It always amazes me how in 2015 women seem to struggle more and more with self-esteem and body issues. How many times a day are your thoughts consumed with weight issues, skin problems, ill-proportioned body parts, or hair malfunctions? We are all guilty of beating ourselves up for “not taking better care” of ourselves. You may think a photoshoot is the last thing you want, at least until your skin clears up, you lose some weight…etc. However, it’s the experience of the photoshoot, not necessarily the photos themselves, that have the power to make you believe in yourself and feel truly magnificent.

We all have days where we don’t feel like going out. However, with a good hair day and killer makeup we feel like we can take over the world. This is my number 5 reason why you need to have a photoshoot.

5. You get a complete makeover 

The makeover is where most of the magic happens. You will find yourself opening up to the makeup artist about your passions, insecurities, hopes and dreams. Having someone to listen to you can make even the most cynical person feel better. You will learn new features of your hair, face, and body that you didn’t know you had – that will have the wardrobe, makeup and hair person fawning all over. I have a friend that still boasts about the time the makeup artist said she had enviable eye lids. The makeover is such a boost to your self-esteem that you will walk away from the experience feeling powerful.

4. You get pampered like a princess

There is very little you actually need to do for a photoshoot. Over half the battle is showing up! At the studio your coat is hung up, you’re fed and given a choice of beverages, and you’re plopped down for the makeover. If you’re cold you get a blanket and a heater, if you’re warm you get a cool beverage, a fan or air conditioning. We have actually hand fanned someone that was feeling warm. You will see a team of people working very hard to ensure you are comfortable. Which brings me to the third reason why you need to have a photoshoot.

3. It’s all about you

For three hours you get to see how supermodels live their glamorous lives. Everything is taken care of for you, and you alone. Your hair will be maintained for you, your wardrobe will be fitted and adjusted, your makeup touched up, and your body posed. Everything that is being done around you is all for you. You will feel important because to the photography team, you are important. You are a celebrity.

2. You will feel truly beautiful

I always smile when people come to me with their fears about having their picture taken because I know something they don’t – they are so beautiful and they are about to see that for themselves. There is a true connection that happens through every step of the photo process. You will open up to the makeup artist and finish up feeling glamorous. You will put on your wardrobe and stare at yourself in the mirror with self acceptance and maybe even self love. When you are in front of the camera, for a split second you will feel yourself cowering, and then you will remember that you look amazing. You will connect with the photographer because she understands your insecurities. With the entire process moving foward you will feel truly beautiful.

1. You will find your confidence

The entire experience of the photoshoot is such a confidence booster. Women will call me hours after their photoshoot to tell me how much they needed that experience. It’s not just the outward appearance of the makeover and good lighting that will make you feel good, it’s the connections, and friendships that form from all wanting to see you succeed and be your best self. Any time you need a confidence boost or just a reminder that you are someone to be reckoned with, book a photoshoot. The photos that come later are just a reminder of the powerful experience you had at the studio with the women who understood you.

The overall experience of a photoshoot is not only esteem boosting it’s an absolute blast. You will have so much fun being a princess for a few hours that you will want to do it again and again!