Fabulously Fashionable Halloween Costumes

If you’re super into fashion like myself, I am sure you love Halloween! There is something so magical about getting all dressed up, going out with friends, and seeing all the amazing costumes everyone has put together. But, if you’re like me in other ways, you have such a hard time deciding on a costume. I always want to be unique and fashionable, and of course, stand out from the crowd. I have put together a few ideas to get you into the creative costume mood, and get you brainstorming on your perfect outfit for Halloween!


The Icon

Halloween is a great time to dress up like your favourite fashion icon. My first thought is Twiggy, the famous supermodel, which is a unique and fairly easy costume to put together. Just grab a short mod inspired dress and get familiar with your liquid liner, sweep your hair into a sleek side part, and you’re done! Another favourite icon of mine to dress up as would be Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief at Vogue US. This one would be fun, because you can also take on Anna’s reputably snobby character to give your costume authenticity. Again, a fairly easy costume to put together as you need a sleek and stylish dress, a blunt bob, and big, round sunglasses. Other iconic favourites include Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Cher, Jacqueline Kennedy, Rita Hayworth, and Michael Jackson.


The Favourite TV/Movie Character

I have to say, when I think of fashionable halloween costumes, I think of the cast of Mad Men. The perfect idea would be to get four women together and dress up as Peggy, Meg, Betty, and Joan – that would be an incredible group costume. Aside from the excitement and glamour of dressing up as a Mad Men character, other ideas would be to dress up as Cookie, from Empire; Mary from Downton Abbey; Elaine from Seinfeld (hey, the ’90’s are back!); Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl; Daisy from The Great Gatsby; Samantha, Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte from Sex and The City, and Cher and Dionne from Clueless… those are a few just to get your creative mind buzzing!


The Throwback

My favourite costumes are always the ones that make me reminisce about my childhood, and the characters I loved growing up. However, as a fashionista, you can take your favourite character that everyone recognizes and add a fashion-y or glam twist to it. Recently at All Things Pink, we had a fun photoshoot as our favourite Disney villains – super glammed up of course! For inspiration, check out the incredible Queen of Hearts makeup tutorial here. Disney characters are always fun to glamourize, but other ideas could be Beetlejuice or Lydia from Beetlejuice, Morticia or Wednesday from The Addams Family; Christa from Fern Gully; any character from Sailor Moon; Skeletor (how amazing would a sparkly Skeletor be?!) or She-Ra from He-Man and The Masters of The Universe, or even a super-shiny superhero.


The Usual – But Better!

And of course, there are the usual costumes, but again, with an amazing, fashionable twist. There’s the alluring fortune teller, the band of boho pirates, a glittering ghost, a vampire queen, feisty fairies, a sparkling skeleton, or a bewitching witch. Basically any traditional costume works, and this will give you a broader range of ideas on how to make your costume incredibly unique, sparkly, and oh-so-glamorous. This is the moment where you can go crazy with accessories, makeup, wigs, fake eyelashes and nails, and sequins – and really get away with it. With this kind of costume, more is better: for instance, more glitter is definitely better.


Halloween is a very fun time to get dressed up and don a new character for the night with your friends – just remember to bring a camera, or get a professional halloween-themed photoshoot with your favourite photographer!


Halloween Costume Tips

The Dress

The inspiration for this Halloween Costume was the Red Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland with a geisha inspired twist. Originally we had wanted a beautiful Chinese dress for the complete look, however, we chose to do the Red Queen costume on a budget instead. The Chinese dress is still a beautiful idea with this geisha inspired makeup – which you can do yourself with this tutorial.

  1. All you will need to achieve this look, is a plain red dress and some red and black tulle.
  2. Sue already had several red dresses in her personal closet, we chose a dress that only cost her $20. The dress came to her mid-thigh so that we had room to pin the tulle.
  3. With the dress on, we safety pinned the red and black tulle to the bottom seam of her dress. We were careful to flip the seam up side down in order to hide as much of the pin as possible. We left a gap in the tulle in the front of her dress to show off Sue’s gorgeous legs. You could be as creative as you would like with pinning the tulle. You could have a slit on the side, rather than the front, or bunch the tulle up for a poofier appearance…etc.
  4. From a deck of cards, we chose 2 cards to stick to the front of the dress to completely hide the safety pins holding the tulle to the dress. Using double sided tape (fashion tape) we bonded the cards to the dress effortlessly. The double sided tape should not ruin the fabric of your dress when you remove the cards later that evening, and it should provide enough hold to last you throughout the entire evening.

The Accessories

The accessories for this costume are where we spent most of our money. The jewelry was purchased from Forever 21, the crown was purchased from Value Village, and we made the card fan ourselves with a free deck of cards and chopsticks.

  1. Our goal was to create a beautiful Red Queen costume for as little money as possible, which meant we were limited with the jewelry pieces that we could purchase. However, we managed to find a beautiful bold necklace that was regal enough for a queen. The hands were decorated from knuckles to tips with rings of varying styles and sizes. You could be very creative with the jewelry regardless of your budget.
  2.  The card fan was made in five minutes by hand. Using a deck of cards that we got for free (free because it was not a full deck of cards – but that didn’t matter for this project) we took out all of the heart cards and hot-glued them to broken chop sticks. The chop sticks were also glued together with another chopstick that was against the cards.


