still live without the snow, and the impact the bitter cold has on my wardrobe choices. Choosing an outfit can be very uninspiring when it’s -30 degrees Celsius outside, but I am here to give you some ideas on what to wear for every occasion this winter.


Netflix Night With Friends

One thing I do love to do in the winter is huddle up with my friends and binge watch our favourite series. I love to get all warm and cozy, which is why a casual, comfy sweater is the way to go here. Big, bold graphics and text are very trendy on sweaters right now, and there are so many options out there. Personally, I find this Christmas sweater impossibly adorable, but this Kale sweater is perfectly on trend for a comfy-casual night. Pair with boyfriend jeans, a cozy scarf, and fuzzy slippers and this is your go-to outfit for a night full of sitting by the fireplace sipping spiked hot chocolate with your friends.


Strolling In The Snow

A walk in glistening snow sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte is a great way to spend a winter afternoon. Spending any time outside in the winter requires amazing footwear. It can be hard to find something warm, yet fashionable, to wear in the winter as an everyday boot, but these buckled boots are a great start. You might think you have to don a down parka to stay warm on your walk, but if you’re not into the Canada Goose trend, I recommend layering a cute winter jacket with a packable down underneath. It’s an amazing way to stay warm and still wear your favourite fashions. Top it off with a hat and scarf and you’re ready for a walk in winter wonderland.


An Evening Out

Over-the-knee boots are so on trend right now, and a perfect way to stay fashionable without sacrificing warmth for a night out with friends. These burgundy beauties are a great choice, but this style of boot can easily go “pretty woman”, so pair with a dress that’s not overly sexy, but still really fun. Keep it chic in a black boho dress, or jazz it up in a mod shift dress. Since it’s coming on the holiday season, it is perfectly acceptable to get all sparkly for a night out, so finish up your outfit with glitter eyeshadow and nail polish.


Although it hasn’t snowed in my hometown yet, I am starting to get prepared for winter by getting my wardrobe ready for the cold! No matter how much I dislike snow and cold, I do love the cheer and happiness this season brings. It’s a great time to spend with friends and family, and don’t forget to book a winter wonderland photoshoot with your loved ones and your favourite photographer!