A boudoir photo session is an incredible experience, and can be made better if you are prepared for it! Here are some tips on how to plan for the best photo-shoot possible.

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1. Three Months Prior – Book Your Photographer

Choosing a photographer is the first – and most essential – step in the process of preparing for your boudoir photo shoot. It may take a little research to find one you connect with, but it will be worth it. Consider the style of photos, poses, and scenery you are drawn to in order to get an idea of what you want your photo-shoot to look like. Don’t stress too much about this though, as your photographer will have many great ideas to incorporate your own style into the photo-shoot.


2. Two Months Prior – Book A Style Consultation

All Things Pink Photography offers a fashion stylist service, and this is a great asset to choosing the perfect outfits for your shoot. Your stylist will be able to offer expert advice on how to emphasize your assets and choose outfits you will be excited to showcase in your photos. This is also a good time to book a hair stylist and makeup artist if the photographer you have booked does not offer those services.


3. One Month Prior – Go Shopping!

Another crucial step, but also super fun, is to get out and pick your outfits. I suggest shopping a few weeks prior to your photo-shoot to ensure that you are not rushed and have time to pick out perfect accessories to complete your ensemble. We have a fantastic post about how to shop for your boudoir shoot here.


4. Two to Four Days Prior – Groom Yourself

If you want to get a haircut or dye, a spray tan, or a wax done, this is the time to do it. It is best to book these appointments at least a few days in advance to allow time for your treatments to settle. You will also want to take extra care to moisturize your skin during this time so the day of your shoot your skin looks supple and soft.


5. One Day Prior – Finishing Touches

This is the day you take care of all the little things. Book an appointment for a manicure and pedicure to make sure your nails are well groomed. Drink plenty of water to plump up your skin, lightly stretch to prevent any soreness after your session, and make sure you get enough sleep so you are energized for the next day.


6. Day Of – Have Fun!

Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to get ready, even if you have a makeup artist and hair stylist to prepare you. You will want to wash your hair and body, moisturize, eat a hearty meal to keep your energy up, and pack up your outfits and accessories for the shoot. It is important to arrive to your shoot on time to get the most out of what your photographer has planned and to go over the schedule for your session. And remember this session is all about you, so have fun with it! Play your favourite music, eat your favourite foods, and be sure to enjoy yourself in every way possible.


Being prepared for your boudoir shoot is the best possible way to make sure the session goes smoothly, and I hope these tips helped to avoid hectic planning, and make the experience enjoyable!