The Dress

A costume for Captain Hook is probably one of the most easily accessible costumes you can do for Halloween, but it’s also a costume you can get very creative with. Most of this costume came from the Halloween section at Value Village. The add-on’s were an underbust corset, a scarf we used as a belt, and a tiered skirt. All of these items are easily found this time of year, and many costume shops carry some wickedly amazing pirate outfits.

The Accessories

The accessories for this costume are key. If you want a pirate costume that is Captain Hook influenced, a red coat and a hook are a must. However, its the little touches that take a cool costume to a great one.

  1. The hook came in the Captain Hook pirate costume set at Value Village. It was actually a very nice looking hook, not a terribly obviously cheap plastic one that you often see kicking around. The problem with the hook is keeping it on your hand for most of the night. You could use double sided tape and stick the hook to your sleeve to ensure it stays on all night, however, it might be nice to be able to remove the hook if you actually want to make use of your hand underneath.
  2. A very key accessory to any pirate costume is the jewelry. If your neck isn’t being weighed down with jewels, chains and pearls, you’re not doing it right! We made sure Kassy had her share of jewelry, but since we were glamming up Captain Hook we decided pearls were the perfect accessory. She also painted her fingernails black and had some oversize jewels on her fingers.
  3. Black hair tends to accompany the most notorious pirates, so to cover Kassys normally platinum locks we fitted her with a beautiful black bob wig.


The Dress

The inspiration for this years Halloween Photoshoots was to glam out famous villains. Ursula’s face is so recognizable because of the intense makeup she sports so we couldn’t really tone down the makeup without losing her essence. So we glammed out her costume and hair.

  1. To achieve this look we purchased a full length, black gown. We made sure the dress was strapless and that the bodice somewhat resembled Ursula’s tentacle dress.
  2. The dress we chose was layered with chiffon and as a result created a look and a feel of floating as if on water whenever Alyssa moved.

The Accessories

  1. Ursula’s hair is a bit crazy and hardly glamorous. I understand that her hair points straight up because she’s in water, and that’s what our locks tend to do when in water. However, glamorous Ursula needed something a little more chic. Keeping in line with the platinum locks and short hair, Alyssa donned a fabulous platinum bob. In order to remove the crazy shine that comes on synthetic wigs we doused the wig in Dove Dry Shampoo.
  2. Ursula wears a nautilus shell around her neck, however, it was a very difficult task finding such a shell on a chain. Instead we opted for an octopus necklace as a subtle reminder of who we were dealing with.


The Dress

Cruella De Vil is the ultimate glamorous villain. Her heavily contoured face and razor sharp cheekbones however, made her slightly less chic and a little more on the scary side. The plan for our Cruella De Vil was to stay on the glamorous chic side.

  1. For this look you will need a plain black dress and a fur coat (obviously). We are pro faux fur, however, if you must get real fur please use vintage. The fur coat we used is obviously not a Dalmatian print (that would have been ideal) but we used what we had. Cruella’s coat is usually portrayed as being white but I think any fur coat will do as long as you have the hair and the cigarette you will be recognizable.
  2. The dress we used was actually a slip. Since the dress is usually hidden underneath the fur coat we didn’t see a reason to go all out on a fancy dress.

The Accessories

  1. The main accessory for the Cruella look is obviously the cigarette. The cigarette holder we used in the photo was purchased from etsy. It is a functioning cigarette holder – the toy ones tend to look like a toy, and Cruella doesn’t play around – so the real thing was needed for this shoot. However, if you’re a non smoker, I suggest sticking with the plastic costume cigarette holder as it will be far more affordable.
  2. The jewelry we aimed to keep as sophisticated as possible. A single strand of pearls around her neck showcased Cruella’s sophisticated taste without being over done. The pearl bracelet is attached to a diamond ring with a diamond and pearl centerpiece. Any sparkling rings will work for this costume.
  3. Cruella’s hair is perhaps her most identifying feature. However, because we wanted to glam our girl Cruella we opted for a platinum wig with black hair woven throughout. Although it’s not as recognizable as the split white and black hair, we definitely think this wig was a nice modern and chic update.

Cruella de Vil Makeup Tutorial

I think all Villains are wickedly wonderful, and I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite. That said, Cruella’s look is one of the most coveted. While I prefer faux fur to dalmation, myself, I can’t argue that Cruella’s brow game is “en pointe” and her crisp red lip is highly sought after! NARS Cosmetics even created a lipstick shade in her name! (Can you guess what we used on Veruschka’s lips for this look?) It wasn’t hard to create a glamorous look for this villain, and on Veruschka’s pretty features, it was as easy as painting by number!


This villain’s muted green lids needed a trendy update. Luckily, bright greens are a hot eye shadow colour at the moment, and pair beautifully with a vampy red lip.

