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Edmonton, AB

Boudoir Photography Edmonton

As Edmonton photographers can attest, boudoir photography is gaining momentum and becoming more and more popular in our city. Women of all ages at different milestones in their lives are seeking boudoir photography as a way to find themselves again. Boudoir can empower, motivate, and move anyone that needs a little boost to their self-esteem. My style of boudoir photography is romantic, feminine, and elegant. The pictures we take together will represent your personality, whether that be something more provocative and risqué, or something very girl next door and playful.

In a city as creative as Edmonton, it's no wonder you have the option of choosing from hundreds of photographers to take your boudoir images. So I thank-you for checking us out and encourage you to take a look through our boudoir gallery.

Boudoir Photography Calgary

Although I am based in Edmonton, I will travel on occasion to Calgary and Red Deer for boudoir photoshoots. Send me an email to find out if/when I will be in an area near you.

Investment and Information

You can find our basic pricing information on our contact page. However, for more detailed pricing information relating specifically to boudoir photography, pinup photography, maternity photography or portrait photography send me a note or give me a call. I have several different collections relating to each genre, such as types (sizes and covers) of albums for boudoir, or group pricing and calendars for pinup, or maternity collections.