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I am a big fan of themed photoshoots. It’s a great way to have very unique photos, capture a mood or emotion, or convey a specific message. Suggesting a theme or idea is also a great way to get your photographer’s imagination buzzing.  An ethereal style photoshoot will capture your softness and femininity, conveying dreaminess and whimsy. However, it is not just up to your photographer to make the theme happen. Here are some things you can do to make your ethereal photoshoot it’s best.

1. Gather Inspiration

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, go out and get one. Pinterest will be your go-to when gathering inspiration for your photoshoot. Don’t focus on outfits or makeup in this stage, look for art, movements, fabrics, and colours that get you in that fantastical, dreamy, ethereal mood. I suggest Pinterest because it’s a great way to keep all your pictures in one place, but it is also good to go out and gather a few pieces that you can physically carry with you, such as fabric or a piece of jewelry.


2. Choose an Outfit

Choosing a themed-appropriate outfit is absolutely essential if you want to create a cohesive look. I suggest sticking with soft colours and fabrics with a flow-y drape. Stay away from bold patterns and bright colours. For a portrait outfit, a chiffon dress is a great piece to start with. Add in pretty hair accessories, a shawl or kimono and you’re all set! For boudoir, it’s pretty much the same. Start with a soft, flow-y robe and pair with a soft bra and panty, and similar accessories.


3. Pick A Place

This is the perfect theme for a natural space, such as a forest or field. Take a drive and look around your local area for secluded spaces that you can use, such as a wooded area, a green secluded meadow, or a wide-open rolling field. Let your imagination go wild, and try to keep a “photographer’s eye” and think about how the spaces would look in a photograph while you’re out searching. If you want to stick with the studio, bring in props that suit your theme. Go to the craft store and buy moss, toss some flower petals on the set, or make your own DIY flower wall. A bouquet of flowers can never go wrong in a photoshoot!


4. Makeup Ideas

After you have your outfit and accessories, it’s time to think about makeup. The general idea is to keep it soft, dreamy, and natural. This is another great way to use Pinterest to find makeup looks you can show your makeup artist on the shoot day. Remember to stick with neutrals and stay away from a super smokey eye or harsh lines. Keep a rosy cheek and lip, and this is the perfect time to use any of that gold glittery eyeshadow.


5. Set The Mood

It is important to keep your theme while you are on set, and a great way to to that is to pick music to keep you in the dreamy, ethereal mood. Playlists are great for this, and websites like Songza are great for finding music that suits your mood. If you’re going a bit more folksy, check out this playlist, however I have to recommend Oh Land, a favorite artist of mine, who captures dreamy, synth-y, soft and upbeat pop in her first album here.


There is definitely a lot to think about when creating an ethereal themed photoshoot, but gathering all your ideas and inspirations to create unique photos with your photographer can also be incredibly fun. The end product will be a stunning set of photos, capturing your soft, dreamy, femininity that you can treasure for years to come.