  1. As always, I primed the eyelids with an eye shadow primer from lash line to brow bone to ensure bold colour pay off and keep the eye makeup from creasing.
  2. I then swept a base shadow in a similar shade to Veruschka’s natural skin tone all over the eye to make blending a breeze!
  3. To set the stage for this alluring eye look, I sculpted Veruschka’s crease to make her eyes appear more deep set. I started with a medium brown tone, carrying the colour up to her orbital bone and blending away and hard edges.
  4. To further define the crease, I added a black shadow with a detail brush. I blended the black shadow with the brown along the top edge, but left the bottom edge of the crease crisp and defined. This technique really gives the crease a “carved out” look which is perfect to mimic Cruella’s heavy lidded, seductive gaze.
  5. Before adding the electric green shadow on the lid, I coloured it in with an eyeliner pencil to help the pigment of the shadow adhere. I used the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in “Freak (a lime yellow-green), being careful to keep the edge of the black shadow above nice and clean.
  6. I used a combination of the pressed pigments, “Thrash” and “Freak” from Urban Decay’s Electric Palette on Veruschka’s lids to achieve the bold green shade. When working with pigments, it is essential to use a base (like the eyeliner I used in the step above) to help the product adhere to the eyelid. I find a pressing or patting motion works well to ensure even colour saturation.
  7. I lined the top and bottom waterline with a black eyeliner pencil, and smoked out the lower lash line with black shadow for that sexy, smoldering effect.
  8. I finished the eye look with a modern “flicked” liquid eyeliner on the top lash line. To top it off, I chose lashes for Veruschka’s look that also flared out at the edges to add drama while complimenting the shape of the eye shadow.


I have to say, when it comes to complexion, I’m a full-coverage kind of gal. But as a makeup artist, I know that airbrush foundation photographs best.

  1. I always prep the skin with a moisturizer before applying any foundation to ensure smooth application.
  2. I followed the moisturizer with a hydrating primer and let it soak in for a full minute.
  3. Because the coverage of airbrush makeup is more lightweight, I like to use a concealer first in any areas that require additional coverage. I used a brightener under the eyes to colour correct any darkness, and a tiny bit of a cream concealer around the nose to hide redness.
  4. Many women require the most coverage in the center of the face, so that’s where I start with the airbrush. I hold the machine at arm’s length from my client and spray in circular motions until desired coverage is achieved.
  5. I always finish with a translucent setting powder to prolong the wear of the makeup and minimize any texture on the skin.



Cruella’a razor-sharp cheek bones are a sight to be seen! I set out to give Veruschka glamorous, defined bone structure, while minimizing the risk to society (death by cheekbone).

  1. I used a cool toned contouring powder to mimic the look of a shadow. I often feel my client’s bone structure before I start to contour, as it isn’t always prominent. I like to place my brush right under the cheekbone at the hairline and blend the product upwards to create lift. I stop the contour in line with the arch of the brow for the most natural effect.
  2. I sharpened up Veruschka’s cheekbones by taking a matte highlight powder on a latex makeup sponge and sweeping the product along the bottom of the contour. This cleans up and defines any over blended edges for a dramatic, sculpted result.
  3. I also took the contour colour around the hairline on the forehead, along the jawline and down onto the neck to blend. Contouring the perimeter of the face not only enhances the natural bone structure, but also adds warmth to the overall complexion. It keeps the cheekbone contour from appearing too stark against the skin.
  4. When you think “glamour”, you might think of a red lip, or dramatic lashes, but for me, the epitome of a glamorous makeup look is the blush. When it comes to blush, a little goes a long way. I dusted a small amount of peachy/ pink powder onto the apples of Veruschka’s cheeks, blending backwards towards the hairline to create a lifted effect.



  1. No villain is complete with out fierce and fabulous brows to frame their face. While Cruella sports super high, swooping curves atop her brow bone, I chose to give Veruschka a more alluring arch. When creating a higher arch than your natural or existing shape, it’s best to build volume from the top of the arch. Using a brow pencil, I make a mark above the brow, angling from the nose, through the pupil of the eye. From this point, I connect the tail and the front of the brow to get the shape and then fill in with brow powder.
  2. NARS Cosmetics’ Cruella lip pencil is one of my favourite red lipsticks. Of course, we had to use this shade on Veruschka to top off her character’s look. I used a red lip liner first to define the lips, and filled in the lip with the NARS pencil. I blotted the colour with a tissue, powdered the lip with a translucent powder, and then applied a second coat of lipstick to ensure maximum wear.
  3. To keep Veruschka’s look in place, I finished her makeup off with a generous mist of finishing spray.

What I love most about makeup is its amazing transformative power. Using products that many of us may already have in our makeup arsenal, anyone can go from every day exquisite to totally dazzling drama. It’s so much fun to pretend to be someone else for a day, and what a better time than Halloween? I think there is a movie villain in all of us, waiting to show her glamorous self. Why not try a new shade of lipstick, some false lashes, or even Face Lace to bring that character to life? I believe that beauty is everywhere, and I hope my makeup tips and tricks can help you bring a touch of glam to your Halloween look this year!

Ursula Makeup Tutorial

I think all movie Villains have some serious makeup merit, however, I’ve always held Ursula’s fierce face in high regard. Her character was inspired by the infamous 80’s drag queen, Divine, and I couldn’t resist the chance to experiment with one of my favourite makeup styles. If I may offer a word of caution to those who may have never tried it; drag makeup is extremely involved and time consuming. All hail the queens supreme who spend hours doing up their drag-a-licious looks on the regular!

