DIY Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf

Christmas is coming up quickly, and I always want to give unique gifts to my friends and family. I also am a big DIY-er and I really enjoy making gifts whenever I can, and it’s often a big money saver too! I want to show you how to make a simple, yet beautiful and customizable infinity scarf.

This is the fabric I chose: a soft and fluffy sweater knit – perfect for the winter! Here it is laying on the table, with selvedge edges together. “Selvedge” edges are the finished edges, and the “raw” or “cut” edges are the sides of the fabric that has been cut. You will want to purchase 60-75 inches of fabric. If the fabric you choose is 45 inches wide, I recommend purchasing 60 inches in length. If it is any wider than 45 inches, go with 75 inches in length.

Infinity Scarf - Fabric


Step 1

Lay out your fabric with “cut” sides together. Keep the “right” sides together. Right sides are the sides of the fabric that you want to show, or the sides you want facing out. If your fabric has a print, it will normally be bland on one side, and printed on the other.

Pin this edge, sew it (use any seam allowance, I used around 1 cm), and press the seam when you are finished. You will end up with a tube of fabric.


Step 2

Keep the right sides together, and fold your tube in half. Do this by turning one edge inside the tube and pull it to meet the other edge. You can see in the photo below that I have begun to turn the tube inside itself – continue pulling it through to meet the other edge.


Step 3

Pin the edges you have just turned over. To do this, you must pin only the two right sides together, and make sure to keep the tube shape. You will want to leave a space between two sets of pins, and you won’t be sewing this space in the machine. You can see that I have left about 7 inches between two sets of pins that I won’t be sewing on the machine.

Infinity Scarf - Step 3


Step 4

Turn all the fabric through the small hole you have left in your seam. Hand sew the opening closed with a slip stitch and you’re done your new infinity scarf!


Some fabric suggestions I have would be a cozy knit like I used, a nice wool or suiting, a t-shirt knit, or for something a bit lighter, use a printed chiffon or rayon. I almost always go to Marshall’s Fabrics in Edmonton, Lethbridge, or Winnipeg for fabric, they have an amazing selection and great prices. Have fun sewing this simple infinity scarf, and if it’s for you don’t forget to wear it in your winter portraits!

#ShopLocal Christmas Gift Guide


Anyone who knows me knows that I am always touting the importance of shopping local, and buying for Christmas is no different. Shopping local puts money directly back into your economy, the quality and customer service is often better, and as a shopper, you have a special opportunity to actually see and meet the person you are directly supporting by buying from them. Another perk is that your new product is much more unique than buying from a chain store! So I have put together a list of great Canadian businesses to buy from this Christmas.


Berg + Betts

Berg + Betts is a watch and accessory company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. They feature beautiful handmade watches and tassel necklaces made from scrap leather from other designers, which means that the company is also very focused on sustainability. Berg + Betts also recently launched a unisex line – my favourite is the round gold face and brown leather duo – so there is a growing variety of watches on their site for anyone on your list.



CoutuKitsch is another incredible accessories company, based out of Calgary. They focus on trendy, glitzy, and geometric jewellery. CoutuKitsch has been in the jewellery business for about five years, and was founded by a sales and design duo, Dorian and Kofi. I love the on-trend clear quartz necklaces, as well as the linear gold earrings. They have incredible designs from simple to glamorous, and are a great company to buy from for any lady on your list.


Om Organics

For the person on your list who loves pampering themselves, look no further. Om Organics is another great company based in Canada, focusing on handmade organic skin, hair, bath and body products. The ingredients they use are all raw and organic, and they also include vitamins, antioxidants, and plant extracts. I am especially interested in their perfecting serum, it sounds amazing for the cold winter season! Skip the beauty products made with chemicals, and spoil your friends and family with good-for-you bath and body goodness!


Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi is the place to go for a completely unique gift for the person on your list who loves foliage. This company specializes in low-maintenance terrariums and plant decor that will brighten up any room in the house. They are long lasting (I have had one for over a year!) and ideal for the person with or without a green thumb, as they require little water and attention – perfect! Each piece is handmade, and often features vintage or kitschy items which make every arrangement an incredible gift.


Nooks Design

Nooks Design is the place to shop for the little one on your list – or for the parent of a little one, as the apparel and accessories are so completely adorable that anyone will enjoy them. Nooks Design focuses on vintage inspired, cutesy, and handmade pants, dresses, onesies and felt booties for newborns to five year olds. I personally love the Christmas Arrowhead Dress, it’s way too adorable. If I had nieces or nephews, this is definitely the first place I would be looking for a gift!


Cinder + Smoke

Cinder + Smoke is a clothing and accessories company, again based out of Edmonton, with a cutesy vintage flair to every handmade piece. Their garments are flattering to every figure, comfortable, practical, and yet remain adorable. My favourite piece would have to be the Elsa Dress in all its forms – a completely cute and wearable piece for every occasion. This is definitely the go-to for the lucky vintage loving gal on your list.


Christmas shopping can be daunting, but you’re sure to find some amazing gifts from these local artisans, and while you’re at it, help out your local economy too!