If you’re pregnant – or if you’ve ever been pregnant – you will know how hard it is to find clothing that fits and flatters your body. Maternity wear is such a niche market, so finding different options can be really difficult. I have highlighted a few key pieces to wear throughout your pregnancy to give you some ideas of what kind of outfits you can put together.


The first thing I want to highlight is how important a good, well-fitting bra will be throughout your pregnancy and nursing period. A nursing bra will be a great investment, and if you can afford it, I suggest getting more than one. Nursing bras don’t have to be the traditional style that many people think of, they can be cute and fancy too! Another necessity will be a good pair of every day pants or jeans, leggings – you will probably wear these on a regular basis with long tunics – and a few every day stretchy tees. These are the key pieces you will want to get in neutral colours that you can dress up with different accessories.



I’ll bring up the nursing bra again here, because you will want this bra to be as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend getting a nursing bra, and you don’t have to wait until you’re actually nursing to do it. I even have one – and I’m nowhere close to becoming a mother yet! You will probably want to invest in some leisure wear because you will want to be as comfortable as possible. In the winter this will include comfy lounge pants, and in the summer it will be a very light, simple dress.



While you’re pregnant you might want to get a great dress for a special occasion. I recommend anything with tons of stretch or a flow-y piece with an empire waist – bonus if it’s both! Remember this piece can be dressed up with great accessories, so you don’t have to look for the fanciest dress you can find. And you will want to be as comfortable as possible, so if you’re going for heels remember to bring flats for on your way home – your feet will probably be swollen by the end of the night!


Transition Wear

The great thing about maternity wear is that many of the pieces are excellent transition pieces. Almost any maternity garment can take you from the beginning of the pregnancy until, well, whenever you want to stop wearing it. Anything with an empire waist is generally universally flattering, and flow-y, oversized pieces are great because they are very on trend right now. Stretchiness is key when looking for transition pieces, and I know a few women who aren’t pregnant but still love maternity clothes for their comfort, flattering shape, and amazing amount of stretch. To keep your clothes lasting long after your pregnancy, wash them in cold water and hang to dry if possible.


Looking for maternity clothing can be difficult, especially since there are very few options out there. However, you can build a great maternity wardrobe if you stick to classic styles with a few pops of colour, and you will be set for every occasion – including maternity portraits!