Although this makeup could absolutely be simplified, I really wanted to pay homage to Ursula’s over-the-top character with makeup that was just that. For those pressed for time, I would suggest focusing on one feature, like the eyes or contour, to bring your Ursula character to life in only a moment or two.


First things first, even the most blessed among us don’t naturally grow arches like Ursula’s.  I COULD write a lengthy tutorial on how to block out your brows, or I could just direct you to this hilarious, yet informative YouTube video – the very same one I watched the first time I tried this difficult-to-master technique. Blocking out your brows can be a great “FX” addition to many Halloween costumes, and some key things to remember are:

  1. Use lots of glue. Don’t be shy. And get the purple kind.
  2. It doesn’t matter how thick your brows are. You can do this. Very hairy men do this. It just takes time.
  3. Patience is a virtue. It usually takes me at least 20 minutes to do this step. It is essential for the glue to dry completely between layers.
  4. Brush the brow hairs in the direction that they grow, as opposed to brushing them all upwards.
  5. Once your brow hairs are glued down, it’s a good idea to use an orange colour corrector before trying to cover them. This is great for colour- correcting any type of facial hair, as it cancels out any bluish- black tones.
  6. Use a pan stick/ pan-cake makeup, or the thickest you have, to cover the area. I used Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer and patted it over the brow area for the most opaque result.

Don’t forget to set the area with a translucent powder before moving on to the next step!



When creating an eye look for drag makeup, keep in mind that you’re trying to create a completely different eye shape, and it’s a dramatic one! Drag makeup is all about manipulating your face shape and becoming a character. For this look, I created a new “crease” and “lid” using cream products. By blocking out the brows, we’ve created lots of space for Ursula’s characteristic extreme eyeshadow.

  1. To define a new crease that was similar to Ursula’s fierce, queenly eye shape, I mixed colours from the Make
    Up Forever 12 Flash Colour Case to create a deep purple shade. I used the creamy colour to draw a swooping shape that started at the top of the nasal bridge.
  2. From there, I faded the colour upwards with synthetic brushes in a gradient from deep purple to white. I took the colour fairly high onto the forehead, stopping where I planned to create a new pair of eyebrows later on. I used cream colour for this and set it afterwards with eyeshadow.
  3. I used a white shadow pencil to map out the new lid space, stopping at my natural crease. I pressed an iridescent white shadow over top to add shimmer.
  4. I then filled in my mobile lid completely with black cream shadow to look like liner, effectively defining three new planes of the eye. I extended the black onto the temple to create an elongated winged shape, mirroring the swoop I created earlier in the “crease”. I set this with a black eyeshadow to keep the cream colour from transferring onto the white shadow above.
  5. I dragged the black cream colour down from the corner of my top lash line to open up the inner corner of my eye. From the point of the inner corner, I carried the cream product about a third of the way under my eye before joining it up with my natural lash line. I then filled this space in with white to create a new “inner corner” and the illusion of a larger eye.
  6. I lined the rest of the lower lash line with a black liner and connected it to the outside corner of the wing. I used a deep plum shadow to smoke out the lower lash line, building up a fairly thick saturation of colour under the eye.



Though the eyes played a major role in this look, the key to drag makeup is the extreme contour. I also used the contour step to tie more purple into the look without painting my entire face.

  1. I used a cream foundation base in my natural colour all over the face before applying cream contour.
  2. I then highlighted the area under my eyes, through the center of my face and on top of my cheek bones with the white shade in the Make Up Forever 12 Flash Colour Case.
  3. I used the “baking technique” to make these areas stand out even more by pressing an excessive amount of translucent powder into the cream makeup and dusting it away later on.
  4. I contoured my cheeks by mixing Flash Colours to create a purple shade. Typically, when I contour for drag makeup, I create a rounder shape and bring the colour closer to the mouth to emphasize a pouty lip. Ursula has a fuller face, so I didn’t want to sculpt away volume in my cheeks, while still accentuating the cheekbone.
  5. I blended the cheek contour upwards into the highlight shade, but left a crisp line along the bottom. Drag makeup is a form of theater makeup. As such, you want to avoid blending away the definition you’ve created.
  6. I contoured the bridge of my nose with a thin brush to create a slim shape and rounded tip. I also contoured the hairline and jawline, and brought some of the purple colour down onto the neck.
  7. I set the contoured areas with a purple eyeshadow to keep the product in place, and finished off the highlight with a touch of iridescent powder.


  1. I wanted to create a voluptuous pout for this makeup, so I over drew my lips outside the natural lip line using a dark purple eyeliner. To create an ombre effect, I filled in the entire lip with the eyeliner. I then added a lighter berry lipstick just to the center, using a lip brush to blend the two shades just at the edges.
  2. Rather than go for the pointed high arches, I chose to match my brow shape to my “Film Noir”- esque wig. I went for a 1920s style rounded shape, angling the brows downwards in the front for a sinister look. I kept the brows slim and precise using a black liquid liner pen.

  3. For truly extravagant glamour, I wore a pair of plush feathery lashes from Shu Umera. I also added a pair of spiky bottom lashes to my lower lash line for maximum drama.

