Our Team

Erin Holmes
Photographer / Founder

Erin has been studying people and beauty all her life. Since the early age of five she was critiquing fashion trends and makeup styles. With an early start in beauty she studied makeup artistry and developed a taste for boosting women’s confidence. Although photography was always a stress reducing hobby for Erin, she developed a true sense of beauty behind the lens from her time living in Scotland. Combining her business degree with photography and her love of transforming women’s confidence she brought All Things Pink Photography to Edmonton. For Erin, pink is more than a color, it’s an attitude, it’s confidence, it’s beauty, it’s strength. It’s women.

Sue Tang
Creative Assistant / Studio Assistant

Originally from Malaysia, Sue is not one to shy away from the vibrant, the loud, and the colorful! Sue is experienced both in front of and behind the camera in both the photography world as well as fashion. As a result, she knows how important it is for women to feel proud and confident about who they are on the inside and out. Apart from her passion for fashion and photography, Sue spends the majority of her time making amazing baked goods for the lucky people in her life.

Veruschka Leske
Studio Assistant / Assistant Photographer

Originally from South Africa, Veruschka has recently found her home in Edmonton. With a major in Clothing, Textiles & Material Culture, and visual studies, Veruschka has always been interested in art, photography and all things visually beautiful. Photography has always been an interest of hers as a way of expressing beauty from her perspective. Her enthusiasm for photography is rooted as a way to capture a moment in time, whether it’s to remember and enhance a memory, or as a beautiful piece of art. Veruschka’s love of art and expression is what brought her to All Things Pink Photography. She is connected to the cause of celebrating women and providing a great experience for every woman that steps in the door. Veruschka is looking forward to becoming more skilled with photography and realizing her dream of creating stunning images that many can enjoy!

Heather Penny
Maternity Assistant

With an education in Fashion Apparel Technology and Fashion Marketing, Heather is no stranger to working with women to help them feel and look their most powerful. Finding beauty in the smallest of details is Heather’s superpower and is also what founded her love of photography. She is always excited to see the creative process in which a picture’s story can be altered simply by the slightest change in lighting or facial expression. Working together with Erin and Team Pink has helped progress her own creative journey.

Alyssa Steinhubl
Makeup Artist - Website

Beauty and art have been a part of Alyssa’s life since she was a little girl. Alyssa would design new clothes for her paper dolls and use her mom’s makeup to decorate her barbies. Alyssa pursued this passion by studying Fine Arts and Painting, which progressed into discovering makeup as a medium. The face is the most special of all canvases, and as an artist, Alyssa loves nothing more than seeing her work come to life. Makeup allows Alyssa to connect and transform people’s lives in a way that no other artistic medium can. Some of her makeup designs have caught the attention of the industry; most notably having her designs featured in a NARS collection, being selected to learn from Laura Mercier herself, and designing packaging for Lancome that won her a trip to Paris!

Alyssa’s philosophy as an artist is to make her clients feel confident in their own skin, which is what connected her to All Things Pink Photography. All Things Pink Photography is about embracing every woman’s own individual beauty. The positive impact makeup has on women is why Alyssa became a makeup artist. Empowering women to feel and look their best is what she loves the most about her profession.

Annie Werstiuk
Hair / Makeup Artist

With training in massage therapy and hairdressing, Annie is the perfect example of when creativity and passion collide. Her passion to help people feel confident is the driving force behind her creative aptitude. Every hairstyle and makeup application that she creates is done with the sole purpose of working with women to help them see their beauty inside and out. Annie has been taken under the wing of senior makeup artist Alyssa Steinhubl, and in that time has discovered that makeup is her perfect outlet for expressing her creativity, while empowering women.