Drag style makeup involves many layers of cream product, so setting with a powder is key for maximum wear. When doing makeup for an occasion or event, I use a “setting sandwich technique”. I mist a generous amount of setting spray over the makeup and wait for it to dry completely. Then I powder over top of the setting spray with a translucent powder, and mist the makeup a second time to lock it in place. Try this budge proof technique for Halloween makeup that won’t move until YOU decide to take it off! Happy Haunting!


Captain Hook Makeup Tutorial

I was really excited to create a “pretty pirate” look for Kassy when I found out which character she would be portraying. I hear a lot of repeat requests when it comes to Halloween makeup, but I can’t say that a glamorous Captain Hook is one of them. Because this character goes against the grain, so to speak, I wanted to challenge some makeup myths as well. Everyone has heard that they shouldn’t wear a dramatic eye and a dramatic lip together, and who better than a pirate to break the age old makeup rule?


I know black eyeshadow can be intimidating, but Halloween is not the time to be shy! Captain Hook has some serious attitude, and I wanted her smoky eye to be dark and hazy.

  1. As always, I started with an eyeshadow primer from lashline to browbone to keep the eyeshadow in place. Because I was working with a creamier base, I expected some creasing, but I actually think this adds to the grungy and smoky effect.
  2. I laid down a black Kajal liner as a base for the smoky eye. I chose the YSL Couture Kajal liner because it has a fat tip and is so easy to blend. I used the side of the pencil to get maximum coverage from Kassy’s lash line to her crease, and softly blended the colour upwards onto her orbital bone.
  3. I also carried the liner under the lower lash line, all the way into the inner corner and added it into the top and bottom waterline for extra blackness. I buffed the liner out with a precision smudge brush to create a round shape. It’s okay if your liner isn’t perfectly straight, that’s what a smoky eye is all about. You want the edges to be smudgy and hazy.
  4. To keep the eyes blended and beautiful, I used my favourite trick. I took a little bit of a warm coloured bronzer on my blending brush and swept it through the crease and under the eye in a circular motion, creating a halo effect. This not only helps break up the black, but also creates a more cohesive look by warming up this seriously smoky eye.
  5. I patted the blackest black shadow I know of, Saucebox “Black Widow” eyeshadow, on top of the eye with the bristles of my brush pointing downwards. This technique prevents fall out and ensures maximum colour payoff.
  6. After doing one last sweep with a clean blending brush to ensure any harsh lines were buffed away, I finished the lashes with a coat of super- black mascara.



I have to say, when it comes to complexion, I’m a full-coverage kind of gal. But as a makeup artist, I know that airbrush foundation photographs best.

  1. I always prep the skin with a moisturizer before applying any foundation. Kassy was a little on the drier side, so I made sure to really work the product into the skin, and even used a few drops of a beauty oil to help the skincare absorb.
  2. I followed the moisturizer with a hydrating primer and let it soak in for a full minute.
  3. Because the coverage of airbrush makeup is more lightweight, I like to use a concealer first in any areas that require additional coverage. I used a brightener under the eyes to colour correct any darkness, and a tiny bit of a cream concealer around the nose to hide redness.
  4. Many women require the most coverage in the center of the face, so that’s where I start with the airbrush. I hold the machine at arm’s length from my client and spray in circular motions until desired coverage is achieved.
  5. I always finish with a translucent setting powder to prolong the wear of the makeup and minimize any texture.

Captain Hook doesn’t strike me as a modest character, so I skipped blush on Kassy to give her a more rebellious look. We focused on contour to give her face shape and definition.

  1. I used a cool toned contour powder to mimic the look of a shadow. To enhance Kassy’s cheekbones, I started at the top of her ear and blended the colour towards the corner of her mouth. I always start way back in the hairline with my brush to ensure a diffused look.
  2. I also took the contour colour around the hairline on the forehead, and just at the edges of Kassy’s jawline to define her bone structure. When I contour these areas, I like to use a fluffier brush for a more transparent application of product.
  3. I sharpened up my cheekbone contour by dusting a matte highlight powder along the bottom edge of the contour. After letting it set for a moment or two, I dust away any excess to reveal a seriously sharp, dramatic cheek bone.
  4. On a kabuki brush, I picked up a little of the same bronzer shade I used to warm up Kassy’s smoky eye. I dusted the bronzer on the high points of her face to add a little warmth, without making her look too “innocent”.



  1. Every villain (or villainess) needs a bold brow. Kassy already had a great shape going, and I played up her arches with a dark brow powder to match her black wig. I always set the brows with a wax or gel to keep any rogue hairs in place.
  2. From the moment I found out Kassy was playing Captain Hook, I knew we had to dress her up in a red lip. I chose a matte shade that was a little on the warmer side to tie in with the bronzer. I started with a lip primer to keep the colour in place. I then defined her perfect lip shape with a liner and buffed it out using a lip brush so it wouldn’t appear too harsh. I finished with the lipstick to give her a saturated, vampy pout.
  3. To give Captain Hook a glamorous twist, we added some “Face Lace” to one eye in place of an eye patch. I trimmed the decal to suit Kassy’s eye shape and adhered it using a bit of clear eyelash glue.
  4. Glam makeup just isn’t glam enough without false lashes. To finish off Kassy’s look, we added a dramatic pair that weren’t too flared out at the ends. The shape of the lash should enhance, rather than distract from the eye look.

I always finish my makeup off with a generous spritz of finishing spray to keep the look in place all night! With a little compact powder in her “treasure chest” to touch up throughout the night, and of course, her signature red lipstick, this pirate was ready to party!


Queen Of Hearts Halloween Makeup Tutorial

As soon as Erin announced the characters we would all be portraying this Halloween, my head started filling with makeup ideas. Although Alice in Wonderland’s ‘Queen of Hearts’ may be a little evil, she has seriously cool makeup. I couldn’t wait to create something for Sue’s character that was regal, wonderful and out of the box. Erin and Sue came up with the brilliant idea of a Geisha inspired makeup design for the Queen of Hearts’ photoshoot. Here’s how I executed this look, incorporating Asian-inspired glamour and the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland.


  1. No matter what look I’m going for, from the most natural, to the most daring, I always start with an eyeshadow primer. I patted the primer all over the lids and under the eyes to keep shadow from creasing or fading.
  2. To set the stage for Sue’s dramatic winged liner, and to blend in with the Queen of Heart’s ultra-pale complexion, I covered the entire lid with white. To ensure even colour saturation, I then used a matte white eyeshadow pencil from the lash line all the way up to the brow bone and smoothed out the product with a synthetic eyeshadow brush. I packed a matte white eyeshadow over the pencil to set it using a patting motion with a flat eyeshadow brush.
  3. When creating a winged liner look, I first mark the wing looking straight ahead – angling from the outer corner of the lash line to the tail of the brow. Before connecting the wing to the lash line, I make the same mark on the other eye to ensure symmetry. The Queen of Hearts regal elegance inspired me to create an exaggerated swoop with Sue’s liner, creating a dramatic shape. I also dragged the inner corner of the eye liner to a point to elongate the eye. The key with bold liner is symmetry, but don’t stress too much! No one will notice little liner imperfections once this gorgeous look is complete!



This Geisha inspired Queen of Hearts look called for a milky, porcelain complexion.

  1. To ensure smooth application, I first prepped Sue’s skin with a moisturizer and followed with a hydrating primer.
  2. I mixed a white cream makeup [Makeup Forever 12 Flash Color Case in the color White 010] with a very fair coloured foundation and applied it using a sponge. I took special care to achieve opaque coverage under the eyes and patted the colour over the lips as well.
  3. Cream makeup has a tendency to move around on the skin so I pressed a translucent setting powder over top of the makeup to keep it in place. When setting makeup, I am careful to roll the brush rather than sweep, so as not to remove the foundation I just applied.



Sue’s character really started to take shape once we sculpted the face with the Queen of Heart’s signature red shade.

  1. I started by contouring with a true red matte eyeshadow, right under Sue’s natural cheekbone. I started at the hairline at the top of her ear and blended the contour on an angle towards the outer corner of her mouth.
  2. To soften the contour, I swept the colour upward from under the cheekbone using a clean brush. I also brought the striking red shade around the forehead, starting way back in the hairline and blending on an angle towards the center of the face.
  3. I then added a darker red matte shadow to the hollows of the cheeks and border of the hairline with a detail brush for added dimension and interest. Remember that the area of the face you touch first with your brush will have the most concentration of pigment! That’s why I like to start in the hairline and diffuse the colour as I work towards the center of the face.



In true Geisha style, we focused the lip colour in the center of the lips, but with a twist! It was Sue’s idea to complete the look with a heart shaped lip design, tying the whole makeup look together.

  1. I rounded out her cupid’s bow with a red lip pencil to create the top of the heart, and kept the bottom point inside the natural lip line in order to maintain the shape.
  2. I filled in the shape using a matte red lipstick that was neither too orange, nor too blue. To keep the lines crisp, you can use some white cream makeup to sharpen up your shape.
  3. Lastly, I set the lip design with a little translucent powder to keep it in place!


To finish off the Queen of Heart’s dazzling makeup design, I lightly filled in Sue’s brows with a powder to frame the eyes. I always love to apply false lashes as a finishing touch for added drama and glamour!

If you’re headed off to an all-night Halloween party, I recommend using a setting spray to seal your makeup look for maximum wear. Don’t forget to carry your lipstick and eyelash glue with you for touch-ups, and you’re ready to go!


Pink Champagne

The following is the story of a heroic, brave, and inspiring woman who battled breast cancer. Every woman has her own story of how breast cancer has affected their lives, here is hers. You can see the pictures from her photoshoot here.


Pink Champagne

By the time this post is up, I will be celebrating my 2 year cancerversary (a term coined by survivor Hollye Jacobs).  Yay! Let’s drink pink champagne!

My chemo and radiation treatments ended in October 2013, and so did using the “cancer card” whenever I wanted to get my way.  Using the cancer card was a technique I would “occasionally” utilize to guilt my family into getting my way. The classic phrase that stems from me having cancer is this one: “Can you get that for me?  I have cancer.”  Yeah… all manipulative triumphs come to an end and thankfully so has my treatment. My cancer adventure endured through some 15 months of treatment and included 2 surgeries, 6 rounds of chemo cocktails, 30 radiation treatments and 6 months of bizarre reactions to hormone therapy.  And I drank no champagne during the adventure either. Sigh.

In all honesty, my cancer adventure would have been unbearable had it not been for my neediness to lighten things up, laugh, enjoy copious amounts of Starbucks CDL and whine about our ridiculous health care system in this country and province.  Not allowing myself to wallow in self pity gave my family license to laugh with me, make fun of me and, ultimately, gave us all the strength to take on the gravity of this horrible disease.  My positivity and sense of humor helped me journey through circumstances that were beyond my control. Oh, and when I say sense of humour, it doesn’t mean that I am funny, witty or quick with a comeback.  Quite the contrary, but I always looked for the funny side of things, and my family members who are funny, often had me in stitches.  Thank-you family.


After turning 50, I began treating myself to an annual mammogram.  Gotta love menopause!  For 4 years, my results always came back clear and I expected nothing less as I didn’t have any of the typical risk factors in my life. That fall, as I expected, my results came back clear and I was sailing into November and a lovely autumn…my favorite season.  A few weeks later, I noticed the lump when I was adjusting “the girls” to strike the upward salute yoga pose in my bra (versus downward dog, the place they naturally were drawn to go).  I knew that lump wasn’t there the day before, and now suddenly there it was.  I had just had a clear mammogram weeks before, it couldn’t be cancerous.

Fast forward 10 days later, I finally see my doctor as the damn lump was still there.  I was so hoping it would disappear, but that gut feeling deep down inside told me it just wasn’t going anywhere.  It was a whirlwind after that.  Another mammo, ultra sounds, bone scans, more biopsies and needles galore impinging my precious booby. Then the unforgettable call from the doctor, “I am afraid I have bad news, you have breast cancer. Blah, blah, blah, blah.”  I never heard another word after he said the c word, “cancer”. I was scared to pieces; a co-worker had recently passed away from breast cancer. However, my husband and I cried for all of 5 minutes and then we determined to kick this shit to the curb.  We must celebrate our strength!  After a glass of pink champagne of course.  My husband drinks whisky.  No bubbly for him.  More for me.

I learned that one should never have cancer in December.  There apparently isn’t a doctor who treats cancer in our city, province, or country who works from December 15 through to January 15th.  I guess that’s because cancer doesn’t grow at Christmas time. Seven weeks after my diagnosis, I am finally in surgery for a lumpectomy. It didn’t go well. Three weeks later, I had to do it all again, as they didn’t get clear margins. Lumpectomy to chunkectomy. My original diagnosis was stage 2.  Waiting 7 weeks for surgery with an angry tumor growing like a Kardashian tweet, catapulted my cancer to a stage 3B now with lymph node invasion.

How did I get cancer anyway?  Every patient asks that question, wanting to assign blame somewhere.  My cancer began manifesting, according to my cold and unfeeling oncologist, more than 10 years prior to being diagnosed.  She said contributing factors to my cancer were likely stress and bad luck.  WTF – bad luck? I had none of the risk factors (genetic, environmental, etc.) and considered myself relatively healthy. Other than the occasional indulgence of pink champagne, plain champagne, champagne with hibiscus flower, champagne mimosas, Kir Royale, Prosecco and my addiction to Starbucks, I had no bad habits.  Cancer was so not on my radar. And neither was bad luck.



I lost my hair, my finger nails, toe nails, sense of taste and really missed my eyelashes and eyebrows.  We (my family) celebrated the hair loss with a buzz cut party! My cousin (hairdresser) was on the phone guiding the process! After it’s buzzed off, you have to “bic” it she said.  Bic razor. Oh yeah.  We all played with the wigs and joked that my future son-in-law and I had the best bald heads in town.  There was no more pink champagne in my life during this part of the adventure. I became addicted to bubbly Perrier water instead!

As my treatment progressed, I wanted to distract my mind away from the challenges of chemo and focus on something important.  Renovating our basement! The timing to get reaaaally nice stuff was NOW.  I may have abused the “cancer card” just a little during this time, but hey, I now have Swarovski drawer pulls and door knobs in my bathroom.

Life returns. The fear subsides. My hair grew back, albeit slow, dark and curly!




I had the most incredible support in my family.  My mother came from 1000 kilometers away to wait on me hand and foot.  Besides my family, I had friends, neighbours, and congregations of people I didn’t even know, call me, write to me, and send me cards and prayers.

My step daughter ( a nurse), actually moved in across the hall from my bedroom and literally got up in the middle of the night to ensure I took my meds and to check my totally attractive drains and tubes and other oozy things coming out of my booby – things that don’t seem to faze nurses or step daughters.  My other step daughter is also a nurse, who at the time chose to do an intern round at the Cancer Institute to help me in my adventure.  I received great care from them, but not so much from our health care system.  Lesson learned – be your own advocate, don’t ever back down.

Cancer is a long adventure and it was vital that I had my husband, children, step children, sons in-laws, parents and siblings as my adventure companions.  They made me laugh, they made me puke bucket kits, made me meals, made me drinks (Perrier & lattes), made me addicted to Downton Abbey and Scandal (thank-you by the way), made fun of me and made me so proud they are a part of my life.



People often ask what did I learn or take away from this experience.  First, I say that a positive outlook and a sense of humour do not curb or cure cancer, but it certainly empowered and distracted me from ever dabbling toward a pity party.  Misery is an option.  Cancer doesn’t make you what you are, but it will reveal who you are.

Second, I take nothing for granted, and I have stopped obsessing and complaining about all the little stuff.  It doesn’t matter if my kitchen is vacuumed today – although it would be nice if I had new cupboards in it, and maybe a sparkly bar fridge for champagne at just the right temperature!  I am grateful on a daily basis.  Not perfect, but grateful. My outlook continues to be positive, my spiritual life continues to grow and my focus on healthy living continues to improve.  I am not running marathons, climbing mountains and travelling to Bali to see if there is healthier food there.  Although I would love to go back to France and this time visit the Champagne region. I imagine they have really healthy champagne there with mountains for me to climb to get to it.

Really, what matters more now than ever, is spending time with my beloved family and treasured friends. To love well and fully, leaving God to do the heavy lifting.

I used to be particular about how things looked – from my house to my wardrobe to my yard to my weight.  Now, I am obsessed with spending time with my family.  I used to put job, house work and yard work ahead of everything, not as much now.  Things still get done, but after I re-charge and spend time with family.  I still wish my house were cleaner, my yard with fewer weeds, and that I had the body of Jane Fonda, however, those are fun wishes, not toxic obsessions.  I am enjoying loving the first of, hopefully, many grandchildren to come.  Our new grandson has brought me much laughter and a sense of hopefulness…life goes on.

There is a reason I have been given the gift of waking up today and it is the gift to share and celebrate life and love.  Until the last breath I take, I pray I will always see the positives in life and love – and enjoy toasting them with a perfectly sparkly glass of pink champagne!

-Cheryl Lovich

Breast Cancer Awareness Photoshoot

I had the pleasure of spending a warm September afternoon photographing a strong, and beautiful breast-cancer survivor. Our photoshoot together was filled with laughter, warmth, and happiness. We weren’t just celebrating her triumph, we were celebrating her journey.

I arrived at her beautiful country house in the early afternoon. She wasn’t ready for me yet as she was preparing an early dinner for her husband and family who were all farming. Without batting an eyelash she had me set up with space to do her makeup, a glass of water & snack, she quickly showered, and managed to not burn her dinner. This is a woman who is in control and doesn’t let things slow her down. Including cancer. While she had no control over how her body responded to treatments or if she would ever recover, which she told me was one of the scariest parts of breast cancer for her – she did have control over her attitude. She tried to carry on as normal as possible during her treatments, and kept a healthy and vibrant sense of humour. You can read about her journey here, where she writes a blog post in her own words, reminding us all that laughter is, in fact, the best medicine.

After a quick makeup session that had her dancing in every mirror in her house, we set off around her farm and the country side to photograph her victory! Here are the results of a very memorable afternoon with this remarkable woman.

Colour Of The Year – And What To Wear It With – Fall/Winter 2015


You’ve probably heard about the colour of the year for 2015 – the amazing, deep shade combination of brown/red/brick – marsala. I have to say, this is my favourite colour of the year for the last few years, and I love the combination of the colours this year. If you haven’t seen the colours yet, check them out here and then get going on all your fall and winter shopping inspired by this gorgeous colour of the year!


Hot Looks This Season 

Of course the dawn of fall is all about boots, jackets, scarves, and hats, but there are a few other hot items to focus on this season. With the items you invest in, look for texture to refresh your outfits. There is also a lot of geometric influence this season, so with your shoes look for stacked and block heels, square purses, and chunky accessories. Fall is also a time of layering, so keep an eye out for scarves and wool felted hats to complete your outfit.


What Pieces To Invest In

One of the best ways to incorporate a new colour into your wardrobe is with hints of it in accessories like scarves, hats, gloves, and jewelry. However, marsala is such a fantastic neutral that I think you can go all out with this colour – even head to toe in some cases! So for fall, my first suggestion is the perfect coat. I’ve found this textured beauty for an amazing price. Another way to wear this colour is with new boots. I’m always on the hunt for new leather boots, and here is a great pair of booties to put into your wardrobe. It’s definitely okay to wear as much marsala as you want this season, since it’s such a flattering colour and easy to wear with different colours. I also love this printed top, even paired with this skirt, and of course, this amazing lingerie set from Claudette. And while you’re at it, go all out and pick yourself up this nail colour and this eyeshadow palette.


What To Wear With Marsala

One of the many things that I love about the Pantone colour of the year reveal is that they also supply you with an array of other colours that are popular this season. Many of these colours can be worn with Marsala, but I will also share a few of my own ideas. As I said earlier, I think Marsala is an amazing neutral. So much so, that I think it would be great to pair it with something cheery, say this super soft pink sweater, or keep it classic fall tones with items in burnt orange, eggplant, and these ochre wide-leg trousers. For my own style, I might keep it a little dark and pair a marsala sweater with a black vegan leather skirt, or mix up my neutral palette with a pair of grey culottes. Pretty much anything goes with marsala, and I am very excited to incorporate this colour into my fall and winter wardrobe!